Each year the Travel&Leisure magazine conducts a survey and ranks destinations according to various factors. One of their lists includes the unfriendliest cities in America. Why are these cities considered to be unpleasant? You can find out reading the list below. Most importantly, you should keep in mind all these places have their charms as well. Even if the majority says they aren’t friendly, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth visiting. That’s why, besides of pointing out the negatives, we also write about their advantages.

  1. New York City

For many travelers across the world, the Big Apple is a dream, a perfect destination. They’ve seen it in movies, on posters and calendars, they’ve listened to hundreds of songs inspired by the magical atmosphere of New York City. As it turns out, the reality isn’t as lovely as the dream. Yes, New York is a world-renowned art hub, it’s incredibly vibrant and diverse. There’s an astonishing variety of restaurants serving all sorts of cuisines, numerous theatres, galleries, and museums. New York is great for many reasons, but it has its downsides too, and that’s why for many people it’s the number one among the unfriendliest cities in America.

The Big Apple is expensive, more than most American cities. It’s noisy and crowded. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, so there isn’t much time for kindness and politeness. There are lots of tourists, so locals don’t get excited when they see another foreigner with a suitcase, they don’t feel the need to welcome each one of the many guests. Nevertheless, New York is fascinating and worth visiting. Go there, just be ready to face high prices, noise, chaos and the edgy character of New Yorkers.

Aerial view of Central Park in New York City

  1. Detroit

Detroit ‘s not the kind of place you’d react to with a “wow.” It’s not a popular tourist destination, and Americans tend to get surprised when you tell them you’re going there. There are lots of abandoned buildings, suspicious corners, and sad people. Drivers are a little bit crazy, so you must watch out when walking around the streets. Not everything in Detroit is bad though. It can be charming, in a way, especially if you’re able to appreciate its distinct urban vibe. The city has a personality – not the loveliest one, but undoubtedly unique.

There are several historic neighborhoods, interesting museums, and theatres. The raw industrial spaces attract modern artists who fill the city’s greyness with their quirky ideas and colorful galleries. Detroit has a lively music scene. Whatever is your favorite genre, you’ll most likely be able to hear it in Detroit, but techno and electro were particularly popular. All sorts of events are being held daily; there’s always something to do. Detroit might be one of the unfriendliest cities in America, but it surely isn’t a boring one.

View of Downtown Detroit, Michigan

  1. Philadelphia

Despite the fact that it’s a cute nickname, Philly isn’t that sweet. The local transportation is a bit of a puzzle; you can’t be sure whether it’ll take you to the right place. Be aware you might end up in one of Philadelphia’s strange, raw neighborhoods, even if you intended to reach the center. According to the survey’s results, locals aren’t very charming. Philadelphia translates to “City of Brotherly Love,” but it’s a bit hard to see this brotherly love among its residents.

The fact this love isn’t obvious doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. If you give them a chance, the locals might show they do have feelings, and some of them are very positive. To find out, go to one of the Irish pubs or an ice hockey match, you’ll surely feel the love in the air. It’s going to be neither sweet nor romantic, but interesting. Besides, Philly has tons of fascinating architecture, beautiful museums, and great classical music scene.

The Love statue in the Love Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

  1. Washington, D.C.

Residents of the United States’ capital are often considered to be slightly arrogant and overly formal. According to stereotypes, there are only lawyers, politicians and businessmen in Washington, D.C., all of them obsessed with their jobs and money. They’re supposed to be educated, intelligent and snobbish. It’s also said they tend to fight over some politics- and money-related issues. It’s exaggerated though, of course, Washington, like any big city, has a very diverse population. If you’re interested in business and public affairs, perfect, but if you’re not, it won’t be hard to find a different kind of company. There are numerous free attractions in Washington, including first museums and captivating art galleries. The city’s a perfect destination for history lovers, nowhere else in the U.S., you’ll have so many chances to learn about the country’s past.

The Capitol, Washington D.C.

  1. Boston

People living in Boston are just as rude as smart, which is a dangerous connection. They can be difficult at times, conservative and closed. The style isn’t their strong side either; it’s been said that Boston is one of America’s worst-dressed cities. Sports are trendy out there, so probably people just forget to change their bright sneakers to something more stylish once the match is over. Despite all this, if you give them a chance, the locals can turn out to be trustworthy, caring friends. They need a bit more time than most, but once they open up, the cleverness overcomes impoliteness and friendliness beats suspiciousness. They’re actually passionate about sports, so much that after a while you get enthusiastic with them and stop paying attention to those ugly sneakers.

Because Boston is one of America’s oldest cities, there is a lot to explore. If watching old monuments isn’t enough for you, you may also visit the vintage markets and buy some beautiful antiques.

Street in Old Part of Boston

  1. Miami

There are lots of stereotypes about the residents of Miami and, as usual, most of them aren’t true. Visitors tend to complain the locals are self-centered and all they do is sunbathing and buying fabulous clothes that would highlight the tan. Of course, there are such individuals in Miami, but saying they’re a majority is way too much. It’s true most of the locals do their best to look and act glamorous, but it doesn’t mean they’re all superficial. The population of Miami is fascinating, colorful and varied. There are models, but there are also poets. There are hard physical workers, but also movie stars. Some people were born in Miami, as well as thousands of those who arrived there from all over the world. Moreover, the city’s so sunny, relaxed and pleasant that if you actually soak up in its atmosphere, nothing will be able to bother you.

Miami Beach, Florida

  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a crazy challenge for crazy people. It’s known for wild parties, casinos, and glowing neon. You’d expect a very social vibe in a city that is world-famous for its nightlife, but unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Guests tend to complain locals aren’t as open as they expected. It’s quite expensive at the moment, so that’s another reason to include it on the list of unfriendliest cities in America. The attractions are overpriced and, according to many, also overrated. Las Vegas is one of America’s major tourist destinations, so apparently, visitors arrive at the city with high expectations. If you don’t watch too many insane Hollywood comedies before arriving in L.A., you might appreciate it more. Not that the movies are false, Vegas can be crazy indeed. There are lots of quirky people and, despite all the drawbacks, the city’s a vibrant, fun and unique place.

The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

What do you think of this list? Do you agree these are the unfriendliest cities in America? Share your view!


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