Are you ready for a good scare? The Stanley hotel is known as one of the most famous haunted hotels in Colorado. If you have ever seen the original movie The Shining, this is where the famous film took place. The film was a sensation and still to this day continues to scare people with its ghostly stories and of course, the haunted location. While it is best known for its hauntings, it also has excellent accommodations and things to do. Experience a ghost tour and enjoy your haunted stay at this famous place.

Where to find Haunted Hotels?

Located in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, a popular vacation destination in the U.S lays the famous Stanley hotel from The Shining. Skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, fishing, hiking and much more are all available in the scenic area. Rocky Mountain National Park is not far away and don’t forget to experience what this famous lodging has to offer too. Tourists from around the globe come to see and play in Estes Park and there is a nice place waiting for you to stay at.

Many Rooms to Choose From

Lovely accommodations are provided for you and your family and friends during your stay. Are you seeking paranormal activity? “Haunted” rooms are available for you to experience as well. There are classic rooms, deluxe king, superior king, the Lodge, suites, a Presidential Cottage, one, two and three-bedroom condominiums to consider from. The Lodge is adjacent to the main building. Your pet can come if you pay the pet deposit and if it is less than 50 pounds. The furnishings are comfortable and there are flat screen televisions in the rooms, as well as pillow-top mattress for extra comfort and complimentary wireless internet.

Haunted Hotels in Colorado

Haunted Rooms for a Thrilling Experience

Of course, the location of one of the scariest films of all time will have haunted rooms available. These rooms book fast, so if you want one of them for your visit, call and reserve it early. The most haunted rooms are room 217, known as the Stephen King Suite, room 401, which is the ghost hunter’s most desired room and also rooms 407, 428 and 1302. These have reports of paranormal activity in them, much more so than anywhere else in the hotel.

Why is it Haunted?

The historic building has been around for a long time, since 1909. Freelan Stanley and his wife Flora established the hotel and opened its doors to invite people to stay in the lovely area that helped revitalize his health. By the 1970s, the buildings glory had faded and rumors spread wildly that it was haunted. Stephen King, the famous novelist and writer, visited the hotel and set the foundation for its return to splendor by creating The Shining, his third major accomplishment. The building itself continues to be a hotspot of paranormal activity, drawing people and ghost hunters from all over to its doors. Photographs show the long-deceased Freelan in the billiard room, his favorite pace and the deceased Flora can be heard playing her Steinway in the late hours of the night. They are among the many ghosts that people have reported, still watching over their beloved hotel.

The Haunted Hotel in Colorado Tours

The are many fantastic tours to choose from that will raise the hair on your arms and back of your neck if you are brave enough to see one of them. Illusions of the Past is a performance by a paranormal illusionist. It lasts a little over an hour and murders as well as tragedies will be spoken of. It is not suitable for young children due to the content and parental guidance is encouraged. Get your trip started with a good scare.

The Night Ghost Tour

What better way to see ghosts than to explore the building at night? Join a few others as you tour through the most haunted places in a building that has had a paranormal activity for over 100 years. Journey to the tunnel and maybe get a glimpse of Freelan or Flora as they have been spotted here. Photography is encouraged to capture and apparitions or sights you may get to witness.

Ghost Stories

This is a family-friendly event for all. Listen as one of the expert guides tells ghost stories and haunted tales of ghosts and strange happenings in the building. The stories last about an hour and everyone is encouraged to attend, even Flora and Freelan.

Stanley Paranormal Investigations

This tour is the ultimate ghost hunter and catchers tour and not for the faint of heart or scaredy-cats. Travel the property and buildings with the expert Paranormal Investigations Team. The excitement lasts about 5 hours, and in that time you see the most active locations in the area, as well as see the equipment and listen to the theories behind the hauntings of the famous hotel from The Shining. This tour is not your typical tour and if you are seeking adventure and to satisfy your curiosity, this is just what you need.

Haunted Yet Beautiful

The fully restored buildings have gained their splendor back and the accommodations, restaurants and facilities have all been refreshed and revitalized to meet our modern needs. The property is beautiful and Estes Park is a fantastic place for families, singles, couples and people of all ages to visit. Learn about the history of the building and take a tour to find out how it has changed over the decades and still manages to carry on, even today. While this famous hotel from The Shining is usually seen for its ghosts, the beauty of the place draws weddings, receptions and parties, as it is the perfect venue. Enjoy a day at the spa, or sit in one of the magnificent bars or restaurants to drink and dine to your satisfaction. Catch a ghost tour that will keep you awake for days afterwards and experience the inspiration for one of Stephen King’s most famous novels. It may be one of the most haunted hotels in Colorado, but it has splendid accommodations for everyone and it is located in a fantastic and highly visited location in Estes Park. Who knows, maybe you will get to thank Flora and Freeman in “person” if you see them meandering around in your updated room or the renovated hallways. Make sure to bring your camera and take photos of your beautiful stay and possibly your new ghost friends. And also always check their online prices, mostly there are discounts.


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