Fancy going out for a drink tonight? Where, the usual pubs?

Why not try something different for a change? Do a little pub crawl or simply pick a place you haven’t been before?

I have a better idea. You know how bars, clubs and coffee places owners tend to do a lot of thinking and get outside the box with ideas for their interior design before they even buy the space. Well, luckily for people that love to be entertained, the creativity of the owners and managers is hopefully increasing with time.

If you are a movie freak, then the hunt for your favorite pub might just get more interesting. Can you imagine yourself sitting with your friends in a bar that looks exactly like a scene from your favorite movie? Or a place that has accepted themes and individual characteristics, reminding you of some famous movies and TV series.

Still, have no idea what I’m talking? Why don’t you check out these Movie-Themed Pubs and Coffee Shops?

MacLaren’s Pub Berlin

TV Series: How I Met Your Mother

Location: Berlin, Germany

There’s rarely a person not being a fan of the hilarious episodes of How I Met Your Mother. And if you’re already a fan, you should know the MacLaren’s pub very well. After all, your favorite characters have been visiting this place every day.

Apart from the original pub, few friends living in Berlin and loving the episodes of HIMYM have come with the idea to create a bar with the same name, trying to decorate the place in the spirit of the TV Series. The inside of the pub doesn’t look the same as the original one, but it reminds of it. The intervention banner, Barney’s playbook, Ted’s red cowboy boots, the Stormtrooper from Barney’s living room, the paintings of Marshal and Barney, Robin’s superstar jacket and much other stuff can be found at the pub, looking almost the same as their originals. They tried to copy even the furniture of the original bar.

The MacLaren’s Pub works every day except for Mondays. An interesting fact about this place is that the famous actor Jason Segel, who was playing Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother, had visited this place in person, exactly one year ago. Awesome, right?

MacLaren's Pub Berlin, How I Met Your Mother Themed Pub

The Lockhart

Movie: Harry Potter

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What?! A Harry Potter themed bar? Grab your broom immediately and hurry to the coolest place in town!

The magical place we were hoping for has finally arrived: The Lockhart has opened its doors for visitors this month in Toronto. Even though you’re a huge fan of Harry Potter, you might have forgotten some stuff, including the source for the name of this bar. The name Lockhart belonged to the most useless Defense Against The Dark Arts professor of all time.

From neon sign references with quotes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to identical glasses and cocktails used in the movie itself, this bar will take you back in the most beautiful times of the book or movie, whichever you prefer more. The corners decorated with an apothecary and the hidden Deathly Hallows symbols will make you feel magical, even if you’re not a fan of the movie at all.

The best about this place is definitely the drinks. “The Shacklebolt,” “Befuddlement Brew,” “Ludo’s Debt” and many other cocktails can be found on the menu. Of course, to spice up the experience more, there are even cocktails with mystical names, waiting for the visitors to guess them. In case you guess the name of the drink, you get it for free! Additionally, whatever you decide to order, make sure to watch the way the bartender is preparing the drinks – it’s real magic! However, what’s missing is the Butterbeer, but the owners promised to include it in the menu as soon as they find a proper name for it since this one is copyrighted.

The Shacklebolt Cocktail From The Lockhart, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Walter’s Coffee Roastery

TV Series: Breaking Bad

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

A guy named Deniz Kosan has apparently been inspired by the record-breaking TV Series Breaking Bad, that he decided to open up an urban coffee shop in Istanbul in the spirit of the meth-cooking world Walt and Jesse live in. The coffee shop is stylish and charming, decorated with a lot of objects and motives found in the TV Series.

What’s interesting is that they don’t regularly serve you your coffee. Making the coffee itself is a fascinating process, making you feel like you’re in the middle of a scientific experiment. The coffee is usually served in chemical beakers accompanied by smaller measuring cylinders. The employees have uniforms which are the already known yellow chemical protection costumes that will give you the impression that you’re in a meth-cooking laboratory and not just a regular coffee place. It’s cool!

Central Perk

TV Series: Friends

Location: Liverpool, UK

The TV Series that have won over the hearts of many people around the world are an inspiration for the Central Perk coffee shop that has been opened. It is a sort of a replica of the original Central Perk coffee shop shown in the TV Series Friends. For 236 episodes the Central Perk had been an integral part of Friends, hosting the crew and being their favorite relax and gathering place.

If you visit the Central Perk in Liverpool, you will see that a lot of effort has been put into decorating the place so that it looks like the original. However, if you plan on going there, you’ll probably already have in mind to sit on the famous sofa where the characters used to sit. Well, that will be kind of hard since every Friends fan has the same in mind – occupying the couch, so good luck with that.

The owner of the place tries to give you a full “Friends” experience by organizing events such as Gunther’s birthday surprise or even monthly “Find Phoebe” live music night, where people can perform in a way that Phoebe used to (just think of the performance of “Smelly Cat”).

“I’ll be there for you”, so are you coming?


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