Are you single and ready to meet single people? These cities represent the top places for first dates, fun times, and singles ready to mingle.

Meet single people in Austin, Texas

Austin is home to the massive University of Texas. It is a young and exciting town full of twenty to thirty-something-year-olds. The party scene and live music industry are a major deal in Austin, attracting a younger crowd that live and work in the city. The city is known as the “live music capital of the world,” and the evenings are filled with the echoes of artists and fantastic music. The warmer weather is also a big attraction. You’ll find the younger crowds swimming in the Texas rivers and lakes during the summer months. The job market is active and competitive, also attracting college graduates and young professionals in search of the perfect career. The is a vibrant full of youth and life and is an excellent place to meet other single people.

Austin Texas

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a historic city in South Carolina full of southern charm and possibilities. The city has quickly gained recognition for becoming a hotspot for young professionals, attracting many single people under the age of 40. The warm climate, easy access to beaches, and possibly career opportunities attract a younger, single demographic making it the perfect place to meet other singles. Another major factor in attracting a younger crowd is the lower cost of living. Cheaper housing and rent allow young professionals to make their start in their career. The city also has lots of bars and other attraction, not to mention fantastic southern food!

Charleston South Carolina

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is another great city that is full of universities and a single large crowd. It is also the location of the famous ballpark Fenway Park. Boston also has lots of bars, restaurants, and things to see and do. The colder weather is perfect for snuggling or getting a hot cup of cocoa together. Boston was one of the best cities for singles in 2012 by the “Daily Beast.” Not much has changed since then as it still tops the list.

boston massachusetts

Orlando, Florida

Orland might be a surprising place to meet single people as it is known mostly as a place that retirees flock to or for family vacations. The pristine beaches, affordable housing, and exciting nightlife attract solo travelers and locals to its city gates. A large percentage of the population of Orlando is aged 44 or under, and many single people mixed in that number. The city has access to some of the best beaches and attractions within a couple hours’ drive. Orland offers a lot to do and see and many new people to meet as well.

orlando florida

Los Angeles, California

Land of movie stars, young professional seeking fortune, bikini-filled beaches, and fame. L.A. is the city of golden opportunities to many young people and is an excellent place to meet other singles. L.A. is also one of the top places for internet startup businesses and companies which have grown rapidly over the last few years. The city is fast-paced, fun, and attracts young singles from all over the world to live and work here. The endless beaches, mild weather and sunny days aren’t a bad thing either. L.A. is massive, falling in as the second biggest city in the U.S. and full of single people that are ready to meet you.

Los Angeles California

New York, New York

The “city that never sleeps” is also the number one largest city in America. With the populations, bars, restaurants, employment opportunities, healthy lifestyles and abundance of things to see and do, there is an excellent chance to meet other singles. New York is another fast-moving city, offering nightlife that lasts until 4 a.m. at some bars. This city tops many singles statistics such as those who use dating website or have had a first date here. It also tops the list of people that use religion-based dating sites like In New York the possibilities are endless, and the city is known as a huge melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and opportunities to meet people.

New York

Denver, Colorado

Denver is one of the most popular cities in Colorado, not to mention the U.S. The beautiful outdoor scenery attracts people from all over to ski, swim, raft, hike, bike, fish, and much more. Singles also flock to the area for outdoor activities. The ski season is popular and extremely active. Young people under the age of 40 travel to the area to participate in some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. The city has a great bar scene as well as restaurants to choose from that would make a great meeting place or a location for a first date.

denver colorado

Seattle, Washington

Seattle strays a bit from the bar scene, but people here are healthy and enjoy outdoor activities. Sports fans feel right at home in Seattle, especially if you’re from the area and support the Mariners Seahawks or Sounders. Foodies love Seattle, and the restaurant choices will not disappoint. The city is fun and hip, and there are many singles to meet and mingle with. It is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Seattle is the place to meet good singles that enjoy outdoor sports and activities.

Seattle, Washington

Chicago, Illinois

As the third largest city in America, Chicago ranks high amongst the best places to meet single people. The city tops the list for first dates as well as networking through the office or work. Besides, there are lots of trendy and hip places to meet in Chicago. The downtown area has everything from laid-back taverns to dive bars to choose. Many people in the city meet online too through dating websites, adding to the large percentage that meets for a first date. The people here are known for their warm demeanor, which makes meeting other singles all the more pleasant and exciting.

chicago illinois

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, also known as “Hotlanta” is a fantastic place to meet single people. From museums to bars, to great shopping plazas, Atlanta has tons of places to mingle and meet people. Besides that, it was once voted as one of the best places to find a date. Atlanta has not only a lot of dating websites unique to the area, but it also has fantastic restaurants, bars, and other attractions and areas of interest to meet people with similar interests. The city population is on the rise with a steady increase every year with more young professionals and young singles moving to the area to start their lives.

atlanta georgia

Keep Your Mind and Heart Open

If you’re single and ready to mingle there are lots of places ready and available to do so. Choose a place you would enjoy or that sparks your interest and get out and have some fun. The best way to meet single people is to find someone that shares similar interests and to have fun and be yourself! Try any one of these tops, major cities to find singles to talk to and meet.


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