Indianapolis is the capital city of the state of Indiana which is located in the Northern area of the Midwest states in the U.S. The city is located dead center within the state and is home to the famous Indy 500 car race among many other things. It is the 14th largest state in the U.S. and was founded in 1821. Frank Sinatra made his singing debut in Indianapolis and this is also where Elvis Presley performed his last concert, dying 3 months later. Over 200 city parks keep its residents known as “Hoosiers” active and is also home to an amazing state fair, held every year that attracts close to a million people. This vibrant city treats its visitors to exciting things to see and do. So, read on and find out what kind of top things to do in Indianapolis we recommend you to visit.

Things to do in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

The city is famous for the race known as the “Indy 500,” and car racing is the very heart of the area, attracting thousands of fans every year. The Motor Speedway Museum is one of the greatest race courses in the world and also home to one of the best museums dedicated to the art of racing and to automobiles. The museum offers “track laps,” where guests can ride around the world famous track (not on special events or race days) in a bus that is narrated by a guide. Grounds tours are also offered including a 90-minute VIP tour among others to pick from. This is a must-see in the city and is the main attraction for tourists and locals.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s museum has been around for decades and still continues to impress. The museum is packed with interactive and fascinating exhibits including one with dinosaurs, a NASCAR exhibit and a Chinese exhibit among hundreds of others. There are exhibits for kids of all ages and a Playscape area where there are things to climb on, art activities and music classes. Adults that say they have visited rave about the experience saying that they learned just as much as their kids did. The place is very large and can take a few days of your time if you’re in the city for an extended period of time. There are a carousel and an Indy zoo area and so much more to experience. Both parents and kids will have fun and learn a lot at this highly rated museum in Indianapolis.

Central canal

The central canal is a neat place to walk around on in downtown Indianapolis. By day, the canal has paddle boats in the water and bikes along the canal and by night it makes a wonderful opportunity for a romantic and peaceful stroll with the reflecting moon in the water. There are plenty of green areas and several picnic tables along the way. Kayaks can be seen as well as Segway and various other tours that are on-going. A complete round trip loop of the canal is about three miles long and a nice, easy walk. Monuments, restaurants, parks and even a zoo all branch off from the canal making it a popular and convenient place to see while in the city.

central canal indianapolis

Indianapolis Museum of Art

The museum can be reached from the canal as well by crossing a bridge. There is a nice dining area and the 100 acres of grounds and gardens are especially beautiful and well kept. The café food is said to be delicious and will give you a break from touring the massive building. There are lots of children’s programs so kids will enjoy the visit too. The current favorite exhibit is the Marie Webster quilt exhibit which has rave reviews. The exhibits and artifacts presented are top notch and seasoned museum-goers say that this particular museum is of excellent quality and is definitely worth your time while visiting the city.

Victory Field

Victory Field is a favorite of both local residents and visitors as the field is smaller and feels more intimate, along with closer views of the games and players. Enjoy the lawn area and stretch out on a blanket or try some of the food from the delicious concession stands. The park is clean and visitors that don’t even care for baseball state that they enjoyed themselves. This is the place to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family. The views of the city from the park are also amazing making it an added bonus on top of a fun day.

Indianapolis park

Indiana Repertory Theatre

The Indiana Repertory Theatre is an amazing building with intricate and impressive architecture that will leave you standing in awe. The inside is impressive too and for years, crowds have been entertained by the myriad of plays that are available to see here. The building is historic and is also a professional theatre. The productions are top-notch and many people have been attending the theatre for years and have said that they have never seen a bad performance. The Repertory is an enjoyable way to spend a quality evening in Indianapolis with your friends or family.

Indiana War Memorial

This free attraction is one of the best attractions in Indianapolis. It is large, impressive and a visitor favorite. There are 3 levels with most of the exhibits on the lower level and a shrine on the topmost level. There are lots of displays of artifacts and historical items like weapons, helicopters, guns, and stories listed. Life-size replicas of uniforms that were worn by military throughout the ages are displayed as well. Make sure to see the Pershing Auditorium and admire all the statues and sculptures throughout the monument. Enjoy the flowers around the monument as well as the fountains. This is overall a fantastic memorial that is well done and interesting.

Indiana War Memorial

Exciting attractions among historic structures

Indianapolis is a great city with lots to do and see. The best time to visit is during the warmer months when the snow melts and you can take full advantage of the attractions available. Catch a baseball game or visit the huge war memorial or see many of the other attractions like the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the Eiteljorg Museum, the zoo or the Indiana state museum. There are bar, club and pub tours for those party animals and a historic cemetery called the Crown Hill cemetery that leaves visitors humbled. Don’t forget to catch a seat at the world-famous car race known as the Indy 500 and join thousands of other spectators as you cheer for your favorite car and driver in one of the top things to do in Indianapolis.


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