Summer is getting closer. The sun begins to shine in a much bolder way; the air gets warmer and warmer. The garden party season begins. How to make your little event more interesting than usual? We suggest adding an international feel to it. Here’s a list of colorful drinks from all around the world that will make your guests not only impressed with your bartending skills but also happier, more smiley, bubbly, chatty and cheerfully tipsy.

Caipirinha, Brazil

Caipirinha’s main ingredient is cachaça, a sugarcane liquor. Most rum is made from molasses, while cachaça is made from fresh, fermented and distilled sugarcane juice, but it is often said to be rum as well. Not just rum, but THE most famous Brazilian rum, by the way. Mixed with sugar and lime, it makes the sweet but refreshing drink called caipirinha. It is quite easy to make – the fruit and sugar are smashed together and then the liquor is added. Caipirinha is usually served in large glasses or even larger jars (to be then shared between people and poured into smaller glasses). It tastes great with ice, especially when both weather and atmosphere of a party are as sizzling as Brazil.


Pimm’s Cup, the United Kingdom

Yummy – that’s a word you probably wouldn’t imagine as being the first epithet used to describe an alcoholic beverage, but when it comes to Pimm’s, there is nothing more accurate. This lovely drink is made of the Pimms liquor, lemonade and a variety of fresh garnishes, such as apples, oranges, lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, and mint. Hot weather is a rare phenomenon in Great Britain, but when it does happen, the Brits do not waste a moment. Sipping a Pimm’s Cup with a group of friends, on a sunny porch, under a clear sky, is a perfect way to celebrate the summer.

Pimm's Cup

Siam Sunray, Thailand

Even such organizations as the Tourism Authority of Thailand recognized the magic of Siam Sunray and are now using it to advertise Thailand as a dream holiday destination. Together with the sun, food and wonderful atmosphere, Siam Sunray can indeed be listed as one of the country’s major attractions. Advertised as “Thailand in a glass”, Siam Sunray is as unique and spicy as Thailand itself. It consists of quite an original set of ingredients, including vodka, coconut liquor, chili pepper, syrup, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves, lime juice, and soda.

Sangria, Spain

Few alcoholic beverages have become as popular as Sangria. Perhaps it is because of its lovely taste, or the simplicity of ingredients, or both. Sangria originates from Spain and Portugal, but it is now being drunk all over the sunny parts of Europe. It consists of wine, a sweetener, a small amount of brandy (the brandy is optional) and various fruit. You can add chopped apple, orange, lime, peach, lemon, mango, kiwi, grapes and many other delicacies, depending on your taste. It is usually served like punch – in a large bowl or bucket, poured into glasses with a big, wooden spoon. Sangria makes a perfect excuse for the guests to gather around the bucket and chat cheerfully.


Tinto de Verano, Spain

Spanish people love wine and they love combining it with other ingredients. Tinto de Verano is another proof of their mastery in wine mixing. Similar to sangria, but not quite the same, Tinto de Verano is a simple beverage. It only consists of two basic ingredients: red wine and gaseosa (a carbonated drink). A variety of gaseosas can be used, but low-sugar lemonade is usually preferred – Tinto de Verano isn’t supposed to be as sweet as Sangria. Sometimes, to make it stronger, bartenders add a little bit of rum to the mixture. Tinto de Verano is served with ice and often times garnished with a slice of lemon. One more piece of information: the name Tinto de Verano translates to “red wine of summer”. Now imagine sipping it under the bright Spanish sky, in a charming beach bar.

Tinto de Verano

Poncha da Madeira, Portugal

Poncha is a traditional drink of the Portuguese Madeira Island. It was first made by local fishermen who drunk it to warm up on cold days, right before heading to the sea. Right now it’s a popular drink served in plentiful bars around the island, not only on cold days but in the summer as well. Actually, both its flavor and color make Poncha a perfect summer drink. Sweet and fruity, it tastes great on warm afternoons, especially when some ice is added to the mixture. Charmingly yellow, it makes a garden party table look brighter and more colorful. As for ingredients, they include sugar cane rum (aguardente de cana), honey, sugar, lemon juice and, optionally, other fruit juices.

Terremoto, Chile

The Spanish word terremoto means as much as… “earthquake”. At this point, you can probably imagine what kind of cocktail we’re talking about. Terremoto can indeed make you feel as if the earth under your feet was shaking. It seems innocent, but that is exactly what makes it so dangerous. It consists of pineapple sorbet, white wine and, sometimes, a liquor, such as fernet or grenadine liquor. Sweet and tasty, terremoto doesn’t make an impression of a cocktail that can make someone “dizzy”. Well, it can, but not only because of the trickiness of its ingredients, but also because it is usually served in large, 0, 5-liter glasses.

The Pain Killer, the Caribbean

As if going to the Caribbean wasn’t soothing enough due to its gorgeous landscapes, perfect weather and enchanting atmosphere, some of the best “healing” cocktails can also be found there. The Pain Killer is one of them and it can indeed kill all of one’s pains. A mixture of Pusser’s dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, orange juice and a tiny bit of grated nutmeg, the cocktail is fruity, colorful and mood-changing. It works best when sipped under the clear Caribbean sky, that’s hard to deny. Nevertheless, the Pain Killer can make any place feel at least a bit like the Caribbean. Serve it in your garden and, after a glass or two, both you and your guests will surely start feeling the breeze of the Caribbean Sea.

Do you know some other summer cocktails from around the world? Let us know! And don’t forget about sharing this article with your friends, especially if they’re about to organize a party – perhaps you’ll then be treated to one of such drinks.


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