Many people that have traveled to a few places in the world think they have seen and experienced everything. And don’t expect to be listened to when you try to tell them something about your latest traveling adventure because they certainly won’t be interested in hearing anything about it. But what people tend to forget is that the world we live in is a big place, and even if you have been somewhere many times, you will always find something new about that particular destination that might impress or disappoint you.

So, let’s get back to the central issue: should you create your travelling dream destinations or should you listen to other people’s recommendations, even if that’s not close to what you have imagined visiting and experiencing? Honestly, you should take into consideration both options, since giving up on your dream destinations is a silly thing to do. And following other traveler’s advice? Well, let’s see what the benefit of doing that is:

New and fresh suggestions

Like I’ve already mentioned, people that like to travel discover the world on their own and upgrade their traveling portfolio with a lot of new experiences, sights, information and international friends. The ones that are quite satisfied from their journeys tend to retell their adventures with a lot of enthusiasm, while the ones that are utterly disappointed will share bad words as loud as possible or only stay silent about it to forget it as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, people have different tastes and what’s found to be liked by individuals doesn’t mean it would have the same effect on another. However, you should often listen to what people have to say about their journeys. It’s always interesting how you’ll find something new and unexplored that you haven’t even heard of before, someplace that might become your favorite one on earth, some activities that you haven’t known they existed and so on. Listening to people’s adventures will always inform you about something new.

Moreover, a great source for finding new places and things to do is following individual traveling blogs that contain tons of information about the awesome places that can be found on Earth. And should you take into account what some random person typed on the internet? Well, you should give it a chance, as what you’ll see and experience might leave you speechless.

Being spontaneous is fun

So, if there’s nothing you’ve planned for the following weekend and your friend approaches you with what it will seem to you as a crazy idea for packing your bags and leaving to someplace outside the city or even the country – don’t overthink it! If there’s nothing to lose, but still you haven’t been planning to go on a trip so soon, or you’re not quite familiar with the destination and spontaneity is not your thing – do it anyway! Go on that trip and see what kind of adventure is waiting for you. It might be a total catastrophe, or you might have the best time ever, but that’s the thing about uncertainty and low expectations – it’s the risk of it all that makes the trip so enjoyable and makes your heart beat fast.

Give serendipity a chance

Connected to what previously has been said about being spontaneous and accepting traveling offers, even if it means that you have to get out of your comfort zone at some point, we’re coming to a certain point where the appearance of serendipity can be praised. Finding something good without looking for it is the perfect definition of the word serendipity and a suitable answer to the question why you should be open to new traveling ideas. Just imagine barely accepting an offer from your friend to meet in a particular city, where out of a sudden you meet someone that later on becomes the love of your life. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and I agree that it sounds a bit “fairytale”, but let’s be real – things like this do sometimes happen in life, and that’s magical. And it shouldn’t be all about love, but you can also find a new friend, a new favorite coffee taste or even 50 dollars on the street, whatever happens, remember that life is unpredictable and surprises us quite often.

Conquer your fears

They say that if you’re scared of something and you want to get rid of that fear, then it’s the best when you do exactly what you’re afraid of, which will help you look fear in the eyes and prove that you’re not scared of it! You’re now probably wondering why all of a sudden this is important. Let me clarify.

Some people are often scared of discovering new things and would rather live in ignorance than knowing what’s out there in the world. However, every person on earth is scared of something, whether that may be snakes, tornados, death, heights or even cute little puppies – every individual is simply scared of something in this world. So, how come traveling helps so much in facing your fears?

Well, let’s say that you’re afraid of heights, but a close friend of yours comes back from an incredible trip and tells you the amazing experience that you have to try one day in the life, and that is to take part in La Tour CN in Toronto, Canada. Now, knowing that this tour is you being attached to some ropes and shielded cables that are part of the equipment and you’re walking on the edge of the tower which is 553.33 meters-high, of course, you immediately say NO to the idea. Come on; heights scare the crap out of you. But what if it is an excellent thing to do? What if you’re missing on a spectacular experience that cannot be described with words? Well, that’s something you won’t find out if you decide to sit in your comfy chair and think about the next “fun” thing you can do in your life. Although, have in mind that not everything other people suggest is always a good idea, so be reasonable to some extent.

They say that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans and that’s no lie. So, don’t force yourself to be limited by ideas, but rather think outside the box and accept new adventures in your life. In the end, traveling is the best thing you can afford, that can make your mind productive and your heart full.


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