There is a reason why many people decide on spending their holiday in one of the tourist-friendly places in Turkey. The people living there are polite to their guests, the seaside is just fantastic, and the cultural shock can simply amaze you. Of course, anyone that has spent some time in Turkey also knows that the food there is delicious. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons why you should think about spending your next vacation in Turkey. And above all that, you should consider visiting Antalya, a city perfect for your summer vacation.

Antalya – the pearl of Turkey

Located in the southwest part of Turkey, this charming city is to fall in love with. Situated near the Taurus Mountains, Antalya represents the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast. Proud to also be holding some historical value, this city is visited by millions of tourists throughout the whole year, mainly visiting for a vacation. Antalya is also known to be Turkey’s biggest international sea resort, which is located on the Turkish Riviera. Only by the look of it, you will most definitely realize why tourists are so eager to spend their summer vacation here.

Typically, what many people are looking for when it comes to a nicely paid summer vacation is a great sandy beach where they can take a sunbath and a place where they can swim and freshen up. Luckily, Antalya has something brilliant to offer you, and that is both a big choice of sandy beaches and a deep blue sea. However, what will be in your interest is to avoid the crowded beaches and find a place you can enjoy. This is why we are going to present you some not so famous beaches in Antalya that will leave you speechless.

Taurus Mountains

Discover the hidden beaches of Antalya

Like previously mentioned, Antalya is a big tourist attraction of Turkey, especially when it comes to summer. The hot climate, the golden sandy beaches, the pleasant blue sea and tons of other great stuff make this city a must-visit destination. But to enjoy your time sunbathing and swimming in the sea without being interrupted by the hundreds of tourists at the beach may be a tough challenge. That is why you should be aware that you can have it all if you only choose the right beach in Antalya. Here are some of them you would like to try out:

Drive to Olympos

Technically located outside of Antalya, the charming little village Olympos is just an hour drive from the center of Antalya. It was an ancient city in Lycia and together with other nearby cities is a part of Olympos Beydaglari National Park.

What is great about the beach life here is that this destination is not so popular among tourists, so it can easily become your sweet escape from civilization. It is also quite authentic since there are ruins from past events spread all over the path from the road to the beach. On your way there you might encounter that the beach is not completely sandy, but there are also rocks. However, this is not something that should discourage you since rocky beach means that the water is clearer and cleaner.

Apart from all this, a great thing about Olympos is the beautiful accommodation places you can find. Backpackers usually go for the tree-house hostels, but you can also decide on sleeping in a nice hotel or a nicely decorated bungalow.

Olympos Beach Antalya

Stop by Mermerli Beach

If you’re up for a long and exciting day of sightseeing in Antalya, then get prepared adequately. Sunglasses, sun crème, a big bottle of water and a big hat may do the trick. However, at some point, your body might get dehydrated, and you will become desperate for a fast, refreshing swim in the sea. Well, we have the perfect spot for you.

Right in the center of the city, there is a cozy and small place that will fulfill your needs. Mermerli Beach is the greatest place to stop for a few hours of constant wandering through the city, spread your legs in the sand and even enjoy a relaxing swim under the sun. What you will additionally find useful is that there are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can also fill up your stomach and retain some of your lost energy.

Chase the sun at Phaselis Beach

Not so hidden after all, this place might keep your attention anyways. It can be found between the Bey Mountains and the forests of Olympos National Park and is a great place to spend the day swimming and still avoiding the crowd visiting Antalya. Phaselis was an ancient Greek and Roman city, and if you get the chance to visit it, then you will encounter many historical ruins, as well as what is left from an old aqueduct.

This is a great place for swimming and enjoying your time at the beach, especially if you are traveling with children. They will have the place to swim and play, while you can get your peace relax time you’ve been thinking of since a long time ago. The turquoise beauty of this destination will leave you speechless, and that is just what you need – a summer destination of your dreams.

Phaselis Beach

Experience the beach life in Antalya in a slightly different way

Usually, in summer, you would be looking for some space to put your feet in the sand, a beautiful warm weather and a salty blue sea. However, there are plenty of beach activities you can try out in Antalya, and we highly recommend you to do that. For example, have you thought about scuba diving here? How about rafting, has this crossed your mind? Oh, here’s what tourists love doing here – parasailing! It is an incredible activity and an experience you will remember for good and a fantastic adrenaline rush while you’re up above the sea. Just perfect!

Sail away and find your hidden beach in Antalya

Here’s the thing about this city – there are plenty of places that tourists don’t even know of so they don’t tend to visit them. These locations are hidden beaches between rock formations, secretly hidden from nature and kept with its fascinating untouched beauty. Our advice is to hire a local person that knows the coast and can take you to those magnificent secret beaches, where you can discover the coast together. You will for sure encounter many lovely places, ones that you will want to keep for yourself and come back to whenever possible. So dare to explore and experience every city in your own, original way and make the most of every journey.


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