Somewhere in Europe, in the west part of Turkey, there is a white heaven waiting for you to explore it. It is commonly known by the name Pamukkale, but even if you knew the name you could hardly guess what this destination is all about. And trust us – once you get a taste of it you will want to know more about it.

Pamukkale, Turkey – a destination like no other

If you knew how to speak Turkish, then maybe it would have been clearer what it is about – the name itself means “cotton castle”. But even though you may have remembered the name, still this destination stays a mystery to many tourists.

So, to clear up the mystery – Pamukkale is a natural site in Denizli Province in Turkey, an old city that contains hot springs and travertines, a place usually described as the paradise of natural white pools. This extraordinary place is created as a consequence of the shifting of a fault in the valley of the Menderes River. As a result of this natural event very hot springs with a very high mineral content arose at this location, which basically created the natural white pools and the gorgeous site.

The wonderfully looking travertines are not only for those who want to bathe in the pools but also for those who like visiting destinations with amazing landscapes and learning more about the natural beauties of Earth. It’s also known that as further up you go climbing the travertines; you can enjoy the view of the old city of Pamukkale.

Pamukkale Turkey

Tips on when to visit Pamukkale

One thing you should definitely take into consideration is that walking on the travertines requires wearing no shoes since the keepers of this magnificent destination take care of it so that it keeps its authentic and natural white color. During the warmer days, this is not a problem for the tourists, since it is even of bigger pleasure to walk barefoot under the hot sun. However, during winter time it can be really tricky as the rocks and the waters of the pools make it impossibly freezing for a person to be walking with no shoes and socks on.

Another thing that you should think about is the way you dress up for this place. It requires no dress code, but if you’re going there during the warmest months then have in mind to put some sun cream on and clothes that will protect your skin from the hot sun. Also, if you don’t want to risk having a sunstroke, then remember to take a hat with you and a bottle of water to avoid getting dehydrated. Our very dear suggestion is to wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes so that you can hop inside the pools whenever you feel like it. It will refresh you and provide you with an even more amazing traveling experience.

As for the period of the day, have in mind that most of the tourists go to many places during the day and decide on visiting Pamukkale during the afternoon. This might affect your visit of this extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site since it might get too crowded for you to enjoy the view over the turquoise landscape. That’s why we suggest you visit this unusual spot during the morning hours when it is more peaceful and enjoyable.

calcium cliff bathing pools

Tips on what to do at Pamukkale

If you’re interested in visiting more than just the calcium cliff bathing pools overlooking the town of Pamukkale, then we suggest you do a bit of research on what you can find in this area and the stories behind it. However, since it is probably a region you’re not acquainted with, then it is better to book a tour guide and get properly informed about the historical events and stories behind the ruins of this place. It may cost you more to gain such an experience, but Turkey is known to have an interesting and rich history so you will definitely not be sorry to pay for some extra pleasure.

One of the things you shouldn’t miss is the Roman amphitheater of Hierapolis which lies just above the travertines. But if you’re going to Pamukkale with a car, then you have the freedom to plan your trip and visit additional places located near this incredible destination. Take your time to explore the surroundings and add a few more places to your list. Make sure to visit hidden attractions like Laodikya, Karahayit, Kaklik caves, Aphrodisias and a few other places that are located on only a few kilometers of Pamukkale.


How to get to Pamukkale

Getting here is easy, especially if you’re on a vacation at some of the nearby coastal cities like Kusadasi, Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Didim, and Izmir and so on. These tourist cities usually offer tours to Pamukkale, so you can easily book a tour to this lovely destination. On the other hand, going there by car will help you discover the magnificent sights along the way.

If you’re going there especially to see the tourist attraction, then have in mind that the closest airport is the Denizli – Cardak Airport, from where a shuttle bus can take you to the city of Denizli or right to Pamukkale. Also, have in mind that you can find several places where you can spend the night and enjoy the days exploring the turquoise pools.

There has been a research that the global warming is, unfortunately, affecting this place, so make sure to visit it as soon as possible. It’s definitely a site you probably won’t be able to find elsewhere, so start planning your trip to Pamukkale as soon as possible.


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