If you’re a single person who wants to meet someone on a cruise, most likely that’s not going to happen. Love is an unlikely companion on a cruise unless you bring that person with you. Cruises are for couples or families traveling together. It’s rare that you’ll find anyone going alone. That’s why single cruises are the best way to have fun and meet new people. You might not find love, but you’ll find fun activities with individual people who share the same interests as you.

Singles Cruises

If you’re dreaming of a singles cruise vacation where you’ll meet other singles, you might have many questions about what to expect. It can be daunting to travel alone, but you don’t have to do that. While you certainly can go by yourself, you could also bring a few single friends to enjoy your time. Single cruises as a form of travel are one of the best ways to meet someone, make friends and perhaps find your true love.


Many cruises are separated into age demographics. You can find sails for those in their 20s and 30s, senior cruises or periods in between. The singles you want to meet will depend on the age group you’d like to enjoy. If you pick a cruise based on an age group, expect that the activities will be slightly different. A booze cruise will not often involve the over 60 crowd.

Matched with roommates

If you don’t travel with a group, you can find a journey that allows you to be assigned to a cabin mate. This will cut down on your overall costs. It makes a trip like this more affordable. You could also decide to enjoy the cabin all on your own. It can be exhausting to be around people constantly during a vacation. A cabin of your own will give you a chance to refresh and recharge.


The package you choose will depend on the destination of your journey. Many packages will include the price of the cabin, meals and exclusive group activities. Those activities will rely on the age of the singles involved as well as the destination.


Sydney to the South Pacific Islands

A 9-day singles cruise from Sydney to the South Pacific Islands includes private dance lessons and water activities on the many beaches you’ll visit. The local markets are also a terrific place to stroll, meet others aboard your ship and explore all that these tropical locations have to offer.


Anyone who is a wildlife lover will want to find that the love of their life has the same passion for animals. A Maldives Wildlife Holiday for Singles has a marine biologist to help you discover local marine wildlife. You’ll have the chance to study over ten species of dolphins and whales while on this trip. There are beautiful coral reefs and delightful islands to explore.

New Orleans

If you’re a history buff, the New Orleans Cruise for Singles could be the perfect vacation for you. You’ll spend eight days exploring historical landmarks and popular New Orleans attractions and is a great journey even if you don’t meet the love of your life aboard the ship. There’s onboard entertainment from classical piano concerts to other onboard entertainment available each night.

Tips for meeting new people

A single cruise doesn’t have to be awkward, although at first, it can be if you’re alone. Soon you’ll be breaking the ice and meeting new people with ease.

Seating for dinner

If you’ve never been on a singles cruise, you might be more comfortable eating at the bar the first night. You’d be missing out on meeting lots of fun people at dinner. A singles cruise is meant to bring you out of your comfort zone. Many people are strangers until they’ve met during that first meal. Don’t be afraid to join a group of individuals who seem friendly.

Hanging at the club

If you’re into partying, there’s no better place than the ship’s dance club or karaoke bar to find others. You’ll be able to find many people who share your passion for the nightlife here. While you should enjoy yourself, try to avoid drinking too much on your first night. You don’t want to miss the other fun activities that will be planned during the day.

Lectures and the library

If you enjoy quieter pursuits, you can find others who are taking in the ship’s library, lectures or classes. There’s something for everyone aboard a cruise ship. If you find someone to spend time with, you could extend an invitation to explore another location together.

Reasonable expectations

You shouldn’t join a singles cruise with the express purpose of gaining a relationship. This is a time to enjoy others who are unencumbered by a significant other. Romances on-board the ship might blossom into a long-term relationship, but sometimes people return to their “real” lives with the memories of an exciting time aboard a ship. Accept each experience and encounter as an experience that you should enjoy.

Mingle before leaving port

Some have a roll call section of their website that is meant for those who want to meet before the cruise. It’s easier to meet others on-board when you’ve communicated already. You’ll be able to connect with friendly faces on the day of the cruise instead of feeling alone and awkward as you try to mingle. If there’s no roll call section, almost everyone is on social media. Find a group or page for the specific journey you’ll be taking.


A singles cruise is a fantastic way to meet others who share the same interests. Find unique journeys that cater to your particular interests like a tropical location where you’ll be able to swim with the local wildlife or a trip to New Orleans where you can explore historical sites with other history buffs.


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