Mexico is a top favorite for tourists from all walks of life, but it would not have won this special liking were it not for scuba diving in Mexico. Scuba divers enjoy this popular travel destination most. In this country, divers savor salubrious destinations on the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Eastern Pacific as well as the Sea of Cortez, holidaying spaces for adventurers, and all of which enjoy a seamless proxy to the United States of America, whether done by air or road. This vast range of destinations is what determines what to get ready with when coming on a diving adventure to Mexico, depending on where in particular you have chosen to do the scuba, how you get there notwithstanding. As such, this article offers you what you need to pack to ensure foolproof preparations for a Scuba Diving trip in the favorite Central American country and that you do not set off on the wrong foot. Read on to discover the essentials.

Complete and Authentic Travel Documents

As it is only legal, you are required to have your valid passport with you when visiting Mexico for your scuba diving adventure. Visa is the ultimate identification that will give you a seamless entry and stay in these highly toured spots. That Americans need just the driver’s license to get entry to the whole of Mexico is a misleading misconception you should wary about. For to reach to the main scuba diving zones of Mexico you have to hold a valid passport or visa.

The Location for scuba diving in Mexico

Scuba diving areas in Mexico are as diverse as you would like to choose your favorite as an adventurer. Where you choose to visit determines both the scuba gear you need and of course the other non-scuba related stuff you include in your travel. The East coast of Mexico gives access to the Carribean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico alike. Here you will enjoy diving zones in Cozumel, Cancun, as well as along the famous Riviera Maya. Riviera Maya includes the favorite Yucatan cenotes, which is a series of captivating caves and sinkholes inundated with sparkling freshwater. Bahias de Huatulco, some spots in Mexico’s Baja, and the Sea of Cortez are some of the scuba diving areas on the Country’s west coast.

The Scuba Gear and Germane Equipment

It’s no particularly different. The basic gear to pack for scuba diving in Mexico is same as a normal kit for home pools, except the waters may round Mexico be warmer for those coming from outside other particularly warm coasts such as Florida. The thing you need for your wonderful swim anywhere in Mexico is nothing more than a 1 to 2 mm wetsuit that’s short, for the temperatures mainly remain at mid to 80s Fahrenheit, sometimes higher, as in summers. However, you will require carrying a 3 mm full wetsuit if you come during the winter and especially visiting the east coast, a 5 mm same gear for the west coast travelers.

There may be some minor changes to your basic equipment pack for each area or type of diving that you choose, also affected by the time you are coming. If you choose to explore the Yucatan cenotes, carry two knives, a direction reel, and underwater lights. However, you need none of these if you decide to explore corals off the Cozumel areas.

Health Considerations

You are advised to pack a deep woods bug repellent spray if you are a diver going into the Yucatan cenotes or the Bahias de Huatulco. You also should carry anti-malarial medicines, as this is a tropical zone where people may be prone to diseases of the sort. The US CDC (Center for Disease Control) labeled these regions as Malarial.

Logistics Considerations for scuba diving in Mexico

How you will get to the diving region of your choice greatly determines what to pack for a scuba diving in Mexico. Diving across the border will demand that you pack entire diving kit. These have to include the diving gear you are comfortable using and you trust, and it will also save you the high costs of renting such equipment.

If you consider flying to reach your chosen zone, you are limited to single luggage not exceeding 50 lb. in such a case you will have to pack essential items. Never forget your regulator, for that’s what your life depends on when you’re doing scuba. You may as well bring glasses or dive masks in case of such prescriptions on you. An underwater camera for the shots, a dive computer if that is the wrist-watch type. Other things that are vitally ineluctable like clothing and other personal items you can pack if they fit in your bag. However, in Mexico, you can rent or lease workable replacements once you arrive.

A keen observation of the above tips when preparing for scuba diving in Mexico is imperative to ensuring you do not get disappointed during your trip for falling short of a certain must have, and that you will have a reason to trip the lights fantastic during and after your adventure—to make the most out of your scuba diving in Mexico experience.


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