April is quickly approaching and with it comes glimpses of spring! The snow is melting, flowers are blooming, as the white winter world fades, revealing the new green growth and promise of warmer days. Where would you like to visit this spring? Warmer temperatures allow people to travel safely and see areas that were previously closed during the winter months. Get out and enjoy the sun and the flowers and discover some of the best places to visit in April.

Boston Marathon

The famous marathon is always scheduled for the third Monday in April known as “Marathon Monday” in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the world’s oldest annual race, and thousands arrive not only to run in it but to observe and support the racers. About 30,000 people enter and over half a million come to visit the area and watch the famous marathon. Not only can visitors see the famous race, but this is a perfect time to visit the New England area to get some fresh seafood and see spring arrive as the snow melts away.

Boston Marathon

Antelope Valley

Late March and early April make the Antelope Valley Freeway stretching between Los Angeles and Lancaster a sight to see. Golden poppies flourish on the 17,000 acres preserve, providing a heavenly scene. This type of flower is also the official flower of the state of California. The flat poppy fields are surrounded by lovely mountain views, proving some amazing scenery everyone could appreciate. The best place to stop is along the seven-mile Antelope Loop Trail in the poppy reserve. Continue on the drive to the Antelope Butte Vista Point for the best views and have that camera ready! Antelope Valley is one of the best places to visit in April.

Antelope Valley


Indio, California is the host of the annual music and arts festival known as the Coachella. It is famous for its music which has new and upcoming musicians as well as many famous people singing and visiting. Musicians such as AC/DC, Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, Beastie Boys and Kanye West have all made appearances at the festival. Art and sculptures are staggered across the grounds, and there are several stages with either music or events going on. Last years’ 2015 festival sold almost 200,000 tickets and made over 84 million dollars, making this one of the largest and also one of the most successful festivals in the U.S.

coachella festival

Jazz Festival

The Big Easy also was known as New Orleans is the city to have a great time, a few drinks and see some amazing and historical sites. The New Orleans Heritage and Jazz Festival is also known as “Jazz Fest,” is held annually and offers some great musicians and festivities to hear and see. Over 60 food booths are open where visitors can get an alligator sausage po’boy sandwich, boiled crawfish, Cajun Jambalaya and Oyster patties to get a taste of some excellent southern cuisine. All vendors go through a strict process to ensure proper sanitation procedures are practiced, and quality of food reaches the standards set. Craft booths are displayed with clothing, jewelry, paintings, sculptures and many other items for purchase. Many of the items for sale are handmade and from local vendors that offer a flare and specific southern style of New Orleans in their work. Specific areas are also set up that provide cultural and historical practices that are unique only to Louisiana and the Cajun culture. Parades, music, food, drinks, and fun are all waiting for you here during the last weekend of April.

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Point Pleasant is an excellent family-friendly area to visit. You have the beach and the Jenkinson’s Boardwalk to experience and have fun with. April is a perfect time as the weather is starting to warm up and yet you can avoid the massive summer crowds. The Jenkinson’s Boardwalk has arcades, games, food, shopping, rides and much more fun to be had. If you want to get some sun and relax on the beach that is an option as well because the Boardwalk is stepped away. Golf, shopping, horse racing and other attractions are close by if you have a vehicle.

point pleasant new jersey

Washington D.C.

April is an excellent time to visit the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. The cherry blossoms that are such a brilliant bloom in late March or early April each year and thousands flock to see the pink flowers surrounding the lake. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival is ongoing and will last until April 16th. It is a springtime celebration and also focuses on the friendship the blossoms represent between the U.S. and Japan. There are special events at the festival such as Family Day and the Opening Ceremony. Vendors and local organizations are present to offer activities and to promote traditional and contemporary arts. Everything is free and open to the public! Explore the city and see all the free things to do. The National Mall, Washington Monument, the National Archives and so much more are offered to the public and are free!

washington d.c.cherry blossom

Smoky Mountains National Park

Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the top U.S. National Parks, and April is the perfect time to visit. Visiting this time of year allows you to beat all the summer crowds and also to see the amazing wildflowers and vegetation spring back to life after a sleepy winter. The great Smokey Mountain cabins are booked throughout the summer months, but in April you have a better chance of snagging one of the cabins to stay. The end of April has close to 70-degree weather, perfect for visiting and hiking. Black Bears and their new young are out and about in the spring, and you may have a better chance of seeing them scamper about the woods or meadows in April. If you are lucky enough to see them, use caution and don’t try to get close!

Smoky Mountains National Park

Million Dollar Highway

This stretch of road is referring to the San Juan Skyway in Colorado. The road that lies between the towns of Ouray and Silverton is known as the Million Dollar highway. Why? Because massive amounts of silver and gold were once discovered here and transported out through the incredible mountain passes that you see. The San Juan Skyway is over 200 miles long and the views, especially on the Million Dollar highway stretch, are beautiful. Tall pine trees, snow-capped mountains, running rivers and clear blue skies will make you stop and admire Colorado.

San Juan Skyway

Spring Has Arrived

Spring has finally arrived and the month of April brings melting snow, blooming flowers, and excited travelers. The northern and eastern states finally have the snow melting, allowing excellent opportunities to take scenic drives, visit National Parks, or head to the beach before the crowds figure out that spring has arrived. Where would you like to visit this April? Check out some of these best places to visit in April or discover your own!


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