Dixie is a nickname for the states that make up what is known as “the South.” 11 states make up the South or Dixie, and one of those states is North Carolina. This state, in particular, is known for its comfort food, beautiful mountain scenery covered in trees and lush greenery all around. Head to the beaches along the shore to dip your toes into the warm Atlantic and bask in the sun. Raleigh is the state’s capital and is a great stop to rest and explore what the south is really like. It is called the “City of Oaks, because of the numerous and massive oak trees that line the city streets. The city is named after Sir Walter Raleigh, who founded the Roanoke Colony. Stop by the capital of North Carolina and experience all the things to see in Raleigh.

Neuse River Trail

The Neuse River Trail is a well-known, and wonderful trail to see the natural beauty of North Carolina as well as get some exercises. The most popular thing to do here is to ride your bicycle on the nicely paved trails which go for miles. The trail is nice and wide and crosses over several bridges. The area is peaceful as well as scenic. A provided parking area will allow you to run, bike, skate, or walk the trails. Some of the trails follow along with the Neuse River. Bring a picnic and use the picnic tables or put your kayak in the river for some fun! The paths are known to be safe, pleasant and beautiful and are excellent ways to experience the beauty of Raleigh and its surroundings.

Historic Yates Mill County Park

Located close to downtown Raleigh is the Historic Yates Mill, County Park. This is an excellent stop on your list to see a real working mill and fantastic scenery. A museum full of interesting things as well as a gorgeous trail around the lake might let you see different types of birds and maybe even a snake. This place has some of the best photo opportunities around. Some visitors have stumbled upon the mill on their exploration of the city, and many are delighted by it. Walk some of the trails of the beautifully kept grounds, take a guided tour of the mill and explore what the museum has to offer, all just minutes from downtown Raleigh.

Historic Yates Mill County Park

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The Museum of Natural Science is a great way to spend the day. The museum is free and has interesting and interactive exhibits for all to enjoy. Try the Discovery Room which is great for kids, the Meet the Animal shows, lab experiment rooms and lots more hands-on activities and displays. There are several floors and plenty to see and do here and is fun for a person traveling alone or for the entire family. The museum is highly rated and is one of the top things to see while in Raleigh.

Pullen Park

Pullen Park is another prime example of a wonderful area to see the trees, water, and lands of Raleigh and North Carolina. There is a waterway in the park where you can paddle boat, or there is a kid train for the little ones to ride around. Other rides are available as well such as the famous carousel that has been around since 1915. The park has been established for more than 125 years and is a staple of the city. It is considered some of “the best of Raleigh” as the area is beautiful, calming and fun. Taka walk along several of the beautiful walking paths or have a picnic in the park.

North Carolina Museum of Art

This is another top-ranked stop in Raleigh to make during your stay. The museum has two buildings as well as some outdoor exhibits. One building houses the permanent collections which are a visitor favorite. The museum has established displays as well as rotating special events. There are walking paths out back and indoor attractions to keep the kids entertained such as the Marbles museum. The grounds are impressive, and there are miles of walking trails and the buildings house some important and lovely works of art. Have lunch at the delicious restaurant on-site and enjoy your tour day in Raleigh!

Raleigh Tours

Specialized tours from various vendors are available in Raleigh. Try the Taste Carolina Food Tours,” the Trolley Pub, Raleigh Rickshaw, Capital City Tours that tour the city, or hop on a horse at Dead Broke Farm for a horseback riding tour through the scenic landscape. The food tours are popular because North Carolina is known for its “comfort food,” which is usually warm, plentiful and delicious recipes of favorite dishes. There are lots of bars and restaurants around to grab a drink and relax while you take in the sights. Take a tour of the city to learn about the landmarks and a bit of history to enhance your experience.

Raleigh Tours

Mordecai Historic Park

The Mordecai House was built in the late 1700s and still stands proudly today. It is known as an early plantation home and settlement which at one point had over 5000 acres. The mansion, a garden, law office, the kitchen and an overseer’s house make up the property. The kitchen is separate because back in that time era it was too hot to have the kitchen attached to the house. Another small home on the property is the birthplace of one of America’s presidents; Andrew Jackson. Guided tours are the only exploring allowed, but they are fun and exciting. Ghost stories are plentiful here, as the old plantation is said to have been haunted by members from its extensive history. Original clothing, furniture, and décor are presented in every room, giving it an authentic feel. The park is located in one of Raleigh’s oldest neighborhoods that are full of older yet beautiful homes and gardens.

Historic Oakwood Cemetery

This cemetery, in particular, has some very interesting history aspects along with the fact that it is beautiful. A nice memorial pavilion was built in the cemetery in honor of the fallen Confederate soldiers who are buried here. There are some interesting headstones to see, and the Civil War section of the area is said to be humbling and incredible. Take a tour of the 102 lovely acres and take in a bit of Raleigh and American history.

Something for Everyone

Raleigh is a city with excellent quality-of-life. People love visiting the city as well as living here. Rich in history and with beautiful green fields, mountains, beaches, and towering trees, that are is full of delights and surprises. Try some golf, explore a museum, go shopping, walk in a historic park, or lay on the beach. Whatever you desire Raleigh has something for you and don’t forget about all the things to see in Raleigh.


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