Beaches, sun, colorful cocktails and hammocks – it sounds lovely, but your vacations can be even more than that. If you want to do something special this summer, consider going for dancing holidays. This way you’ll not only relax, explore new places and have a time full of adventures but also gain a new skill, become more social and confident.

Dancing Holidays

Dance the passionate Tango in Argentina, elegant Waltz in the British ballrooms or sensual Flamenco in the sunny region of Andalucía. Here’s a list of 7 companies offering dancing holidays in different locations around the world, concentrating on various dance styles.

  1. Gotta Dance, Canyon Ranch, Arizona, The United States

Style: a large variety of styles

Once a year the luxurious ranch in Tucson, Arizona organizes a great dancing event. During one week the participants have a chance to try various dance styles, such as jazz, salsa, and ballet. Besides that, you can also try Bollywood, Broadway routines, waltz or hip hop. There are classes for different levels, so whether you’re a beginner or an advanced dancer, you’ll surely find something suitable. It’s also an excellent opportunity to spend several days in a beautiful place, far away from everything, and simply enjoy the dance.


People having a Dancing Class

  1. GoLearnTo, Salvador, Brazil

Style: Capoeira plus Portuguese language

The course offered by GoLearnTo is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture. First of all, you’ll learn theory and practice of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art combining dance and acrobatics. Secondly, you’ll practice your Portuguese or, in case you’ve never spoken it before, begin your Portuguese adventure. The classes are open to all levels. The school offers cooking and Samba classes as well, so you can learn even more. Besides, Salvador is a beautiful place to visit, with gorgeous beaches and fantastic atmosphere. You can join bike tours, scuba diving excursions or surfing lessons. This way you’ll have the opportunity to explore the region from different angles: the land, the water, and the culture.


Guy and Girl practicing Capoeira in Brazil

  1. Responsible Travel, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Style: Salsa

Cuba is the dream destination for many salsa dancers, especially the city of Santiago de Cuba, the home of traditional Cuban sounds and movements. The dancing holidays organized by Responsible Travel lasts 15 days and includes dance lessons and walks around the city. Besides that, they also organize nights out and excursions. As for the dance lessons, they’re particularly good, because each participant is paired up with a professional dance partner. In addition to salsa, you can also try Son, Chachacha, Merengue, Afro-Cuban rumba and pilon. In the evenings you’ll visit a variety of clubs, from the most famous ones to the small, local clubs situated in the neighborhood.


Latin American Couple Dancing Slasa

  1. Warner Leisure Hotels, various locations across the United Kingdom

Style: Ballroom dances

To dance in a fancy way in elegant surroundings, go to the U.K. The Warner Leisure Hotels offer a variety of dance workshops and parties. You can stay in one of the Warner Leisure’s hotels; they have properties in rural areas of the United Kingdom as well as on the beautiful coast. Their program is called Do you Warner Dance? and it includes fun and easy dance workshops with excellent, professional teachers. Ballroom dancing is the best for the British atmosphere, but you can also try Line Dancing, Latin or Tap Dancing.


Couple performing Ballroom Dance

  1. Ceroc Mediterranean Festival with Club Dance Holiday, Calpe, Spain

Style: Ceroc

The Club Dance organizes a variety of dance breaks all across the world. One of their offers is a trip to Calpe where the Ceroc Mediterranean Festival takes place. Ceroc, a fusion of Salsa and Jive, is a relatively straightforward and incredibly joyful style. It is perfect do this dance on a sunny beach. After high-energy workshops, you can rest on the white sand and get some tan. And then, at night, head to the vibrant dance venues.


Couple performing Ceroc on the Street

  1. Responsible Travel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Style: Tango

One more great option offered by Responsible Travel: dance holidays in the mesmerizing city of Buenos Aires. Few cities around the world are as ideal for dancing as Buenos Aires is. The atmosphere just doesn’t allow you to sit still. Surrounded by the sounds of music and people who never seem to lose their energy, it’s impossible to do not get influenced. You’ll have many dance lessons, both private and group classes, but there’ll also be time for sight-seeing and partying. To make the experience even more enjoyable, you may additionally take Salsa or Spanish lessons.


Tango Dancers Performing on the street

  1. GoLearnTo, Andalucía

Style: Flamenco

You can choose whether you prefer to go to Seville or Granada. They organize the courses in both of those cities. Some of the holidays combine dance with Spanish lessons. Others only focus on developing the Flamenco techniques. You can watch Flamenco shows and explore the fascinating Spanish cities and learn how to clap your hands gracefully. And, in the meantime, have a taste of Andalucía’s delicious wines.


Spanish Flamenco Dancers on the Beach in Spain

What do you think of these ideas for dancing holidays? Would you like to learn dancing during your holidays? Let us know and share this article with your friends, perhaps they’ll get inspired and start to dance!


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