Visiting cafes in Europe is a great cultural experience. More than this – coffee is fab. If you are a caffeine addict, no worries, European cities accommodate your needs. The best coffee in the most fantastic locations. They offer you more than just a drink. Read ahead to find out what makes these places unique. Here are some of our favorite cafes in Europe.

Verde and Co. in London is one of the best cafes in Europe

Located in the hipster center of Shoreditch in London, Verde and Co. provides the ideal scrappy, authentic coffee experience we love. This café did not originate for hipster populations. Created by the English writer Jeannette Winterson, the original focus was on an organic, rustic approach to food. Still today, fresh fruit and vegetables lie outside in a classic market style manner. Its purpose was also to deny the spread of chain coffee companies. That is what we love: good, authentic local cafes in Europe.

Recognized by the hanging baskets sold outside, this café is as English and delightful as it appears. It also holds a strong Italian spirit. The atmosphere contains a humming energy, full of early morning conversations and the sound of turning large newspapers. The baristas are skilled and friendly – the perfect combination for a great local café. Verde and Co. offer guests the best coffee in town, and that is saying something – London is a pretty big city.

Pražírna, Prague

Prague is yet another European city that loves its coffee. The Czech Republic, in general, is a place of attic rooms, wooden staircases, books, art, and rusticity. Indeed – all things Bohemian. A good cup of coffee goes great with that atmosphere.

As a city, Prague supports independent small business and ethical produce. It means there are countless cafes for you to explore, guilt-free. The coffee is cheap, yet amazing, low price and good quality. It can be overwhelming. Not sure where to start? Pražírna is the perfect café to make you feel comfortable.

In sinking armchairs and an intimate, friendly atmosphere, you will feel right at home. Take a book, or grab one from the nearest shelf, and settle down. Secluded corners are a great place to catch up with friends. Independent tables are the best place to get away from them! Either way, this unique, cozy shop is one of the best cafes in Europe and definitely worth a visit.

Cat café, Ljubljana

Ljubljana hosts one of the strange yet common trends circulating in coffee culture: cat cafes. Hidden in a back street near to the river, the only clue when you enter is cat silhouette logo hanging from the door. You might not even notice at first. The cats are usually exploring the wooden walkways that line the walls. Full of ramps, hanging toys and sleeping hollows, this cat playground hangs from the ceiling.

If you love cats, this is, of course, the place for you. Small signs teach you about the names and personalities of the five or so cats that live here. They are friendly, jump up on your lap and wind between the legs and tables in the room. This is an interactive place. Yet, perhaps not the best place to relax. Whenever you settle down, you look up to find a cat staring at you, begging for attention.

It is fun, though. Cafes like this make drinking coffee even more of an experience. So yes, there is a cat café in Europe, and you should visit it.

Le Deux Moulins, Paris

If you are seeking the more traditional café experience, there is always Paris. Home of sitting outside all day, watching people and drinking coffee, France hosts the classic cafes in Europe. Le Deux Moulins is perhaps one of the most typical scenes. Located in the heart of Montmartre, is saturates the artistic, Bohemian culture that surrounds it. This area dedicated itself to the old Avant-Guard ideals. Cafes like this one keep that culture alive.

It is classic: red café awnings and wooden tables. There are hundreds scattered around Paris. What makes this one special? Just that – the quintessential French-ness. Hidden just around the corner from the Moulin Rouge, Le Deux Moulins is in the cool part of town. It was a setting for the film Amelie, a cult favorite.

Tea on the Green, Exeter

When we talk of cafes in England, we consider tea as much as we consider coffee. A great cup of tea also takes skill. Luckily, Tea on the Green in Exeter has mastered the perfect cuppa. This place holds a balance of many great things. Firstly, there is the view. The café is located in the heart of the city and lies in the shadow of the impressive Exeter Cathedral. On a lovely day, sit outside. Bask in the sunlight, watch the slow movement of people and embrace the beauty around you.

If you are traveling to England, the classic crème tea of Devon is something you must try. As the capital city of Devon, Exeter gives only the best. Enjoy a pot of tea, or a cup of coffee, and a scone with jam and cream. You will fulfill the English dream. And do so in a beautiful place.

La Pagoda, Sicily

The atmosphere makes a great café as much as the coffee does. This is why La Pagoda in Sicily is one of the best cafes in Europe. It lies right on the water in the small fishing village of Marzamemi. Location doesn’t get better than this – yet they still cater to the humble traveler. It is a single large wooden room, made of gazebos, with a fantastic ocean view. Beach cafes are always a great experience. Yet this one is not overpowering or over expensive. Instead, it is a simple local meeting spot.

In the evening, it takes on a new energy. In the happiness of a warm summer night, sit and bask in the buzzing atmosphere. People gather to share conversation and listen to the dark waves. This is the perfect place to embrace idyllic Sicilian life: relaxed and content.

Café Majestic, Portugal

Portuguese coffee has a distinct style to it. The country adopted the classic Italian style to meet its own preferences. A slow roasting of the beans at low temperatures creates its unique taste. There is no shying away from the strength of flavor – espresso cups are larger than usual. Coffee has ingrained itself into the culture, making any café in Portugal great. For one of the best, visit Porto and its Café Majestic.

It is precisely what its name suggests: majestic. It is renowned in the city, located in the busy hub and recognized by its beautiful exterior. Wood and gold make up this building. Steel railing, hanging chandeliers, and detailed architecture fills the inside. The café boasts its old-fashioned decor. The result is an unapologetic grandeur. Spoil yourself on your next travels to Porto in one of the most beautiful cafes in Europe.

Cafes in Europe hold more than just great coffee. They give the random opportunity to learn about local culture. Being a tourist is easy. There is no need to run about from site to site. Just sit in a local café for a while and watch the world go by. You will witness so much you might usually miss: native people, friendly conversations, national food, drink, and the absorption of an indefinable local atmosphere.

Do you know any more of the best cafes in Europe? Leave a comment below!


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