For a small country such as Slovenia, it is really interesting how you can find various diverse places and do plenty of interesting activities, as long as you know where to look for. And since this charming European country is surrounded by Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Italy, not many people know that a small part of this country has a coast that is facing the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Delve into the coastline of Slovenia

Now, it may not be a spectacular coast with mind-blowing beaches, but the cities in this part of the country are simply amazing. And they’re quite different from the cities located in other parts of Slovenia. Yes, it’s true, the cities located on the coast of Slovenia give the impression like you’re in a different country while still exploring the Slovenian culture. There’s something about the Adriatic Sea and the climate in this region that brings some exquisite charm to these places. And the best part is – you can make a tour of the Slovenian coast in just a day. Of course, that means that you will have to devote approximately 3 hours for every place, but considering how small and accessible these towns are there’s no reason why you should think that you might not succeed in seeing it all in one day. But nevertheless, here are the cities you need to lay your eyes on:

coastline of Slovenia

Start off with the amazing Koper

Koper, one of the first cities located on the coast in southwestern Slovenia, is a charming little town that reminds of a Croatian coastal town. Its lovely promenade decorated with big palm trees lead the way to a tiny but lovely little beach where you can go chill and take a swim if you wish so. However, let us not leave the wrong impression as Koper is not the ideal holiday destination for those who are interested in exploring and enjoying the waters of the Adriatic Sea. And this is mainly because of the fact that a great part of the economy in the municipality of Koper depends on the Port of Koper, which provides port and logistics services in the Slovenian port of Koper. Simply put, if you tend to swim a lot in the waters of the Adriatic Sea while you’re visiting Koper, then you will have to get used to the barriers and the huge loaded boats surrounding you. Nevertheless, if you’re eager to get a good suntan and freshen up in the sea, then Koper is adequate for your needs.

Koper Slovenia

On the other hand, Koper is the main urban center of the Slovenian Istria. However, the authentic architecture and rich culture that this city provides can be best experienced in the heart of the city. Its Praetorian Palace is a must visit attraction that will take you back in the 15th-century. It is located on the city square, close to another historical piece which is the city’s Cathedral of the Assumption. These and many other attractions are waiting on your curious soul to discover the magic of this coastal town.

Explore the magnificent Izola

Izola is the perfect coastal town for night walks, especially in summer. The pleasant lights and the Italian-like taste that Izola offers will make you fall in love instantly with this enchanting little town. It is an old fishing town, whose name originates from the Italian word for “island”. The diversity in cultures and population is part of what makes this city so special and it can be seen by the fact that the municipality of Izola is officially bilingual, with both Slovene and Italian as official languages.

izola slovenia

It may not be the best place on the coast for a day at the beach, but it is certainly one of the best ones to enjoy your coffee or a delicious ice cream at the promenade. And when you get hungry, then consider trying out the fish specialties offered on the menu. After that, take a stroll through the narrow streets of Izola, along the small and lovely houses, trying to capture the spirit of the town.

Enjoy the beach and nightlife of Portoroz

Now, this might be the most suitable destination in Slovenia to spend a great day at the beach. This Adriatic-Mediterranean coastal settlement has been attracting tourists to spend an enjoyable holiday that will definitely be remembered for good. Portoroz is quite different from the other coastal towns and that is mainly because of its modern development that began in the late 19th century. Today, it is a major Slovenian tourist attraction, offering a great choice of hotels, health resorts and a long sandy beach with plenty of cafés and bars. And it is quite accessible by car or even by plane since the Portoroz International Airport is located nearby.

portoroz slovenia

This place has also a great nightlife, especially for those that love to gamble. There are plenty of casinos located here and various events that will spice up your free time in Portoroz. This may not be the best place in Slovenia to explore its culture and admire its architecture, but it’s definitely one of the greatest destinations for a vacation, especially for a family holiday.

Fall in love with the stunning Piran

It may not be officially the most wonderful coastal town of Slovenia, but Piran has captured the hearts of many tourists around the globe. It’s sensational beauty and exceptional charm is what gives the impression of a breathtaking city in Slovenia. Its romantic spirit is what will make your stay there incredibly pleasant and will let you enjoy the amazing mix of the medieval architecture and the seaside. It should not confuse you if you notice a lot of Italian influence on this city, especially when it comes to the language since until the mid-20th century the Italian was the dominant language in Piran.

Piran Slovenia

There are plenty of ways how to enjoy this city, especially if you admire the art and classical music. For this purpose, visit the Musical evenings of Piran organized in Greyfriars Franciscan monastery’s atrium. The Tartini Square, named by the talented composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini, is the main square of Piran and is located near the sea. Nearby is also the Church of St. George and the promenade where you can spend a lovely day enjoying the sun above Piran and the aroma of the calm blue sea. And if you’re willing to experience the most enchanting moment of all, then go to the town walls of Piran and wait for the sun to set above the spectacular city. It’s a sight you won’t be able to erase from your memory.

Eager to visit at least one of these alluring coastal towns?


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