Hot, iced, espresso, fresh beans, heavenly grounds, and many other options are available in the finest and most popular coffee shop choices in California.

The Best Coffee Shops in California

Coffee isn’t just a drink for many people; it is a way of life. Coffee connoisseurs do exist, and they search for the best beans, roasts, and caffeine creations available. People just want their daily cup of “joe” to kick-start their morning and charge into a new day. California has some of the best custom coffee drinks and shops are strewn throughout the state so you can get your cup of happiness wherever you may travel.

Spin City Coffee Bar – San Francisco

Traveling to a city can leave one in dire need of caffeine, a place to laundry, and somewhere to eat. The unique and fascinating Spin City Coffee bar has all three services available to customers. Complete with washers, dryers, a café-like atmosphere with tables, books, restrooms, and of course, coffee and some food items. The coffeehouse uses Blue Bottle coffee and has donuts, assorted baked goods, pop tarts, apricot almond bars, and a few other items. The coffee menu has the basic mocha, and lattes, as well as black and green tea, cappuccino, café au lait. Drip coffee and a few others to choose from while your laundry dries.

Mazarine – San Francisco

Located in trendy San Francisco, once you visit Mazarine, it will be hard not to make a return trip. Whether its meeting friends or getting some work done, there is a space to sit and relax with an excellent cup of coffee. Not only there is coffee but the menu has toast, salads, sandwiches, beer, wine, tea, and other drinks available. The inside is fashioned after a library located in Paris, France, giving a relaxed yet refined atmosphere to hang out, dine, and enjoy yourself.

Highwire – East Bay Area

Be prepared for one of the best espressos you’ve ever had in your life! Highwire is a great coffee place that serves the Blue Mountain brand.

Bean Bar – San Diego

The Bean Bar is a small café that serves cold brew, drip, and pulled espresso coffee for the coffee-lovers of the East Village area of San Diego. The wood, wrap round bar, and mint colored walls complement each other and provide a cozy atmosphere inside. The famous coffee beans are from Vancouver’s 49th parallel, which is a coffee roaster in Canada. The Bean Bar is one of the few U.S. places to carry this brand outside of Canada, and it has a loyal following of coffee lovers. Try the quick-serving espresso bar, or the more laid-back “slow bar” for sitting back and sipping your beverage at your own pace. Enjoy coffee, tea, or an amazing pastry at the Bean Bar.

Halcyon – San Diego

The Halcyon in San Diego is a clean, bright space with plush booths or tables to choose from and some of the finest caffeinated drinks in the area. A large patio is available that has benches with bright yellow cushions with fantastic seating options to talk to friends or lounge in the sun with a drink and a book. The Halcyon has specialty items like the Espresso Martini, a milkshake with a touch of espresso, or a special order frappe. The menu has tasty sandwiches, dips, salads, snacks, dessert, and brunch to enjoy in this fantastic downtown location.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger and G&B Coffee – Los Angeles

Two locations exist for Go Get ‘Em Tiger, and both are in high demand for delicious coffee. Customers can wander up to the bar to order, and a barista will attend to you. No need to wait in line like you do at Starbucks, the counter is quite large, and you can find a space to wait to give your order. The café has a small kitchen that cooks up some excellent breakfast foods. The iced almond-macadamia milk latte was named the best in the country by the New York Times. Stop in for the coffee and pie happy hour from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Caffe Vita – Los Angeles

Caffe Vita offers an exceptional selection of roasts and beverages from the Seattle-based roaster located in L.A. Free Wi-Fi is available to surf the web or play on your smartphone while enjoying the laid-back loft style décor and interior. There is a movie theater across the street and a bakery nearby to add to your experience. Chairs made out of skateboards are whimsical and entertaining, and customers love to take photos and lounge on them while they enjoy their top-notch caffeinated beverage.

Intelligentsia – Pasadena

Lines form in front of the high-end coffee place known as Intelligentsia. The Pasadena location has a wine bar, and there are two other locations: one in Venice and one in Silver Lake, California. Sip on the famous Black Cat espresso, or spectacular iced drinks that you can order from the elongated Douglas Fir bar. The interior has tall ceilings, exposed brick, and huge windows that let the light flood in for a pleasant environment. Outdoor seating is available for those sunny Pasadena days too. Indulge in some high-end coffee at one of the best in the business.

Old California Coffee House Eatery – San Marcos

This eatery and coffee house has it all. Comfy lounge chairs and sofas to sit on, free Wi-Fi, fire pits that are lit every night to gather around, and live music and entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. The coffee is fantastic, and selections such as Ghirardelli Mocha, Espressos, Americano, flavored coffee, French roast, and many more caffeinated choices are available to you. Enjoy a cup by the fire pit or stop by for a fantastic breakfast to have with your beverage. They have soups, salads, bagels, fruit, wraps, sandwiches and more to enjoy.

Cool Bean Café – Oakhurst

There’s nothing but rave reviews about the Cool Bean Café located in Oakhurst, California. The cafe is small but well decorated and pleasing to the eye. While the appearance is pleasing, it is the fabulous coffee that attracts customers to the Cool Bean. The staff is exceptionally friendly, and the choices are perfect. Try the Mudslide with espresso, milk, dark chocolate, and hazelnut, and get it hot, iced or blended. The Snow Storm is another popular choice, and it has espresso, milk, white chocolate, and hazelnut which you can get hot, iced or blended as well. The coffee and ingredients are fresh and tasty. If you’re hungry, the menu extends to include food items like quiche, a breakfast sandwich, muffins, scones, sweet bread, and much more to satisfy your taste buds.


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