Traveling Croatia is an amazing experience. It is a country of epic scenery – mountains, lakes, waterfalls. As well as cute coastal villages, welcoming red-roofed towns, a rich history, and beautiful culture. Not only are the destinations beautiful, but the journeys are pretty amazing too.

Inter-railing is a great, accessible way of traveling Europe. But in some countries, the rail system can be slow and unreliable, and not the best way to get around – Croatia is one. Traveling Croatia by train is limited. In the northwest, the connections are not too bad. But most travelers are drawn to the beautiful Southern coastline. In this direction, trains don’t go any further than Split – only half way down the country.

For a lot of people, the bus is the best option. Buses can be tedious, long and not the most comfortable. But these bus journeys in Croatia are well worth it. The beautiful scenery is captivating and makes traveling between places experience in itself. After all, if you want to avoid overpriced plane tickets, bus journeys in Croatia are the way to go. Embrace it – put some music on, read a book, chill and look out the window along these beautiful Croatian roads.

Zagreb to Split – one of the best bus journeys in Croatia

It is one of Croatia’s main routes – taking you right down the spine of the country. The bus goes from one central hub to another. From the urban, cultural and national capital of Zagreb to the focus stopover on the Croatian coastline – Split. It is a great way of connecting the north and south of the country, traversing the diverse land from one end to the other.


This bus route will firstly take you out of the city, and you soon find yourself passing tranquil Croatian countryside. The scenery is pleasant but generic. But once you get into the mountains, the country exhibits the true extent of its natural beauty. Rather than the typical image of seaside towns, these are the more underrated features of Croatian nature. The E71 Highway infiltrates the land, so when you are on it, you become immersed in the surrounding views. The road takes you higher and becomes narrower. Navigating the mountains, you can look down on the valleys below, extensive and wild. The area is full of rocky outcrops and dusty roads.

Winding roads eventually lead to open space ahead. The river in the valley grows wider and wider until it becomes the sea. At some point, you will cross it then follow the coastline directly southwards. The classic red-roofed coastal buildings emerge, and the idyllic scenery begins. The bus stops at places like Zadar and Trogir and takes you right into the heart of the towns. Most stations are at the harbor side, so you get to see the Adriatic Sea lying vast and beautiful. At every stop, you want to dive into the clear blue waters. If you do have time, jump off the bus and spend a few days exploring these smaller coastal towns.

Split to Dubrovnik

When arriving in Split, you have more freedom and flexibility to find your route southwards. Island-hop along the coastline, or jump another bus straight down to famous Dubrovnik. The latter is one of the only bus journeys in Croatia to take you through the Neum Corridor – a section of Bosnian territory indenting into Croatia. It is a fun place to stop off at, and embrace the random novelty of being accidently in Bosnia. Most buses take a small break here to do just that.


Another appealing feature of this particular bus journey in Croatia is its proximity to the Biokova mountain range. This piece of epic beauty dominates the land and can be a great view from a bus window. But if you do have time when traveling Croatia, this is a fantastic hiking route to follow. From the peak, there are infinitely impressive views. On one side, the Dalmatian Coast stretches on, and sights of Italy lie past the water. On the other, there is an inland perspective of Croatia – its ups and downs, narrow valleys and expansive plains, rockiness, hills, and forests.

Although the bus doesn’t go this way, there is a pretty terrifying drive up to the top. For a break from bus journeys in Croatia, this is a tempting path to take. However, locals warn tourists about its hazardous features. Highly recommended yet treated with caution. Passing other cars can be nerve racking, especially on the outside with only a metal railing to protect you from the fall below – making you glad this small section isn’t one of the bus journeys in Croatia.

Split to Hvar

There are many amazing water bus journeys in Croatia to take. Traveling from Split to the island of Hvar is one of them. This ferry journey is as cheap as any land based bus trip – and a fresh beautiful. Being immersed in the crystal blue waters, you can see the Croatian coastline from a new perspective. Once away from the mainland, you pass various islands, each holding individual charm. But they all have the same redeeming feature – peace and tranquillity. Tiny houses hide in-between green grass and yellow sands.


Going to any of the islands are worth a visit when traveling Croatia, but Hvar is especially popular. The water bus can get pretty rocky in rough weather. But in general, the journey to Hvar is a component of its appeal. You feel happily lost traveling through the Croatian islands that scatter this coastline.

Zagreb to Rijeka

Back on land, the main appeal of this bus journey is the road winding down into Rijeka. The route takes you through more attractive Croatian countryside and mountainous scenes lie in the distance. But the best part is the falling into the coastal town. You can see Rijeka from the window as the bus takes you close, and the sea grows full. It is one of the most exciting bus journeys in Croatia. Not only does the beauty of Rijeka draw you in, but the town offers opportunities for traveling Croatia further. From here, you can follow the coastline once again, east or west, or even jump on a bus to Italy.


There are more incredible bus journeys in Croatia to take. But these are some of the most prominent, traveling between the major beautiful areas you really must see. The country is fast becoming a favorite holiday place, full of tourists and travelers wanting to share in the Croatian dream. Join the crowds and be sure to visit this lovely place. Do so by making the drive part of the fun and experience the best bus journeys in Croatia.


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