Hey you, are you a dog or a cat person? How many times have you heard this question before? And still it’s hard for you to choose from the two options or you have finally figured it out? I mean come on, who doesn’t like those little furry animals that bring joy to the home.

Cat Cafés

Of course, it is possible that you might not like them at all, but honestly, you wouldn’t be reading this if it was so. Those furry and cuddly little cuties are hard to resist, but is your love for them that strong that you would even go on a trip to visit some fantastic cafeterias that they call home? Well, let’s see if you can say no to the following cat cafés that are opened throughout the world.

Enjoy your coffee in the company of fluffy kitties

Can you imagine yourself sitting in a cafeteria located in a new city you’re visiting, where the coffee is delicious but your stay there even more? How is that possible? Well, the following places that we are going to reveal you offer something more than a nice and warm coffee and that is a fun and enjoyable time spent with friendly kittens that are willing to cuddle and play with you the whole day. Eager to find out where you can find them? Have a look at the following destinations:

Brooklyn Cat Café in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn’s first cat café might as well be Brooklyn’s most elegant cat café. It’s a place where the people with a passion for books, wine and kitties will feel like they have found the perfect spot in the city. This incredible cafeteria offers you an excellent opportunity to meet the lovely kittens and their mom from the comfort of your home by providing a 24/7 live stream of the furry life on their website. However, once you click the button and see the lovely creatures, you will immediately wish to go there, which is why you have to make a reservation as soon as possible. This place organizes plenty of events and a great thing about it is that you can also adopt a kitten from them.

Cat Café Neko no Niwa in Singapore

Singapore’s first such café is created by the example of similar Japanese cafeterias. Apart from the play time, they offer some delicious coffee and desserts and will encourage you to adopt a kitten instead of buying one. They also have a gift corner where you can buy collars and jewelry for the lovely animals. It is also important to note that Cat Café Neko no Niwa has its own rules which require paying a fee if you’re willing to spend time with a particular kitten.

Cats Republic in St. Petersburg, Russia

Cats Republic is a unique place because it is not only the first cat café in Russia but also in Europe! Fundamentally it operates as a coffee place, but it has some additional features like a club, souvenir shop and cat therapy hall – something you will adore. Even though it is a division of the Cat Museum, “Република Кошек” has its exhibition and gives you the pleasure of enjoying a mix of art, hot beverages, and kitties.

Cat Café in Ljubljana, Slovenia

A small yet adorable little coffee place, Ljubljana has its heaven for kitty lovers. With a stunning interior designed for both kittens and visitors and a lovely choice of beverages, this charming cafeteria is going to steal your heart. This place is the home of seven beautiful creatures, some lazy and in the mood for cuddling, others hyper and ready to play anytime.

KitTea in San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco’s one and only cat café are opening the doors to all passionate meow lovers to enjoy a day spent with their lovely furry creatures. This particular café collaborates with Petco Foundation, which together they work to promote animal welfare and also help abandoned kitties to find their new home. Check their website for more information.

Temari no Ouchi in Tokyo, Japan

Temari no Ouchi might be hard to choose among the best cat café in Japan since there are so many and they differ from each other in a sense that every one of them has something special to offer to its visitors. This one in particular looks like you has entered your kitty fairytale. The interior is designed in a way that will make you think that time is an illusion and that you belong there, among the adorable furry balls. Plus there’s a fantastic wooden house built for the kitties to play and relax.

Le Café des Chats in Paris, France

Oh meow, a cat café in Purrrris? Well, can this city get any better? Enjoy your stay at Le Café des Chats with a warm cup of coffee or tea, a delicious dessert and a gorgeous kitty beside you.

Catmosphere Café in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Catmosphere Café is the perfect place for those who love Star Wars, kittens and coffee. It’s an amazing cafeteria where you can watch kitties play and sleep, while you enjoy your time among them. What’s even more amazing is that this place offers you an indoor cinema where you can watch a great movie in the company of lovely kittens, popcorn, and coke. How cool is that?

Café Miao in Copenhagen, Denmark

In Café Miao not only you can enjoy your stay with some lovely and soft kittens, but you can taste the incredibly burger that is shaped in the form of a cat’s head. Take time off and come to this place, it will help you lower your stress and brighten up your day.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London, U.K.

This is the place to be, and you will find that out once you knock on their door and realize that you have to make a reservation in advance, that even then it would be hard to get a table. Comfortable and amusing, this coffee place was opened thanks to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which was completed successfully, turning this cafeteria into a tourist attraction.

The Cat Lounge in Auckland, New Zealand

The great partnership with Friskies and a local animal shelter is what makes this place so incredibly unique and fascinating. Apart from the great atmosphere and the positive energy, the Cat Lounge is perfectly designed for a fun and adventurous yet peaceful life for the lovely kitties. The indoor and outdoor area is great for the furry munchkins to be running around and playing with the visitors.

Oh Meow, aren’t these Cat Cafés just amazing? Pick your favorite and travel to meet the beautiful kittens waiting to be adopted or just taken care of while you’re enjoying your coffee. There’s nothing better than to spend some time cuddling, so share your experience if you got the chance to visit such a Cat Café.


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