If you’re ever in Long Beach, California, there, permanently docked in the bay is the mighty ocean liner called Queen Mary. The sheer size of this vessel is massive, and standing on the dock looking up, one can only wonder what waters she has seen or who she has carried since her Maiden Voyage on May 27th in 1936. The massive ship has been transformed into a stately hotel, offering people a chance to spend their trip at accommodations that are pleasant and unique. Visit the Queen Mary on her 80th birthday on May 27th, 2016 and take part of the celebrations and tour the ship to learn about her past and her stories, and leave with a few of your own.

History of The Queen Mary Ocean Liner

The proud ship has an extensive history to share with you. The Queen Mary once sailed the Atlantic Ocean and was a participant in World War II. She was painted navy gray in the conversion during the war, and earned the name the “Grey Ghost,” due to her new color and tremendous speed at which she could sail. She carried over 16,683 soldiers from New York to Great Britain in a single voyage. After the war, she was refitted for passenger service and was a dominant ship that could carry more passengers than most could. With the coming of the first transatlantic flights, her passenger numbers went down, as people began to fly instead. She was transformed in 1967 into a tourist attraction and is now permanently docked in Long Beach, California. It has a hotel, restaurants, museums and many other things to see and explore. Her extensive and honorable past have earned the vessel a place on the National Register of Historic Places and is a must-see attraction in the central hub of southern California.

Staterooms and Suites to Suit Your Needs

Staying somewhere that has a story is much more exciting than a regular old hotel. The Queen Mary has 346 first-class staterooms available and nine suites as well. They are all above sea level and cover three decks worth of space on the vessel. The renovations have left no two rooms alike, and updates such as Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs and everyday hotel-room items like an iron and ironing board and a hairdryer. Most rooms on ships are quite small, but these have been extended to make them roomier for her guests. Many of the rooms have the original woodwork, Art-Deco design, and artwork from her early years, offering authenticity and a taste of what she was really like. Family accommodations can be made, making it a perfect place to stay for a family, a couple, or even a solo traveler looking for a taste of history and something unique. Did I mention that this is a dog-friendly hotel? If your pet weighs less than 25 pounds, feel free to bring it for your stay.solo traveler looking for a taste of history and something unique. Did I mention that this is a dog-friendly hotel? If your pet weighs less than 25 pounds, feel free to bring it for your stay.

Queen Mary Ocean Liner

Queen Mary Tours and Attractions

With such a huge place to explore, naturally, the Queen Mary has tours and attractions to keep you entertained. A new 4-D theater awaits you, where you can experience wind and scents for the ultimate experience. Group tours are offered and will cover parts of the ship and its history. The Glory Days Historical tour will provide some interesting facts and true-story accounts of the legendary vessel during her active period. See the “Diana: Legacy of a Princess” displays that have evening gowns, personal effects, photographs, and other memorabilia of the beloved princess in a fantastic showcase. For more excitement, try the “Haunted Encounter” or the “Ghosts and Legends” tour and adventure. The Queen Mary was voted as “one of the top 10 most haunted places in America” in 2008. Paranormal television shows such as “Ghost Hunters,” “Most Haunted,” and “Ghost Adventures,” have all had episodes aboard the Queen Mary in search for the paranormal life and sightings that have been reported.

Dining, Restaurants, and Bars

With so many rooms and fantastic attractions, people need somewhere to eat, and the Queen Mary will not disappoint. A delicious Sunday champagne brunch is available or tries your taste buds at the Chelsea Chowder House and Bar for some great seafood and fish. The Promenade Café has American-style food and great views too. Sir Winston’s Restaurant and Lounge offers five-star dining and a fabulous experience aboard the ship. There is also a tea room with a traditional setup of a tea room, an observation bar, and art deco lounge to sip some delicious cocktails and a Malibu wine tasting room to try some local and exotic wines during your stay. Other dining and drinking options are available onboard, so try one or try them all and have some fun.

She Has More to See

The expansive vessel has more things to do and see. A fitness center is available to all the guests to get that morning workout in and a business center to work from. Boutiques and shops are open to browse and maybe even purchase a souvenir. The Queen Mary even boasts a spa, where you can relax and receive a massage or specialized treatment to treat yourself to your vacation aboard the beautiful ship. With a southern California location that is close to many other sights and attractions, the staff can help you plan your activities out and about from the ship, perhaps to Catalina Island or the Aquarium of the Pacific. Take advantage of the delicious food, exciting attractions, the magnificent history and the great displays aboard the mighty Queen Mary in California.


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