Oh no, summer is almost over! Less than a month is separating us from another countdown to next year`s most desirable season. You’ve already had your vacation time? Good! Everybody’s waiting for a story to hear and tell regarding the summer adventures. However, it might be possible that you still haven’t got that special once-in-a-lifetime experience that you want to share with everybody. And that’s okay; you still have time to make something out of this summer. Do you like adrenaline? Are you into something unusual and extreme? Here are some crazy sports and activities that rarely pop into someone`s mind:

1. Crocodile Bungee

You have already tried bungee jumping, and it`s not that scary for you? Well, let`s try to spice things up! What about bungee jumping in water full of crocodiles? Now that`s something, huh? Well, it`s not a good idea since it`s pretty risky and people tend to do it more in commercials than in real life. So, maybe we haven`t kicked off with such a great idea after all. Let’s try something else instead!

Crocodile Bungee

2. Cliff diving

Now, this is something familiar! It might be possible that you have even done this in the past. However, to make it more enjoyable, you can always add a little bit more to the height standards of the jumping place. Cliff diving was founded in 1770 on an island called Lanai, in Hawaii, where local warriors jumped off a cliff into the dark sea to impress and attract the local women. This activity has also been connected to a certain king called Kahekili, who used to order his warriors to jump into the sea as a proof of their courage and loyalty. Years and years after, cliff diving is known as an extreme sport, a riskier kind of diving. So, if you think this sport is the best for you, try to use your courage to the maximum and select one of the scariest places for cliff diving, such as South Point Cliffs at the Big Island in Hawaii, Tar Creek Falls in California or Quebrada Cliff in Acapulco, Mexico.

crazy sports

3. AirKick

As funny as it might sound, air kicking is a person being catapulted through the air and into the water. The catapult is built in a way that it catapults an individual over 26 feet in the air into a swimming pool or foam pit. The AirKick works by the principles of math and physics, pre-calculating the parabolic trajectory using a particular combination of air pressure and water recoil technology. When participating in an AirKick, you will be seated in a specially constructed set at the end of the moving part of the catapult. At a certain countdown, your body will be thrown away in the air, and you`ll have your glorious seconds of flying like a bird before you dive into the water. Just the very thought of you landing in the water doesn`t stress you out that much, but this activity is not recommended for people that can easily get a panic attack. Remember to swim after being thrown into the water.


4. Volcano surfing

If you are more of the ground type rather than the water type of extreme sports person, then we have something interesting for you. Surfing is always fun but what about volcano surfing? Can you imagine yourself wearing a jumpsuit and goggles and surfing down a volcano slope? Well, of course, you can if you are up to an unforgettable memory. When going volcano surfing, first of all, you have to hike up the volcano and then prepare for the adrenaline. You can choose whether you want to stand or sit during your slide down, using a thin plywood or metal board. What makes this sport dangerous, besides the high speed of sliding down, is the potential falling off the board and injuring, poisonous gasses and being hit by flying molten lava. Other than that, it`s a great and unforgettable experience. Additionally, the best place to do this is the active volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.

Volcano surfing

5. Zip-line

Also known as death slide, zip lines have become popular activities for adventurous people. Have you ever taken a ride with a cable car? Well, imagine having a ride with a cable car up in the air but without the cable car! Only you, hanging while attached to a pulley that follows the way of the cable with a certain speed. It is pure fun to see the natural beauties from above, that`s why zip-lining is mostly done in areas where the colors of nature are various and enchanting. When zip-lining through the woods, people are always scared of bumping into a tree, but it`s fascinating not knowing what you should expect during your zip-line journey. However, the required equipment is a must if you don`t want to end up crying for you your mommy. If you are a zip-line enthusiast and you`re in a search for the most popular destinations for this activity, try out the jungles of Florida, Nicaragua, Puerto Vallarta, and Costa Rica.


6. Zorbing ball

You`re not the most athletic type of person, but you tend to do something crazy this summer to remember it for good? Then zorbing is what you need! You might have seen zorbing balls at some festivals or outdoor events, but the real deal is zorbing down a hill or in the ocean. When zorbing, you will first enter a big inflatable ball, made out of transparent plastic. Then, you`ll be pushed ahead so that the ball starts rolling.

Zorbing ball

At some point, you will try to keep balance and take control of the ball, but the faster the ball rolls, the less control you`ll be able to have (and probably the more you`ll feel like puking). Just imagine zorbing in the water and watching all of the various water animals in the ocean. Or rolling down a small hill. Your mind and your stomach will spin, but there`s a reason why spin rhymes with adrenaline.

Are you ready to try some of these crazy sports this summer? Let us know and leave a comment below.


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