The marketplace is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Since the beginning of civilization, people have gathered to share and exchange goods. They are timeless and universal. Markets are a global occurrence, based on a straightforward and central thing: to buy and to sell. Although this is the origin, the joy of visiting a market has grown beyond that. To visit one is fully engaging. They are always bustling, busy and full of life. They hold a distinct entertaining energy that make the act of merely visiting one experience in itself.

Especially while travelling, they are the perfect way to witness and engage with a foreign culture. They encapsulate local traditions, customs, cuisines and materials that reveal so much about the area. That is not to mention the people. Markets host more than just things. Visiting one is the perfect way to see local faces and learn about the routines of daily life. They are inviting and immersive. Speak to strangers, haggle for goods, and buy new, original and exciting things.

Everyone loves a good market. There are various ones out there to explore. We have narrowed it down to markets in Europe. However, wherever you are in the world, be sure to experience the joy of visiting one. 

Flea Markets in Europe

Flea markets are particularly dynamic places. There are no rules of what to sell; the prices are low, and the goods hold character. With the rise of hipsters and love for vintage, they are becoming increasingly cool. Second-hand books, CDs, records, thrift store clothes, and old cameras – it is a hipster paradise.

flea market berlin

Even if you do not buy anything, the fun is in the search. Find hidden gems within junk filled tables. Getting a bargain at a flea market feels so much more rewarding than anything you could buy at a shop. There is a weird sense of pride in gaining something original and unique for such a small price. There are stories hidden within the cluster, and it’s worth investing time to find them.

There are many flea markets in Europe to explore. For some of the edgiest, of course, head for Berlin. Some tailor for individual niches. The Intellectuals market at Bode Museum is best for antique and rare book dealers. Alternatively, The Jewellery at Fehrbelliner Platz reserves market space for rising artists. Some just sell clothes; others just sell music.

Most capitals have their own: Vrijmarkt in Amsterdam, El Rastro in Madrid, as well as Paris and Brussels. Portobello Road in London is another classic, located infamous Notting Hill every Saturday. These are some of the most famous flea markets in Europe. Yet there are so many left under the radar. The best ones are often the ones you stumble across accidently. A good rule is always to go to any that you see – if only for the experience. 

Food Markets

Of all the markets in Europe, food is probably the loudest and the most colourful. Everyone loves food; it is a niche accessible to anyone. This seems to inspire an extra energy to the marketplace. Vendors compete to shout loudest, drawing you in. The fresh food is on lavish display. Fruit stalls bask in colour and tempt you with succulent natural flavour. All is local, and all is delicious.


Food markets in Europe are a common tourist attraction. They actually do represent local culture. In the small towns, in particular, they are a way of life. Many people do buy locally and visit daily markets to go shopping. Continually expanding supermarkets are threatening these local traditions. However, there is something unique about food markets in Europe: the atmosphere, energy, and authenticity that comes with local community living. Ultimately, this wins over big globalised production.

If you are aiming to travel more sustainably, visiting local food markets is an excellent way to do so.

Looking for the best in Europe? Try visiting these: Kauppatori in Helsinki, Finland, Le Marché Raspail in Paris or Naschmarkt in Vienna. However, as markets go, these are some of the fancier ones. Finding food markets in Europe is easy. Once again, just explore and go to any that you see – you will not be disappointed. 

Christmas Markets

You cannot talk about markets in Europe without mentioning Christmas markets. Every year, communities go crazy for wooden huts and mulled wine. The big cities usually host the favourites, but in almost any town, you will find a manifestation of Christmas spirit. Whether just a few stalls that take over the whole city, the month of December hosts some of the greatest in Europe.

Christmas Markets

What makes Christmas markets exceptional? There is a combination of factors – rarity, excitement, novelty. However, mostly, at Christmas, they put extra effort into looking beautiful. Decorations flood the stalls, soft songs play in the background, and fairy lights illuminate the dark winter nights. Everything is quaint – warm, cute and cosy. More than ever, markets are an experience rather than a commercial venue. You could not spend a penny and still have a fantastic time at a Christmas market in Europe. Just wandering through the different stalls is enough entertainment.

However, if you do have money to spend, Christmas markets in Europe are the place to do so. Handmade jewellery, wooden crafts, seasonal themes and personalised gifts all make perfect Christmas presents. Avoid the mass production and buy for your loved ones at a Christmas market in Europe – where the goods have a story, sold in the midst of a unique and buzzing atmosphere. Spend money on yourself too!

There are thousands of them in Europe to choose. If you do not know where to start, German Christmas markets are possibly the most traditional. Head to Cologne for the classic experience. Theirs is one of the most famous, located in the shadow of the impressive Gothic cathedral. It is vast, dynamic and traditional – with the Grimm Brothers stories and originally mulled wine to enhance the fairy-tale image.

The best markets in Europe

You can easily find a list of the supposedly best markets in Europe. However, every market, however, small or unknown holds potential. Develop your own joy for them and take that perspective to each one you visit. It does not matter which are the biggest or most popular. All base themselves on good things: energy, culture and the gathering of communities. Take advantage of them! Visit markets to enhance your travel experience, meet new people, try new things and find some incredible bargains. These are the real joys of the markets in Europe – don’t miss out.


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