Experience year-round arctic temperatures in this trepidatious trend that is popping up across the globe – meet the indoor Ice Bars. You’ll be surprised by how near an ice bar is to you, and what exciting experiences they can offer you. Wrap up warm this chilly time of year, to discover the frosty amusement of sipping an iced beverage in a lavishly furnished, fully equipped bar that is entirely fabricated of ice. You don’t need to travel to the depths of the Arctic to experience subzero temperatures, simply take a trip to any one of the countless ice bars and lounges that are unstoppable in appearing in cities across the globe. If you’re brave enough, you can even spend the night in any of the ice hotel rooms a lot of these bars have at your expense! Take advantage of these avalanche exciting experiences this time of year for memories to last a lifetime! Brrrr!


Jump into a totally new world where everything you touch is completely constructed of the purest ice, imported from the Torne River in the north of Sweden. Witness everything from the clearest of crystal glass, whilst snuggling up in the designer cape and accessories that are provided when you attend ICEBAR LONDON. Your ice bar adventure lasts for 40 minutes, which is plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere, without freezing to your death. This London ice bar hotspot is frequently rearranged, keeping it alive with a refreshed look annually, by a highly skilled team of designers who create frost-tastic masterpieces for you to enjoy. Devour a delicious ice cold beverage in one of London’s most innovative and desirable bars, and simply become absorbed in all that it has to offer. With tickets ranging between £13.5 to £16.5 a session, and £25 for a champagne session, you’d be a fool to miss this experience!


ICE pub Prague

Explore this unique ice pub that is part of the largest music club in Central Europe for unforgettable memories. Get kitted out from head to toe in specialty ice bar gear and jump into the action; in your 30 minutes allocated slot, you’ll have an absolute blast exploring all the different ice sculptures and quirks that this one of a kind bar presents. At an all year round temperature of -7 degrees, you’ll certainly feel the chill, though it is surprisingly refreshing if you’re visiting Prague in the scorching summer heat! Even you’re included in the price vodka-based beverage is served in an ice cube! You’re even told by the bartender to drink it quickly or else it’ll melt! At just a mere 200czk to enter with a free cocktail of your choice, which equates to around £7, you’d be missing out on one of the city’s absolute gems and an unforgettable experience.


ICEBAR Stockholm

Welcome to the world’s first permanent ice bar, offering below zero degree experiences for the last thirteen years. This city hotspot attracts heaps of guests every year, from all across the globe, and is large enough to accommodate 60 people. Prepare yourself for an artistic adventure across a range of Swedish landscapes for the creative and unique layout of this particular ICEBAR. Follow the same footsteps as fictional character Nils Holgersson as he embarks on a journey across Sweden, revealing new discoveries and wallowing in the beauty and charm of rural Sweden. You’ll be traveling towards the Arctic Circle through Northern Sweden and exploring the urbanized south; meet a range of creatures along the way, and witness the northern lights in the true temperature. Participate in this unique one of a kind experience that allows you to feel as though you are part of the story, and at just £15 a person, it’s an absolute steal.


Chillout Dubai

Feel an avalanche of excitement when stepping into the world of Chillout Dubai; the Middle East’s first ice lounge. Although it has been open since 2007, last year it received a whole new makeover, giving it a new lease of life and a more luxuriant icy feel for admirers to bask in. Ponder its array of ice sculptures whilst perching on a throne of ice, whilst also sipping on a beverage of…ice! Experience subzero temperatures in innovative interiors that combine ice, glass, and steel, and cleverly placed lighting and space to give an appearance that is truly magical. Watch closely as various patterns filter in color through bulky blocks of ice in a glistening show of splendor, providing the lounge with a unique atmosphere. Chillout Dubai is the first ice bar in the world to serve hot food and beverages in the actual lounge, setting it apart from its competitors around the world. With a range of events and activities to take part in, there’s something for everyone and unforgettable memories to cherish for eternity!


If you’re keen for a frosty experience this autumn/winter, ensure you book in advance to guarantee yourself a place; it’s well worth your time. Share this article with your family and friends so they too can experience something of subzero nature this season.


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