Hollywood is a huge tourist attraction in the state of California. Thousands flock to the area to walk the streets of Rodeo Drive, see the massive and stunning home of the rich and famous, and hopefully see a celebrity out and about! Hollywood has capitalized on the tourist market it draws, proving yours to past and present Celebrity home tours that are littered throughout the area.

Celebrity home tours

The Celebrity home tours are often held in vans, either covered or open top to take advantage of the lovely weather. Some have audio to listen to and headphones to hear everything correctly. These tours are considered part of the “entertainment business,” and they will show you past and present celebrity homes, where some famous people have died, local celebrity “hot spots” where you might see one, and stories of many famous people along the way. Enjoy cruising down Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood areas known for its famous residents, high-end shopping, and the glamor of living and visiting in such a prestigious area. There are many tour companies to choose from, and it is a must do when visiting the area!

LA City Tours

LA City Tours has many different tours to choose from that will enhance your experience during your stay in Hollywood. Buses can take you up to see the famous Hollywood sign, and you can get your picture taken in front of it. Take a ride around the city of Los Angeles as a tour guide tells you all the interesting points, or there is a beach and shopping tour for a fun day in the sun. The Hollywood Sign and Movie Star Homes Tour are one of the most popular options that visits the sign, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, the Sunset Strip, and over 45 different homes of celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Lopez, Elvis Presley, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, and many, many others.

This company offers LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) Specials where a bus can pick you up from the airport on a tour of the city. Some take several hours and include stops to take pictures and see the sights. You can choose from plenty of tours, and this is one of the best tour companies in the area.

Ultimate Hollywood Tours

Cruise around in big, comfortable vans that have no roofs! The traditional open-top vehicles are a favorite of visitors to the area. Hollywood and Los Angeles are known for its year-round mild weather which makes visiting a great time in any season. The vans do have an awning to shade you from the sun, but you can enjoy experienced tour guides that have completed thousands of yours and the open air of Hollywood as you cruise around.

The vans will take guests around Hollywood, to the famous sign, the Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, and Beverly Hills. Cruise the streets as you look at the fabulous homes of celebrities. The tour guides are fantastic, with one being an author with three books published on the history of Hollywood, and several other guides being former VIP tour guides from Universal Studios and Warner Brothers Studios. Enjoy a top-notch experience with highly ranked tour guides on these adventures!

Starline Tours

Since 1935 the Starline Tours have been one of the first in the celebrity home tours industry. The trip allows guests to see the most amazing homes of movie stars and also makes a stop at Mulholland Drive where participants can enjoy panoramic views of the city of Los Angeles. See the large sign and take a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the tour. This tour can pick you up from your hotel for an easy and fun experience. In fact, the motto of Starline Tours is “at Starline Tours; the fun starts here!” The passenger buses seat 13 people comfortably and are allowed to go where other tour buses aren’t allowed to go thanks to arrangements with municipal officials. This tour is said to have “more celebrity sightings than any other Hollywood homes tour” and is one of the top options for your experience in Hollywood.

Access Hollywood Tours

Enjoy one of the best tours in the business! For approximately two hours, guests will be chauffeured around Hollywood and surrounding areas with a fully narrated and guided tour. These buses too are open top to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as your tour the city. Guests will pass through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods while the guide reveals the facts, history, and interesting information about each home and celebrity. Not only will you see the amazing homes, but highly desired landmarks like the Dolby Theater, El Capitan, and the Chinese Theater. The drive down Rodeo Drive will give guests the chance to see stores such as Gucci, Prada, and Bijan. The buses have either nine seats or thirteen seats depending on which one you take for a more intimate and pleasurable experience in the city.

A Day in LA Tours

Enjoy a top-ranked experience in LA, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills on the A Day in LA Tour Company. LA Tours strives for 100 percent customer satisfaction and comes with rave reviews. This company allows you to schedule private tours with just friends and family for the perfect trip. Join this tour for a full day of sight-seeing from everything to Venice Beach Rodeo Drive, the big sign, celebrity homes and much more. The buses are narrated by a knowledgeable and entertaining guide and at each stop, riders will have 30 to 45 minutes to explore the area before boarding again and journeying to the next destination. The company also offers a free hotel pick up and drop off, so you don’t have to worry about parking or finding the tour buses.


Experienced Guides Make the Experience

It’s all about the tour guides on the celebrity home tours. The guides are fun, knowledgeable, and many have been living and working in the area for years. They keep the crowd engaged and attentive while seeing the best of Hollywood and Los Angeles. The guides will show you where the celebrity “hotspots” are where you are most likely to see a movie star out running errands or shopping. They also recommend looking at any high-end car with tinted windows, as someone famous may be hiding inside. These tours are fun, exciting, and informative, and a spectacular way to see a bunch of the sights with one tour.


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