The bright lights of the biggest city in the United States draw millions of visitors every year. The towering skyscrapers, the statue of liberty, entertainment galore, Broadway shows and Ellis Island, as well as Manhattan, meant new opportunities for people and a chance to make a living in this powerhouse of a city. The “Big Apple” as it actually has many sights to see and things to do. These are the top tourist attractions in New York that people flock to experience.

The Magic of Broadway

Most people consider their New York experience incomplete without seeing one of the famous Broadway shows. Live actors, singers and dancers put on spectacular performances in shows like the infamous “Cats,” “Aladdin,” “Lion King” and “Wicked.” There are many theaters and venues to choose from, and you can prearrange your tickets or stand in line at the venue. If you choose to stand in line be prepared, as everyone wants to see a Broadway show while they are there! The area is not far from Time Square and other major attractions in the vibrant hub of the tourist area.


The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

9/11 was a devastating event for America. Terrorists hijacked planes and crashed one into the World Trade Center, demolishing one of the buildings and killing many innocent people. This memorial although emotional is beautifully done and a must-see on your trip. Take a tour and listen to the story the guide will tell you about that day. The museum presents facts and artifacts for all to see. The place is free of judgment, and it is a fitting tribute to those that suffered on that day. It is a peaceful yet informative place to visit and to learn the facts.

9-11 Memorial

Famous Central Park

Central Park is the most famous park in the United States. It has graced covers of magazines, been in T.V. shows and movies and is widely known all over the world. The park is hundreds of acres and includes a lake, bridges, walking and running paths, bicycling areas, people walking their dogs, famous statues and huge trees. It is an oasis surrounded by skyscrapers and the miles of cement of New York City. Ice rinks are available I the winter months and the twinkling lights of holiday décor create a happy and peaceful place to walk and to visit. There are many different parts and buildings to the park, so schedule some time to see a few while you’re in the area.

Central Park New York

Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal has amazing architecture and is almost as famous as central park. It has been in countless movies, and T.V. shows, as one of the most famous and largest train terminals in the states. Watch as the crazy New Yorkers run to catch their trains, or get lost wandering around the large tunnels. The stonework of the walls and ceiling are incredible and grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants located in the terminal itself. This is one of New York’s famous landmarks, and you will be impressed by the massive size and high ceilings of the older building.

Grand Central Terminal New York

The Statue of Liberty

This statue is not only the top tourist attraction in New York; it is an icon for the United States. Catch a ferry over to see the most famous statue in the world. You can even purchase tickets to climb up inside. Special tickets are available to climb all the way up into the crown, where you can get magnificent views of the bay and city. Take a guided tour and learn about the amazing Lady Liberty, her construction, her purpose and her meaning to the citizens of the United States.

The Statue of Liberty

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is a top rated museum and one of the best ones you will ever see. Each room is fully decorated to the period or era it is reflecting, making the visitor feel like they have truly stepped back in time. Statues, fountains, masks and many décors of all sorts and sizes can be found throughout the rooms. Food and drinks are available at one of the few cafes in the museum, so you don’t have to leave and start over. You can spend several days here and many people like it so much they come back for a longer visit to see all the displays. This is considered one of the top attractions in the city by visitors, so know what you are missing!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

If you think you’ve seen amazing views before, you will be pleasantly surprised at this one. The Top of the Rock Observation deck is the best place to get that panoramic view of the massive city. This viewing deck is fantastic day or night when all the lights are on and twinkling. Choose from three different observation decks to see the amazing skyline before you. This view also gives you awesome pictures of the Empire State building in the scenery. Visitors and locals alike love the view from the top, so don’t forget your camera.

Rock Observation Deck

Radio City Music Hall

The Radio City Music Hall is one of the best art deco places in the world. Take a tour or get tickets to a show that the whole family will enjoy! The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, and you can do a behind-the-scenes tour with lots of interesting facts and history. The Christmas show during the holidays is a visitor’s favorite, and many were impressed with how fun and interesting their visit was.

Radio City Music Hall

Times Square

Times Square is full of non-stop action and things to do and see. People in various sorts of dress and undress, Disney characters and other unique people will be out and about making people laugh or trying to become famous. Broadway shows are only a couple of blocks away, and the Square has it all. Shopping, eateries, giant advertising screens, stores, and entertainment are all available in Times Square. This is a touristy place, but it is also well-known and a popular area to experience on your trip.

Times Square

More to See

The Big Apple has so many highlights and things to do and see that you may have to pick and choose. The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, Madison Square Garden, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the New York Public Library are also all popular places to visit. Don’t forget the tours of the city or schedule private tour to see some of the sights and learn about the biggest city in the U.S. The sights and entertainment are unbelievable, so prepare to have the time of your life at the top tourist attractions in New York!


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