The Statue of Liberty stands as a beacon to all those who were trying to make a new life in America. A life of equality, safeness, and the opportunity to earn a decent living pushed people to arrive in droves, seeking a better place. The Statue still stands today, holding her torch and ultimately keeping her promise to those that live here, and to those that are struggling to get here. It was a Frenchman who proposed the idea of a statue of some kind to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Many years later, due to financial issues on American and French turfs, the statue was completed in France, and given to and pieced together on American soil. Today, it is a staple of American history, a national monument, and one of the must-see destinations for history buffs, tourists, and the all-American.

Lady Liberty

To visit Lady Liberty, you must have a ticket. Three types are available to the visitor. The first is the grounds ticket, which is the most common card and can be obtained easily. The second type of card is the Pedestal ticket, which allows you access to and inside the pedestal where the statue stands so gracefully on, as well as the museum. The Pedestal tickets are limited, so it would be wise to secure an advanced reservation, or you may not get in. The third card offered is the hard-to-get but highly desired Crown ticket. Journey up to Lady Liberty’s crown for breathtaking views of what she guards. These tickets are highly prized, and reservations are made up to 6 months in advance. Children must be at least 4 feet tall to go up to the crown, and all crown visitors must be in good shape because guess what, there is no elevator. A spiral staircase ascending the massive statue is your only way up, and down. For security reasons, no bags are allowed up in the crown area. You must rent a locker or leave them in your vehicle. Cameras are allowed. You also get access to the museum and pedestal levels with your crown ticket, offering a well-rounded experience, if you can manage to get a Crown card.

Lady Liberty

Getting There

The striking statue is located on a small island appropriately named Liberty Island in New York Harbor, making the journey to there more entertaining than just a simple drive. People are encouraged to park and enjoy either Battery Park in New York or Liberty Park located in New Jersey, where you can pick up the ferry to take to cross the waters. Parking is extremely limited at the parks and surrounding areas, and public transportation is available and encouraged to reach the ship docks. A ticket must be purchased before riding the ferry or visiting the island which can be done online for your convenience. The boat rides last anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. They all run on schedules, and you can take a different ferry back if you need more time.

Get to the Statue of Liberty by Ferry

Places to Stay

New York City offers a multitude of excellent hotels to choose. Depending on your price range, high-end hotels such as the Ritz Carlton, or hotels that are priced a bit more moderately such as the Holiday Inn are available. Choose from over 50 hotels within a few miles’ radius of the patriotic Statue of Liberty. Keep in mind the majority of these hotels are located over in the Battery Park of New York area, where you might want to catch a quick ferry to the statue. For your trip, you could also consider staying at bed and breakfast such as the Mount Morris House, which has rave reviews and spacious rooms available. With a mountain of choices available, staying in New York for your statue visit is quite convenient; all you need to do is narrow down the price.

Where to stay in New York

Food and Beverages

Concessions are available on the ferries and also on the island displaying the proud statue.  Also, you’re in New York or New Jersey! Restaurants litter the streets available in many varieties. Satisfy your taste buds at an oyster bar, or have a hot slice of pizza before heading out for your nightcap at one of the local bars after your day of sightseeing. The Battery Park located in New York, combined with SOHO and East Village areas offer many dining options, more so than the Liberty Park and New Jersey area. The choices are exciting and endless!

Food and Beverages

Ellis Island

Purchasing a ferry ticket means you not only get to see the grand Statue of Liberty, but it also means that you get to see the infamous Ellis Island and museum as well. An Ellis Island stop is included in your ferry ticket. Located on a separate island from the statue of Liberty, all boats stop there as well, so you get to enjoy two attractions. Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum are historical treasures that display the knowledge and history of almost 12 million immigrants who passed through there, trying to make a better life in America. Today, millions of Americans can trace their heritage back to someone who entered America through the hopeful gates of Ellis Island.

Ellis Island with Liberty Island in the back

Discover America’s beginnings

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island represent America in its young life, encouraging those to work, live, and succeed in a new land. The picturesque statue stands firm, holding her light for all to see. Ellis Island’s grand museum shows where all those that flowed the light entered America’s doors. These are marvelous historical delights for any and all visitors to witness. Public transportation can assist you in traveling, and a huge variety of different types of food and restaurants are available as well as hotels that are only within a few miles of the attractions.  Come and see Lady Liberty for yourself, just follow her light.


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