Seeking something more than luxury? There are many hotels in America that besides of being luxurious are also terribly spooky. If you want to experience something unworldly, visit one of the creepiest hotels in the U.S. listed below. Just remember – horror might not be as fun in reality as it is in movies.

  1. Provincial Hotel, New Orleans

New Orleans is an eerie town, and the fact there are haunted hotels in the city isn’t shocking. Walking around the mysterious streets you almost expect to see a ghost, but it doesn’t change the fact when they appear, it’s incredibly scary. Hotel Provincial is one of the New Orleans’ spots where unexpected encounters take place. Many of its guests reported strange events, such as doors opening and closing by themselves, hearing footsteps while nobody was walking or voices while nobody was speaking.

One of the guests even claimed she was dragged out of her bed in the middle of the night. Many people have seen shadows and felt as if someone was observing them. The Provincial Hotel used to be a military hospital during the American Civil War, and it’s supposed that some of the soldiers are still there… One of them was even seen as a full body apparition wearing a uniform.

Provincial Hotel, New Orleans

  1. Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

Scenically located on an island right outside of San Diego, Hotel Del Coronado is a romantic place especially favored by couples. Unfortunately, not all the love stories that happened in the hotel had a happy ending. The property is said to be haunted by a ghost of a woman who experienced a heartbreak so devastating it led her to suicide. Kate Morgan stayed in the hotel at the end of 19th century. She was expecting to meet her husband there. The couple had problems, but the romantic weekend was supposed to bring them back together. The man never appeared, and Kate was left all alone in the gorgeous hotel.

What happened later was even more tragic – the woman lost her life under mysterious circumstances and was found dead a few days after checking in the hotel. She died of a gunshot that was probably self-inflicted. Since then numerous paranormal activities were reported in her room, from whispering, footsteps and cold spots to windows suddenly opening or shutting on their own. Some of the guests said they even felt someone touched them when they were alone. Kate’s ghost was also seen wandering around the nearby beach.

Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

  1. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Do you miss the Hollywood stars from the glittering 50’s of American cinema? In Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel you might have a chance to meet a few of them. Some of the guests say Marylin Monroe’s ghost appears in the fancy Tropicana Night Club while others claim they’ve seen her in a large mirror that was located in a room she used to stay at years ago. Montgomery Clift’s ghost was also seen in the hotel.

The actor lived at the Hollywood Roosevelt for a few months when he was preparing for his role in From Here to Eternity. He’s said to be wandering around the corridors, playing the trumpet and repeating his old lines. Errol Flynn is another star whose ghost was seen in the hotel. Someone has also met a ghost of an unknown girl in a blue dress. There were many other mysterious phenomena reported as well, such as photographic “orbs,” cold spots, loud noises in empty rooms and strange phone calls to the hotel operator.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

  1. Hotel Galvez, Galveston

In 1911 a terrible hurricane killed about six thousands of people living on the Galveston Island. The hotel was built several years later on a spot that was once occupied by buildings that got destroyed by the hurricane. The catastrophe’s victims are said to be haunting the hotel. As if that wasn’t enough, more strange things happen in the hotel. One of them is the appearance of the Lovelorn Lady.

The hotel staff is so used to the lady’s presence they started recognizing her habits – when the ghost wants to be alone, the keys don’t work, and nobody can open her room. According to the rumors, she spent some time in a hotel room on the fifth room while waiting for her beloved husband to come back from the sea. The man disappeared and was considered dead, which brought his wife to despair so deep that she took away her life. The husband returned a while later, to everyone’s surprise. Unfortunately, it was too late. His wife was gone, only her spirit has stayed and keeps wandering around the hotel’s hallways.

Hotel Galvez, Galveston

  1. The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs Arkansas

Odd sightings are something widespread in the Crescent Hotel. Through its long history, the building was an experimental cancer hospital, a college, and a hotel. It’s not hard to guess the building’s creepy character is mostly a result of its history as a medical facility. It wasn’t healing, as the doctor who funded it was fraudulent. Now he, the nurses and patients are said to be hunting the building. They’re accompanied by the ghost of Michael, a stonecutter who died during the property’s construction. The room located in the area he died is the most haunted place in the Crescent Hotel. Guests agree the place is eerie, many of them heard some noises, saw the lights turning off and on randomly or felt something pulling on their backs at night.

The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs Arkansas

  1. Hotel Chelsea, New York

The ghosts of Hotel Chelsea are famous not only now; they were equally attractive when still alive. The hotel was visited by many of the greatest American celebrities and some of them never quite left it. The stars stayed there and partied wildly, but unfortunately for some of them, the hotel turned out to be the last stop of their journeys. One of those who lost their lives in the hotel was Dylan Thomas. Some say he died of alcohol poisoning, but an illness was probably the real cause of his death.

Many of the hotel guests claim they’ve seen his ghost, especially in the room where he passed away. Another strange story concerns Sid Vicious, the bassist of Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. They both experimented with drugs and often stayed in the hotel, where probably some of those “experiments” took place. One day Nancy was found dead in the hotel room, and Sid Vicious got arrested for murder. It never became clear whether he killed Nancy because before the trail Sid took his last hit of heroin and died too. Until now footsteps of the couple and other celebrities are heard in the Hotel Chelsea.

Hotel Chelsea, New York

Can you imagine spending a night in one of these Creepiest Hotels in the U.S.? Brrr! Let us know if you know some more spooky stories and don’t forget to share this article with your friends to check if they believe in ghosts.


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