The state of Maryland can be found in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It is one of the 13 original colonies and one of the founding states of what would become the U.S.A. The state is also one of the smallest, but holds 6 million people! It is in proximity to the capital of Washington D.C., so many people live there and commute to work at the capital or surrounding area. It is named after Queen Henrietta Maria, who was the wife of King Charles I of England. The state has everything from beaches to mountains, with it’s famous the Chesapeake Bay and Assateague Island National Seashore. Don’t forget the food, which is fresh and savory seafood ranging from the famous Maryland crab cakes from the Maryland Blue Crabs, found in the bay, to the famous oysters of Maryland. Experience the best destinations in Maryland to appreciate this small but delightful state truly.

Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is known as the largest estuary in the U.S. with over 100 rivers and streams flowing into it. The bay has lots of rockfish like blue crabs, oysters, and even eels. It is the source of fishing, food and many recreational activities and is a popular hotspot as well as travel route on visitor’s agendas. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge connects the Eastern and Western shores. There are many different museums to visit due to the historical significance of the state and the area as one of the original fishing grounds as well as maritime activities and colonies. Vineyards are available to visit, and there is a slew of state parks to see the natural beauty of the area. Have fun at a casino or take a scenic flight over the area. There are sightseeing tours and lots of recreational wonders to participate in like boating, fishing, balloon flights, golfing, hiking and whitewater rafting.Chesapeake Bay

Ocean City Beach

Ocean City beach is a favorite for visitors. The beach is large and clean, and there is plenty of room for all. The beach is a favorite place to see the fantastic air shows held there occasionally, and there is also a boardwalk packed with places to shop, eat and rides to ride for some fun when the sun goes down. Watch for clams and baby crabs in the water. The beach is non-smoking and cleaned up at night. It is safeguarded during the day to make it a pleasant experience for everyone. Visitors often review that this is one of the best beaches they have been to, as everything is clean, convenient and beautiful.Ocean City Beach


Annapolis is one of the best destinations in Maryland. It is known as a quaint, historic town that many visitors enjoy seeing and exploring. There are lots of shops and boutiques for excellent shopping, and there are also fantastic views of the harbor, as the city is surrounded by water. The buildings are historical with brick sidewalks, coffee shops and many places to eat or grab a drink. The visitor’s center has lots of useful information as well as sights to see, how to get around and more. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and the polite, friendly atmosphere of this historic city.annapolis maryland

Assateague Island National Seashore

This national park is famous for its wild ponies that inhabit the island. The park can be reached by a quick boat trip over to the sandy, and scenic shores of the island called Assateague. The white sand of the beach and the limited number of people on them is an excellent opportunity to experience some of the best of Maryland preserved in this national park. Don’t touch the wild ponies or disturb them as this is their home. Vehicles are available to rent to drive on the beach. Hike some of the trails for fantastic scenery and learn about the wild ponies and how they got there. Try the boardwalk that goes along the beach or the Life of March Trail for a great experience.Assateague Island National Seashore


Baltimore is the most visited city in Maryland and has lots to do and see. This favorite place has a fantastic and highly ranked museum called the Walters Art museum which has been reviewed as “one of the best.” The Fort McHenry National Monument lies within the city of Baltimore and is packed with historical significance and has excellent views of the Baltimore Harbor. See the historic ships that call the harbor home and take a tour of one of them. Visit the inner harbor area that has shops, places to dine, an Aquarium and science museum. Admire the architecture and religious history of the Baltimore Basilica, or try the American Art Visionary museum. Baltimore is a popular tourist destination in Maryland and is known as the place where Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner.Baltimore Maryland

The United States Naval Academy

Many people spend the day here, exploring a working naval academy. Try the guided tour which will point out many fascinating things you may not have discovered on your own. The architecture of some of the historic buildings is magnificent. The crypt and chapel, as well as Bancroft Hall, are visitor favorites, and there is an excellent museum in Preble Hall. Visitors can also do self-guided tours through the buildings and the grounds which are well kept and very pleasing to the eye. Enjoy the surrounding water and the impressive stature of the buildings and area. People with interest in American or naval history you will love this place. Visitors report that they attended because they were in the area, but ended up thoroughly impressed and glad they visited.United States Naval Academy

America in Miniature

The state was nicknamed “America in Miniature,” because it has a little bit of everything to experience. From the sea to the mountains and the modern or historical, there is something for everyone. Many visitors love the views of the surrounding water and harbors, as well as some of the best crab cakes and seafood you will ever have. The Chesapeake Bay, Appalachian Mountains, inner harbor and famous cities of Baltimore and Annapolis are major tourist attractions of the state and area. Enjoy the Assateague National Park with its famous wild ponies, or hike part of the famous Appalachian Trail that cuts through the state. Summer months on the boardwalks and beaches are popular and fun and the snowy winter months offer different opportunities for various winter sports. Most of the sightseeing activities are in the city of Baltimore, with the city of Annapolis coming in at a close number 2. Experience this tiny but popular state and see the best destinations in Maryland.


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