It’s exciting to take trips, to see new things and discover the world around you. Sometimes those trips involve long or overnight flights or even multiple flights to get you to your destination. What do you wear or bring with you to make you comfortable? Many people do not want to wear their pajamas. As when they land, they want to check into their hotel or go sightseeing, and that wouldn’t be feasible. Here are some tips, tricks and things to bring and wear on your travels to make you comfortable and arrive bright-eyed and in style.

Health risks with overnight flights

Sitting still for extended periods of time and in the same position can be strenuous or bad to your health. Swelling can occur from sitting too long, and you may not drink enough water and become dehydrated for fear of getting up and going to the restroom repeatedly. Lack of circulation causes deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Blood clots are formed and are more common when tight clothes are worn, especially if they leave marks on your skin, meaning they are restricting blood flow. Looser types of clothing, as well as compression socks, will help balance your body and stimulate blood flow during your travel time in the air.

Request a Window Seat

The window seat allows you to take advantage of the wall space to lean on. This is particularly useful if you are taking an overnight or red-eye flight and need to sleep. The only problem is getting to the bathroom if you need to go, but politely asking your row-mates to let you out should suffice. Most airlines have assigned seating, although there are a few who do not and the seating is based on first come first served scenario. If your flight has assigned seating, try to schedule a window seat to get you a better night’s sleep. You can arrive feeling refreshed and ready to explore.

Wear or Bring Lots of Layers

To start, layers are key elements to your flight wardrobe. The air on the place can get quite chilly, especially on long overnight flights and although they may have blankets available, they are usually small and may not be warm enough. Scarfs, wraps, shawls, a jacket or sweatshirt are perfect to take on or off as you see fit. They can even be rolled up into a small pillow or neck support item if you need it. Also, the more you wear, the less you need to pack. Place them under your seat or in the bin above for access if you get too warm and need to remove them. Your destination may surprise you with unexpected weather and layers can help you adjust with warmer clothing or less clothing as you peel of the layers.

Footwear Makes a Difference

The shoes you wear are crucial to your poor feet. Standing in line, walking through parking lots, airports and then wearing them for hours during fly time can hurt your feet. It is best to wear comfortable shoes, preferably flat as you travel long distances. Tennis shoes are good, and ballet flats or some comfortable flat shoe for women works well too. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off will get you through airport security much faster, and you can be sneaky and slide them off when it’s late and dark in the plane to be a bit more comfortable as you settle in for overnight flights.

Types of Clothing to Consider

Skinny jeans and tight clothing will restrict your blood flow and cut your circulation as mentioned earlier. Try fabrics that breathe and that are loose. Cotton, silk, and linen breathe well and are light and easy to layer. Moisture-wicking fabrics work well too, like certain sports apparel brands and clothing. Try wearing a maxi skirt, linen pants, loose workout pants and other types of comfortable clothing. Your quality of dress doesn’t have to suffer. Many loose tops, pants, scarfs, skirts, and vests are cute and stylish.

Accessories to Consider

Accessories can help you considerably throughout your travels. Loading your iPad, iPod, mp3 player, or laptop with music, movies, or books will help pass the time and give you something to do. Ear plugs are great if you want to sleep, or noise-canceling headphones. A neck pillow will help you immensely, especially if you are in the middle seat or the aisle seat and can’t lean your head on the window area. An eye mask will help with the light factor and can help you relax and catch some Zs. Load plenty of snacks in your carryon and fill your water bottle once you’re through security. Snacks such as fruits, nuts, trail mix, health bars, salads, or dark chocolate are all healthy for you and will keep your body on track during overnight flights.


Nowadays you can find travel-sized anything, including toiletries. Make sure to check your airline’s regulations, but most will allow liquids that are a specific ounce size to carry on. Don’t forget some lip balm, contact case and solution and your glasses if you need to take your contacts out. There are travel-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as lotion or face cream of various sorts to use before you sleep and when you arrive. Airplane air is dry and will dry out your skin. Hand sanitizing wipes can be used for your hands as well as wiping down the armrests and your seating area to help avoid germs.

You can pack all your toiletries in a waterproof baggie, like a Ziploc or a professional toiletry kit made just for these occasions. Bringing and using your toiletries will help you with your routine like you would at home. Brushing your teeth and taking out your contacts are sues to wind down and get ready for sleep. They can also help you save time when you arrive at your destination and help you look refreshed and ready to go.

Smart Planning and Smart Packing

Bringing the proper items with you on overnight flights can be a huge stress relief. Reading or watching a movie will help pass the time, snacks and water will keep you hydrated and full of good and healthy food, and the proper clothing will keep your temperature comfortable. Small toiletry items can help your teeth, skin, hair and sanitary conditions as well as your appearance. Choose your seat carefully and don’t forget those earplugs and neck pillow for a restful evening on your overnight flight to a new adventure.


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