Hey, you! Yes, you, the one reading this – it is time for you to wake up from your bear-like winter nap because spring is finally here!

Oh, spring, a time of the year when nature seems to be coming to life again and so are the smiles of the people that prefer the warmer days. Birds start singing, flowers start blooming, and creative minds start fantasizing again. And travelers? Well, these people are feeling wanderlust during any time of the year, but they especially love spring because of the various mesmerizing colors of nature.

This is when the early spring blooming flowers come to the stage – a lovely spectrum of various types and colors of flowers that spread throughout the world. And just like the tulips in the Netherlands, typical flowers are growing in certain destinations that are an attraction visited by many tourists throughout the world.

Destinations covered in cherry blossoms

As years pass by, people are falling more and more in love with cherry blossoms. These are the lovely flowers with soft colors from the trees of genus Prunus, or as many people know it – the flowers blooming on the Japanese Cherry trees. The Japanese are proud to have these types of flora spread throughout their country, and they have thought of a unique name to call the cherry blossom, which is Sakura. However, the beauty of these lovely flowers cannot be explained easily but has to be experienced. This is why we recommend you to take a careless stroll through these destinations that are covered in cherry blossoms and are guaranteed to make you happy and fulfilled.


Mount Yoshino in Japan

There’s a place in Japan people refer to it as the cherry blossoms heaven! It is called Mount Yoshino, a mountain located in the town of Yoshino, in Nara Prefecture. For centuries this is known to be the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot as the area is covered with thousands of cherry trees and other blooming beauties.

A great thing about this place is that you can take a relaxing walk through the woods of the mountain and be surrounded with plenty of cherry trees spreading their flowery branches towards you. The best view is thought to be the one from the Yoshimizu Shrine, as your eyes will freeze upon the pink fairytale that rises in front of you.

Mount Yoshino

Tidal Basin in Washington D.C.

If you want to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere that the cherry blossoms provide, you do not necessarily have to visit Japan. These cherry trees grow in other places as well, which some of them you might have already visited.

Such place is Washington D.C. in the United States of America; a destination people love visiting during spring time especially because of the lovely spacious parks decorated with cherry trees. However, there is a particular spot where you can experience the city from a different perspective, all thanks to the spectacular sights decorated with charming cherry blossoms. This spot is the well-known Tidal Basin, where tourists and ordinary citizens lined up for a relaxing afternoon among the cherry trees. The way the cherry blossoms garnish this particular place in Washington D.C. is attracting people more and more each year. There are even special tours organized in this area so that tourists can experience this beautiful sight and because of the big interest of enjoying the Tidal Basin covered in cherry blossoms, there is a special website to keep you updated about the latest blooming events.

Tidal Basin

Heerstrasse in Bonn

If you are looking for a walk down a street that happens to be like from a fairytale, then go straight to Heerstrasse in Bonn, a beautiful city in Germany. This street in Bonn is one of the loveliest streets you will ever get to walk through if you happen to be visiting Germany anytime soon. Also known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue, this street is so magical that you won’t believe your eyes the first minute you see it. Every spring, usually during April, gorgeous cherry blossoms bloom forming a stunning pink ceiling of little flowers above the heads of the people passing by.

Heerstrasse Bonn

Okinawa Prefecture

If you want to be the one welcoming the first cherry blossoms of a certain year, then you must mark Okinawa Prefecture on your list of places to visit. This is the southernmost prefecture of Japan and is known as the place where the first cherry blossoms in the country start blooming. To be more specific, the first cherry blossoms appear around the end of January, in Yanbaru, which is in the northern part of Okinawa. The large parks, stairways, and paths will provide you with the necessary peace you need to enjoy the lovely pink flowers.

Okinawa Prefecture

Get ready for the perfect Hanami

If you’re feeling enthusiastic about your first meeting with the precious cherry blossoms, then you must have in mind that what you’re looking for is the activity called Hanami. This word is literally translated as flower viewing, and it perfectly sums up what people want to do when they are surrounded by cherry blossoms – enjoy the existence of these lovely flowers and become more and more amazed as time passes by.


Start planning your trip to a cherry blossom festival

Since tourists are becoming more and more amazed by the existence of this lovely flora, plenty of festivals are being organized throughout the world where cherry trees grow. This is a great opportunity for you to see the beautiful pink flowers and praise their beauty with the people that are sharing the same affection towards these flowers. Cherry Blossom festivals are organized mainly during springtime, so if you’re willing to visit such a festival then start searching for the perfect destination.

Cherry blossoms already have begun blooming, and you’re still sitting on your sofa, reading this? Start packing immediately, as these fascinating flowers are not going to wait for you forever. Check for the nearest destination covered in such beautiful flowers and rush off to see how awesome nature can be. And don’t forget to share this news with your friends; they also deserve to see how amazing nature can be.


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