We all need to eat, also when we travel. Most travelers want to eat at a food stall or truck or in a restaurant when they’re abroad. Because it’s a great opportunity to have a taste of the country where you’re at, are here some of the best travel food ideas you could consider.

Ostrich omelet, South Africa

An ostrich omelet is regarded as one of the most exciting of all travel food options for people visiting South Africa. This particular egg is huge and is the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs. So, if you are planning on eating it on your own, it is recommended that you share with friends and family members, especially if you want to cure a hangover.

Soju, Korea

On the other hand, if you ever visit Korea, be sure to try out the ordinary people’s drink called Soju. This is a distilled spirit that is slightly sweet, but it certainly is not the drink for the fainthearted. Drinking Soju is perhaps the easiest way to get drunk fast. The good news is that Koreans have come with a portion of food that cures your hangover. They concocted a bowl of soup that they call haejangguk, which in simple English means Stew to Cure a Hangover. So, the next time that you visit Korea and you get drunk on Soju, be sure to try out the haejangguk as it certainly is the best way of curing your hangover.

Mumbo sauce with fried chicken, USA

Of course, there is more to traveling than guzzling beer and spirits and curing a hangover. There are times when you are on the road away from home, and you only have a short period in which to catch a bite. At such times, you may want to sample some travel food that is easy to eat and also quite savory at the same time. Mumbo sauce with fried chicken is a good example of the kind of food you want to eat when you are out traveling, and you don’t have time to eat a full meal.

The thing that makes this food so unique is that not many people outside DC know about the Mumbo sauce. The only ones that know about it are people who live in Chicago. The sauce has been made as well as bottled in Chicago since the fifties, and an African American who goes by the name of Argia B. Collins Sr. created it.

Banh Mi, Vietnam

If you ever visit Vietnam, you must try out a sandwich called the Banh Mi. Many consider it to be the best sandwich in the world. It is a product of the Colonial times of Vietnam and is a concoction that is well loved by everyone. This sandwich consists of a French baguette inside which some pork and pate, as well as an assortment of vegetables, have been stuffed. Banh Mi means wheat in English. It is a very delicious sandwich that has is made with delicatessen style pork, pate, and different vegetables – all of which is stuffed into a French baguette that is very soft as well as crunchy.

Food heaven, Paris

Paris is a very popular travel destination. If you want to experience a nice romantic break in Paris, then there are a few interesting travel food options that are worth checking out in more detail. When in Paris, be sure to sample the baguettes. Before eating your baguette be sure to tear of the warm crusty tip and then nibble on the rest of the baguette while taking a walk down a Parisian street. This is what most Parisians do anyway.

If you want a lovely bistro dish in Paris, then be sure to sample a grilled steak with a variety of free sauces and some chips. A croque-monsieur is another worthwhile option for those who want to eat Parisian food. This sandwich consists of some fresh and oozing grilled ham and cheese, which is moistened with a few drops of Bechamel sauce. If you are feeling hungry, then opt for the Croque-madam as it comes with a fried egg on top of the ham and cheese.

Also, when in Paris don’t forget to try out the Duck confit. The confit method was originally devised to preserve duck meat. This process involves cooking the thigh of the duck in duck oil until the meat becomes extremely wet.

Nobody should leave Paris without first sampling a croissant. Almost every bakery in the city serves croissants – even if you visit it in the early hours of the morning. Last but not least, when sampling travel food in Paris doesn’t forget to try out the Paris-Breast. Every pastry shop in the city has this excellent food.


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