Human-made butterfly farms or houses are habitats that have been created to house these living creatures. These are typically indoor sanctuaries of sorts, allowing the butterflies to thrive all year long, even when there is snow on the ground outside. The temperature-controlled atmosphere has tons of plants and gardens the butterflies can survive in. These conservatories are usually quite beautiful, and it is fun for all to walk through and see the winged-creatures flying freely about, but watch out, they might land on you! The conservatories are used to house as well as breed and also provide educational opportunities for both kids and adults. Most butterfly farms allow a self-paced tour or some have guided tours to educate guests on the different species of both butterflies and the plants they like. Find a butterfly farm near you and experience the magic of the floating creatures in their habitat.

Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary

Located in Pennsylvania, the Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary has a well-rounded experience for all ages. The sanctuary has a hands-on education center with both butterflies and exotic frogs where guests can touch the frogs and hand feed the butterflies. Experience what is called the “Flutterarium,” where the creatures fly freely around their home. Several programs are offered including “Butterfly School 101,” “Butterfly Scouts,” as well as in-school programs. The sanctuary is dedicated to the education of its guests and especially school-aged children. They have butterfly releases into the wild and many other fascinating things to have fun with!

Wheeler Farms

Located in Whitehouse Ohio, the butterfly portion of Wheeler Farms opens May 1st. The farm has lovely garden areas outside that display plants that attract butterflies. There is also an indoor sanctuary where 1,000 butterflies consisting of many different species fly freely about in their controlled environment. Staff is available to answer any questions guests may have. There is a sweet gift shop onsite, and parties, school groups, and other groups are encouraged to visit and see all the beautiful species.

Magic Wings Butterfly House

The state of North Carolina contains one of the largest butterfly houses on the east coast. Building complete with 35-foot-high windows showcases lush vegetation, flowers, and trees, as well as 50 different species of butterflies. The house also has birds, tropical plants and flowers and daily butterfly release times. Use one of the butterfly identification guides to see what butterflies you can find in the Magic Wings House. The exhibit is open all year long and is one of the most significant and most fun to experience.

Butterfly Conservatory – Niagara Falls

Located on the ground of the Niagara Botanical Gardens, the butterfly conservatory has over 2,000 of them flying feely amongst the green and flowering vegetation throughout the exhibit. Walk along the winding paths that travel by a pond and waterfall, all indoors! The journey through the conservatory is self-guided and has over 180 meters of walking trails. Children ages 5 and under are free! This is a great place to visit to see all the species of butterflies in a beautiful and well-maintained habitat.

Kate Gorrie Memorial Butterfly House

Located in New Jersey, this butterfly house features native species and has been in business since 2000. The outdoor structure is open from mid-June to early October and guests are encouraged to visit any day of the week during that time. The gardens inside represent typical New Jersey gardens complete with native plants and butterflies. The house also participates in the Monarch Watch, having raised their Monarchs and then tagging and releasing them in hopes of gathering migration data for Monarch research and education.

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Visit the climate-controlled glad habitat in lovely Key West, Florida. There are over 60 species of butterflies, as well as over 20 exotic bird species in a lush paradise. See the live caterpillars feeding on plants and the butterflies in their enclosure. The area appears as a beautiful, flowering garden, complete with trees, bridges, cascading waterfalls and white gazebo. The conservatory is kept at a balmy 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with about 80% humidity. The warm and humid conditions are needed for both the butterflies and the tropical plant’s survival. Look for the “Owl” butterfly, the largest butterfly in the conservatory.

The Butterfly Place

The Butterfly Place can be found in Massachusetts and features an indoor garden full of free-flying butterflies. Watch the tiny creatures rest on the flowers, sun themselves, or fly. There are koi fish ponds as well as quail that live in the habitat as well. There is a 15-minute video on the butterfly life cycle and exciting facts that runs continuously. The habitat is also kept in the 80s for butterfly survival, so dress appropriately. See the New England species as well as species from all over the world! If you have questions, visit the “show and tell” bench where a staff member will be located to answer any questions guests may have.

Wings of Mackinac

This fantastic butterfly house can be found on Mackinac Island of Michigan. Visit the emergence cage where you can see the butterfly pupa. The habitat receives shipments on a weekly basis, so there are many different varieties available to see. The butterflies can be seen nibbling on the rotten bananas, flowers and the hummingbird nectar that is all provided. The habitat looks like a large glass greenhouse, full of vegetation and sunlight which makes it perfect for the 300 different species you might see. Take time to enjoy the beautiful greenery as well as the thousands of butterflies that call this place home.

The Butterfly Rainforest

This exhibit honestly looks like you have walked into a rainforest. Complete with trees, flowers, green vegetation, tropical climate, waterfalls, ponds and walking paths, this place is fantastic! There are 60 to 80 different species at any given time, and there are over 1,000 individual butterflies in the exhibit. Explore over 6,000 square feet of screened exhibit space for your enjoyment. At specific times during the week, witness a butterfly release. See the feeding stations where you can see them up close as they feast on pieces of fruit. The habitat also features birds, fish, turtles, orchids and lovely flowers to enjoy.

Peaceful and Beautiful

Butterfly houses and farms are lovely, friendly places. Since butterflies like to be warm and humid, the exhibits are filled with lush vegetation, running water such as waterfalls and other creatures that enjoy the tropical climates like turtles, fish, and birds. They exist in almost every state and are informative, educational and exciting places to spend a day or an afternoon. Experience a butterfly house and all the different species and beautiful colors of this fantastic creature.


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