This oddly-shaped, small country stretches along the west coast of South America, reaching from the middle of the continent to its southern end. Add to that a couple of islands, and you’ll understand why Chile’s nature is so diversified. It’s a great place to go, whether you’re an adventure-seeker dreaming of shrouded in mystery, remote areas, a fan of cultural anthropology in search of bizarre discoveries, or you want nothing else but original, exciting holidays. To make the research easier, here’s a list of some of the best places to visit in Chile.

Easter Island is the best place to visit in Chile

The Easter Island is isolated, mysterious and far from everything. Even between the island and Chile, there’s a distance of 3700 kilometers. It feels like the end of the world, or even more, a fantastic fairy-tale setting out of the Earth. The island’s energy is one of a kind, created by the eerie landscapes and enigmatic Moai figures. Moai is a world-known highlight of the Easter Island, they stand proudly upon ceremonial platforms and make a truly mesmerizing impression.

Easter Island

Anthropologists aren’t sure about their meaning, but since their eyes face villages, not the ocean, scientists suppose the Moai were watching over the people. Only one figure looks at the sea, to help travelers to reach the island. The statues not only symbolized power and authority, but they were also believed to have it within them in the form of mana, a magical, spiritual essence. Besides of this curious piece of magic, the island offers such attractions like trekking, snorkeling, and surfing or simply enjoying the white sand, crystal-blue water and breathtaking beauty of its gorgeous beaches. Easter Island is not only one of the best places to visit in Chile, but it’s also among the most peculiar and enchanting places to visit in the whole world.

Lauca National Park

Because of the altiplano and mountains, large volcanoes, blue lagoons and sparkling lakes, the Lauca is like heaven for all nature-lovers. It’s also a home for a variety of wildlife, including adorable llamas and alpacas, vicuñas, vizcachas and over 140 bird species. The park’s most incredible treasure is the Lago Chungará, an incredibly high lake, with picturesque Volcán Parinacota and its twin brother Volcán Pomerape overlooking it. Some lovely villages can be found in the highlands, such as the Parinacota with its old, white church.


Do you fancy some climbing, hiking, riding or jumping off of something? All possible kinds of sports activities can be done in Pucon. This small tourist town is a favorite destination of crazy adventurers, sports addicts and those who need to let out their unbearable hyperactivity. It’s not a place for meditating, breathing quietly and escaping the humanity, but it is a perfect spot for travelers seeking active holidays and spectacular adventures. Luckily, there’s also something for those who get a bit tired after climbing the majestic Volcan Villarrica or trekking all day. You can always lie down on the black-sand beach or take a relaxing bath in the thermal springs.

Best places to visit in Chile

San Pedro de Atacama

This small town attracts numbers of tourists with deep, warm colors of picturesque sceneries and unique attractions. The city’s features include a lovely church and a cozy plaza, lots of hostels and guest-houses. As for the outlying sights, there are so many of them you might have difficulties deciding what to do when you wake up in the morning. You can start with visiting the Salar de Atacama, a giant flat salt flat offering a cosmic landscape dominated by striking volcanoes. You can also go to the pastel Chaxas Lagoon, a part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve, and make friends among pink, graceful flamingos. Try not to miss the Laguna Miscanti (a brackish water lake) and Valle de la Luna (the name not without reason means Valley of the Moon, the scenery is moon-like indeed).

San Pedro de Atacama

Magdalena Island

If you’re one of those who believes penguins are the most charming animals of all, you’ll be more than happy on the Magdalena Island, having a possibility to see these lovable, waddling birds with your own eyes. Los Pingüinos Natural Monument, located on this tiny island, shelters over 120,000 Magellanic penguins. The island is currently uninhabited by humans and entirely ruled by the penguins.

The Laguna San Rafael National Park

The fact that San Rafael Glacier is not easily reachable doesn’t at all make it less of attraction. The best places to visit in Chile are sometimes the most secluded, and so it is in the case of the Laguna San Rafael National Park. Even though getting there isn’t simple, it can be incredibly spectacular. If you decide to take a boat, you might see the channels, lakes, and fjords of the Aysén Region.

San Rafael Glacier

A part of the park is covered by ice, but there also mountains, rivers, fauna, and flora. Southern beech coigüe, coniferous mañío macho and tepy, various vines, shrubs, and mosses grow in the lush rainforest that is also a home for several forest-dwelling animals. Sea-birds, such as penguins, albatrosses, and gulls, reside around the shoreline.


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