Residing in the desert city of Tucson, Arizona, the Miraval Resort and Spa sits nestled at the base of the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains on a sprawling 400 acres. Miraval is not just any resort; it is a wellness resort, focusing on mind, spirit and body. Activities, exercises, and delicious healthy meals help balance all aspects of a person and discover some areas that may need more attention. Miraval allows people to leave with a sound mindset and a positive outlook on the path ahead. It will open your eyes to experiencing a more meaningful life, just as Miraval has done since 1995.

Miraval Resort Accommodations

Miraval offers rooms and suites, all in Earthy colors to help maximize the calm experience. The suites are larger, and can sleep more people if traveling with family or a group. The Miraval suite has a fireplace in the living room area, a nice king bed, and your own outdoor sitting area to watch the sunsets. The Catalina has a glass wall, for optimal views of the lush desert landscape and the Catalina Mountains for which the suite was named after. The materials in the Catalina Suite are made from sustainable materials, as are many of the rooms. Miraval also presents its well-designed villas. You can rent or even buy a villa, and have the spa and wellness activities right out your door. The villas are gorgeous. They have two master suites, a small pool, gas fireplace, dining area that seats 6, private outdoor shower, soaking tub, and a gourmet kitchen. The Catalina mountains provide the view and backdrop to your villas.

Miraval Resort Villa

Life in Balance Spa

Miraval is about putting all the pieces together that make a happy and beneficial life, and the Life in Balance is one of those pieces. The spa offers massages, manicures, pedicures, hair treatment, skin care such as scrubs, wraps, and peels, and also some specialty items. Acupuncture and Thai massage are offered, and so are spiritual endeavors like the Spirit Flight and the Samadl Healing Ceremony. The spa menu is extensive, offering the perfect life-balance treatments performed by experienced therapists that you need or desire.

Miraval Resort Spa

Miraval Dining Delights

Miraval has an ever-changing menu. The menu changes to accommodate fresh and local resources that create delicious plates, but are healthy as well. Culinary classes and workshops are offered, and you will get to observe the chefs as they prepare a meal at Miraval. Cactus Flower Restaurant is the dining area on site. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, proving delicious but healthy buffets at breakfast and lunch and fine dining for the evening. Cocktails and wine can be found at the Brave Bill Lounge, and Palm Court offers blended smoothies to enjoy. The food has been highly praised and is an integral part of Miraval’s life balance method as it helps you live healthy and well.

Brave Bill Lounge Miraval ResortMiraval Wellness Activities

Miraval is well known for its wellness activities, activities that help you conquer fear, build confidence, explore your interests, and on healing. This resorts desire is that you participate in what you feel you need in order to be a healthy and happy person. These specialty activities do just that, they let you shine. The Equine experiences are one of the most popular and have been a favorite at Miraval for 18 years. You will get to spend quality time with a horse and equine facilitator, as you learn and experience what blocks as a person you may put up, and how to tear them down. You will also discover personal patterns of behavior in handling the equines, as the facilitators will help you learn more about yourself than you realize. Trail rides through the beautiful landscape are an option as well.

Face to Face rope course

The outdoor adventures and challenge are also quite popular at the Miraval Resort. The towering Mt. Lemmon give visitors a chance to rock climb and rappel on one of the largest mountains in the Tucson area, and no experience is required. It will be an all-day event, but lunch and all your gear are provided for you. Try the obstacle course and climb the rock wall, or zip line through the desert. The tight rope teaches you that you must let go of one of the ropes before you can grasp another to help balance you down the tightrope. The Face to Face rope course is done with two people, seeing how well each reacts under pressure and stress and how they communicate with each other under those circumstances. Two cable tight ropes are set in a “V” shape. The end both of you start on is very widely spaced, forcing the two partners to grasp and lean on each other’s hands as they slowly maneuver don each of their tight ropes toward the end of the “V.” It forces you to slow down and focus on each other as you work and communicate to reach the end together.

The wellness resort

Clients and customers of Miraval leave refreshed and balanced. Delicious, healthy food and beverages from an ever changing menu await, as do activities, spa treatments, and splendid accommodations. Ride a horse, take a scenic hike or schedule a massage at Miraval. Private sessions are available and allow you personalized attention as you work with therapists and staff one on one, enhancing your experience. Special events are scheduled every month for your entertainment. Falling in love with Miraval is easy, and you could even buy your own villa here.


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