If you’ve never heard of Kentucky fried chicken, prepare to be amazed. The good fired bird is mouth-watering and addicting and will leave you craving more. Welcome to Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, the best fried chicken you will ever eat and so much more to see and do. The city was established in 1778, making it one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains. It is named after King Louis XVI of France, hence the name Louisville. This is also home to one of the most famous horse races in the world, the Kentucky Derby. Every year the competition draws thousands of spectators both live and via television as the top racehorses in the country compete for the prestigious title. Thunder over Louisville is one of the most significant fireworks events in the U.S. and is also held in Louisville. Do you like baseball? Louisville is also known for its athletic teams and die-hard fans. Spend a few days in this exciting city and see the best things to do in Louisville.

Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby Museum

With the admission price to the Kentucky Derby Museum, you can also see the famous racetrack known as the Churchill Downs. A guided tour is the best way to see the track, as they can take you around to the different seating options and even point out an area called “Millionaire’s Row. Learn the betting process for betting on your favorite racehorse, and maybe you’ll end up a winner. The grounds are quite extensive, and there is a lot of walking involved. See where the famous racehorse Secretariat raced as well as many other sights, including a short film to see the beautiful downs. The museum presents a 360-degree movie and lots of interesting information on racing, the grounds, horses, and fun facts. Enjoy over 100 years of racing memorabilia and neat exhibits in the museum. Horse enthusiasts, as well as non-horsey people, will love the experience!

Things to do in Louisville

Louisville Mega Cavern

The Mega Cavern is a fun time for all who visit and one of the adventurous things to do in Louisville. It was a former limestone mine found in Louisville, but since has been converted (safely) into a tourist attraction that features tram-guided yours, a ropes course, mountain bike park, holiday light displays during the holidays and some of the best zip lining tours in the area. The cave stretches under parts of the Wisconsin Expressway and even the Louisville Zoo. The guided tours are both educational and fun and a good time for everyone whether you’re single or have a family with you. The building underground is so massive that companies use part of it for storage, as well as movie studios and antique car collector’s because the humidity is low and the temperature remains stable. There are 17 miles of caves in this massive and fascinating space.

Conrad-Caldwell House Museum

Tour the famous house created by architect Arthur Loomis of Clarke & Loomis. The architecture is designated as Richardson Romanesque architecture known for its fantastic woodwork, gargoyles, stone, archways and much more. This is a gorgeous old house to tour, and the guided tours are excellent. Guests report that this is one of the most stunning historic homes they have ever seen and it is well worth a visit while in Louisville. One of the tour guides is a descendant of one of the families that lived here which adds a special touch to the tour offered. Most of the house has been restored to show its historic splendor although some of the rooms still need some work to be completed. The grounds are just as beautiful as the house, and there is a great gift shop to purchase a souvenir. Don’t miss this one while in Louisville!

Old Louisville

To truly get an idea of the historical aspects of the city of Louisville, one must see the area designated as “Old Louisville.” There is a trolley tour of the city that spends time in this area, and you won’t be disappointed. The area is stunning and hard to believe such a beautiful place exists within the city limits. The homes are large and have a historical flair to them, many of which have intricate Victorian architecture. The shaded, tree-lined streets make for a nice walk or drive through the area, and there is a park nearby fashioned after the New York’s famous Central Park. See the impressive homes and area of the famous Old Louisville during your trip.

Old Louisville

The Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge connects Louisville to the state of Indiana and crosses over the Ohio River. The bridge allows only bicycles and pedestrians and is a favorite stop for tourists. It is newly renovated, and there is lots of walking to do with things to see on both sides. The scenery from the bridge is breathtaking and a great way to see the cityscape as well as the landscape. At night, lights decorate the bride in a beautiful array of colors that visitors also flock to see. There is a great riverfront area for walking, jogging, picnics or just some good sightseeing. Brag to your friends and family that you walked from Kentucky to Indiana and saw how impressed they are! This is a neat detail to the city and worth a few hours of your time, especially for some much-needed exercise if so desired.

The Big Four Bridge

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

Baseball fans will love this stop, and even those that aren’t fans have a good time at the Slugger museum and factory. There is memorabilia available for purchase and a chance to experience the history of baseball manufacturing. The tour is excellent, providing lots of information and neat facts but isn’t too long. Learn how the making of the baseball bats can be tailored to fit specific players and see the batting cages as well as Ripley’s exhibits located down the hall.

A List of Things to See!

Although these are some of the significant points of interest, there is a lot more to see and experience! The Frazier History Museum is a top-ranked destination, and there are tours galore to experience downtown with the trolley tour being one of the most popular. The Louisville Zoo is a fun stop to see the animals in their habitats for a fun day. The Louisville Waterfront Park is another fun day in the sun, especially during the warmer months. Experience the Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company that allows kids on the tours which are excellent and well done by professional staff. Make a list of all the neat things to do in Louisville, Kentucky!


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