Holidays are coming, and everyone wants to do something special and enjoy them as much as they can. But until you’re waiting for the holidays to come, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t afford a short but sweet getaway during the weekends.

If you’re a business person, then you should know the best that after a long and busy working week, what you want to do is stop for a second, enjoy the obligation-free time and rest your head a bit. And that’s exactly what most business people need when the weekend is approaching: a place where they can get away from the crowd, enjoy some peacetime and maybe do something for their pleasure.

So what are the perfect places to do that – enjoy a weekend in the state of serenity and just devote to yourself and your close partner or friends and relatives? Well, here is what came up to our minds, so take a look at the following places where you can enjoy your free time and still get your energy back for the upcoming busy working days:

Soca River in Slovenia

Near the border of Italy, beneath the Julian Alps, there’s a river with a magnificent color that will simply take your breath away. People from around the world come to visit the spectacular views that the nature and the surroundings of the river offer, but still the place is never crowded as there are plenty of spots where you can enjoy the fresh air and the freedom of nature. This site has provoked many people to fall in love with it, that even the filming team of the movie Narnia decided to film some of the scenes at the Soca River. And it’s no wonder why they chose this place to represent the magical world of the story – the Soca River is amazing.

Moreover, if you’re also interested in some action rather than just peacefully enjoying nature, you can always take part in some of the outdoor activities there, like kayaking, canoeing, rafting, trekking, hiking, biking and many other activities.

Soca River in Slovenia

Tea plantation in Malaysia

If you’re tired of staring at the computer screen whole day, and your eyes are easily getting tired of all the pressure and hard work you’re going through at work, then you seriously need to consider relaxing your eyes, head and your body the best way you can, so that you can avoid causing damage to your organism. Many scientists say that the best way to rest your eyes a bit is to stare at green stuff, especially those found in nature. So, to do that we have found the perfect place that will not only rest your eyes but also fill your heart with warmth and delight. We’re talking about vast green fields that are tea plantations found in Malaysia.

These places are quite visited by people that are going to see the main attractions of Malaysia and everyone that had been there hasn’t go disappointed for sure, because the view from above simply makes you sigh and say nothing more, just enjoy its beauty.

Cameron Highlands Tea Planation in Malaysia

Pulpit Rock in Norway

What some business people need after a hardworking and busy week is to go to a place somewhere high, where they can enjoy the view completely, feel the breeze and even shout from the top of their lungs. Well, what if we tell you that we have found the perfect place to do that and it is located in Rogaland, Norway. This place is really famous among tourists and quite visited, so maybe you won’t be able to escape the crowd that much after all, but at least you’ll be enjoying a nice atmosphere, falling in love with the view from above, standing on a 604 meters high cliff above Lysefjorden.

If you have lost your motivation and your work has started to suck the energy out of you as time goes by, then this is the perfect place to get your spirit back and feel alive again. Just be careful not to be too adventurous when you’re up to the cliff because after all, it is not the safest place to be.

Pulpit Rock in Norway

Beaches at Niue

There’s an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,400 kilometers northeast of New Zealand that is one of the least visited islands in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that this place isn’t worth visiting. On the contrary, if you go there you might find this place to be a real heaven. Many secret beaches, clear blue water, and mesmerizing surroundings are what this island is all about. And if you had a long and busy week, you will probably want to stretch your legs a bit and have a nice, careless swim. Well, here you will rarely find somebody bothering you so dare to go on an adventure and visit the Niue Island.

Sea Pool On Niue Island

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy your state of Zen, then the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA, is probably one of the greatest places you can visit for this purpose. This park is among the most beautiful ones in the world, offering fantastic sights of nature, various colors and sounds that will rest your head and your soul. You can even find your perfect spot in between the woods of the park and enjoy your weekend completely.

Having a picnic, hiking, horse riding, camping, there are plenty of activities you can do here that will let you get away from your everyday life.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Beaches of Goa

If you’re feeling the traveling pulse beating inside of you, then maybe this weekend you should take your bags and travel. But where? Well if you want to get away from everyone you know and still have an enjoyable vacation time, then discover the beauty of Goa, a state in western India with beautiful coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea.

Yes, it’s as exotic as it sounds and you won’t regret the decision, not even a bit! The white sand, deep blue waters and huge palm trees stretching throughout the beaches will give you the impression that you have found your favorite place on earth. This charming destination offers a lot of exciting activities, from snorkeling to exploring the wildlife and enjoying unique private eco-tours. Goa is India’s smallest state by area, but it is quite an attraction. Interesting is how this state has formerly been a Portuguese province, and that can be noticed almost everywhere through the country, as there are many architecture and cultural pieces left from that time.

Check out the Beaches of Goa, India

There are plenty of other places where you can find comfort and peace, thus escape the madness of everyday life. However, many times in life we find that our taste is unique and as similar, it can be to other people’s tastes, it always finds a way to distinguish among the crowd. So, that’s why it’s always nice to discover the world on our own and find the places that make us happy, amazed and full. And if you have already found a place like that, make sure to share it with your friends and us so that we all can get a glimpse of your heaven on earth.


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