Greenville lies in the northwestern part of the state of South Carolina, a state that has great beaches and a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. The city is home to events of the Civil War and also the Cherokee Native Americans. Greenville has much to learn about, see and experience. Theaters and plays are a popular activity in the city, and there are several performing arts centers to choose from. There are also some great festivals held throughout the year for visitors and locals to attend including a culinary event, art festivals, comedy festival and even a comic convention held annually. The city is well known for graceful southern traditions combined with the stunning scenery of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains; this city has many attractions as well as reasons for becoming one of the fastest growing cities in America.

Falls Park on the Reedy

Falls Park is considered the visual focal point of Greenville. It is a clean, family-friendly area that is the home to a famous suspension bridge, walking paths, trails, and waterfalls. Stunning gardens and stone walkways accompany beautiful bridges and breathtaking scenery that one would not expect to find in a city. This park is considered one of the gems and best attractions to visit with your kids, pets or just you. Nearby are restaurants and local hangouts so you can dine and have some fun. Grab some coffee in the morning at one of the nearby coffee shops and hit the park for a lovely morning. Falls Park is a beautiful place worth making your list of things to do in Greenville.

falls park greenville

Fluor Field

Flour field is a replica of the famous ballpark Fenway Park in Boston. The ballpark is spotless and well kept. There are plenty of concessions to choose from, and all are reported to have good food. It is a smaller and more intimate stadium, so all the seats are fantastic! Catch a game while you’re there and enjoy the atmosphere! The fans show their pride for their team and stadium, proving a great and fun environment that is family friendly and a good time for all.

The Peace Center

The Peace Center is one of the performing arts centers you will find in Greenville. The lineup for plays and productions here is impressive, and many people flock to see several games a year at this great venue. Concerts too are held here from time to time, and the seating, staff, and restrooms are all fantastic. The building has some beautiful architecture and is set just off of the river. It has beautiful landscaping as well and is one of the top attractions in the city. Schedule to see a play early and often as seats fill quickly!

Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a local and visitor favorite in the city. It was created as a hiking/biking/walking/running path that follows along the Reedy River. Along the way, there are several points of interest along this approximately 21-mile trail. Printable maps are available to show sights, attractions, picnic areas, restrooms, food and rest areas. Sections of the trailing roll along the river, the Furman University, and the downtown Falls Park area. Take water, bug spray, a hat and good shoes for all the walking you will do. Rent a bike for a fun day or afternoon on the trail and enjoy some of the best things to do in Greenville.

swamp rabbit trail greenville

Children’s Museum of the Upstate

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is a fantastic experience for a family with kids! Be prepared for a great environment that is fun and educational. There are things to see and do for all ages, and you can spend hours in the museum. There is also an infant/toddler water play area downstairs. What we also recommend is that you do the paint and art activities first so the paint can dry before you take it home. There is free parking on weekends too. Be prepared to see race cars, wind tunnels, building machines, music, and art on three floors. There are several areas for smaller children ages 5 and younger. Have a blast and spend the day with your kids at the children’s museum in South Carolina.

Greenville Zoo

The Greenville Zoo is small but fun. Kids and adults will love it as it is easy to see everything and is family friendly. Parking is free, and admission for adults is only 9 dollars. While the zoo is smaller than most, it makes up for it in quality. The animals are happy and healthy, and many of the exhibits are up close for better viewing opportunities. Kids and adults will love the giraffes, elephants, the loud monkeys and the up-close lions. The path through the Zoo is about one mile in length, and many visitors can finish it in an hour or so. Greenville Zoo is an entertaining and neat place to see while in the city.

Greenville Zoo

Poinsett Bridge

The Poinsett Bridge is hidden, historical and amazing! It was built in 1820 of layered stone and is the oldest bridge in South Carolina. Park across the street and take the path through the trees to the bridge. The bridge has a 14-foot Gothic arch and stretches about 130 feet over Little Gap Creek. It is no longer operating but does remain well preserved. It is part of the Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve and was used as part of a road to get from Columbia, South Carolina to Saluda Mountain. There are many legends and dark rumors and stories about the bridge, adding to the fascinating and historical sight.

Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery

The Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery is an elegant museum in Greenville that displays world-class art and multiple galleries of biblical times. Art lovers are said to travel to this gallery from all over the world. The gallery has one of the largest collections of religious art outside of the Vatican and has received astounding reviews and praise over the exhibits, collections, and artwork. There are many rooms to cover, and you will need several hours to see everything. Rent an audio guide and take a tour of the facility and art that thousands flock to see every year. There is a children’s area for kids to enjoy, but this museum is primarily for adults. The staff is warm and inviting and can answer any questions you may have but won’t disturb you otherwise. The museum is reasonably priced and is highly ranked. Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery is a top thing to do in Greenville, South Carolina, so don’t miss out!

A great city

Greenville is a fast growing vibrant city. Take a hike or rest in the park, catch a game or visit a museum, it’s all up to you. The possibilities are endless as there are a lot of things to do in Greenville for everyone. Are you planning to go to Greenville or have you been to this great city, let us know and share this article with your friends.


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