Skiing is undoubtedly a wonderful sport and tons of fun. The fact it’s so often connected with traveling makes it even more adventurous, with one issue only – transporting the skis. The ski equipment, as amazing as it is, sometimes comes in really awkward shapes. It can be bulky and heavy, which makes the gear quite a hard piece of luggage to carry around. Not only is the personal inconvenience a problem though, but also the equipment’s safety. Gear might be costly and the last thing a skiing enthusiast wants is to have it destroyed during the journey. What a disappointment it can be when you buy the equipment, book tickets to some lovely place like Italian Alps or a resort located right by the picturesque Lake Tahoe, take the flight, arrive at the destination of your dreams, pick up the luggage… and notice it was damaged. To avoid such situations, you should get the right ski bags for air travel. Sounds like a very simple solution, but there’s a question following how to choose the right bag?

With wheels or without

Ski bags for air travel come in two basic types: wheeled or non-wheeled. Your back will love the first one, as they’re much easier to carry. Actually, carrying is not even necessary; you can simply roll the bag around the airport. In case you have to run to catch your flight, you’ll surely be faster with this kind of bag, especially if your equipment is heavy and its shape makes it very inconvenient to hold. As you arrive, you’ll also have more energy to enjoy the slopes. If you decide to get a bag with wheels, pay attention to the way it’s constructed. The wheeled end should be reinforced with, for example, plastic; otherwise, it’s very easy to damage the bag while rolling it. Unfortunately, despite all these advantages, wheeled bags have some drawbacks too. Since we’re talking about ski bags for air travel, you must keep in mind the weight limits airlines dictate. Even though they’re more comfortable and usually offer better protection for the skis, these kinds of bags are heavy. If your gear is heavy as well, this connection might result in oversized luggage. Check how heavy your gear is and make sure to check the bag’s weight before you buy it. After all, the non-wheeled bag can turn out to be a better option. Luckily, the airports have carts, so you can just rent one.

The size

Before you get a bag, decide how many pairs of skis you want to transport. There are bags that are perfect for carrying one pair, but if you need more space, choose one that will allow you to store several sets. It’s especially useful for families and groups of travelers who regularly go skiing together. Just keep in mind these bags are larger and heavier, so it might be hard to carry them if they’re non-wheeled.

Durability of the bag

Don’t ever buy a ski bag without reading its description. First of all, check how durable the fabric is. There’s a numeral rating, so the higher the number, the better the durability. This applies to Polyester that is most often used fabric, for other types of synthetics you might not find this rating. Nevertheless, pay attention to the quality. Don’t miss the padding; it’s crucial if you travel by planes. Without it the gear might get badly battered. It’s great when the fabric used inside of the bag is water resistant. Even the most careful skiers may sometimes put their gear to the bag when it’s still covered with snow.

Additional features

Just like backpacks, ski bags for air travel come with various features. Some of them are extremely useful. Interior straps, for instance, come in very handy if you’re going to pack several pairs of skis. Padded straps are basically a necessity, even if the bag has wheels. Sooner or later you’ll have to pick it up, if not for another reason, then to place it in a car’s trunk. In case the bag has no wheels, their role is even more important. To carry the bag comfortably, you’ll need good padded straps. Pockets are another cool feature and most of larger bags have them. You can put all the ski gadgets in the pockets instead of storing them in your suitcase or backpack, which not only helps you to maximize the space but also keep an order in your belongings.

Do you have a favorite model of ski bags for air travel? Let us know and share the recommendations!


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