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Being single, just as being in a relationship is only a state – neither good nor bad in itself. It does affect one’s life, in any case. When it comes to solo vacations, many people wish they had someone to accompany them. If they do not have someone, they either give up on the idea or find it difficult to organize enjoyable solo vacations. It is important to understand alone doesn’t mean lonely. Traveling solo is different from traveling with a companion, but it does not mean it is worse, unpleasant, sad or stressful. In contrary, it has numerous advantages of which we will write below. Besides, we will also explain how to organize a perfect trip, what to take into consideration before choosing a destination or a travel agency’s offer and what to keep in mind once the holidays finally begin.

Benefits of solo vacations

  1. You can find out something new about yourself

Whether you are going for a relaxing single vacation somewhere in the Bahamas or participating in one of the adventurous solo tours to Southeast Asia, you will surely learn something about yourself. Being faced with a new environment and people you have never met before is always an experience. There aren’t any friends and acquaintances to judge or support you. You can do whatever you want, without worrying that someone from work or some family members will turn your adventures into gossips. It is also possible to approach new people or, at least, let people approach you. It is a great practice for developing social skills.

Depending on what kind of holidays you choose, you might develop your interests or find new hobbies. Some organized tours focus specifically on a given subject or activity, such as visiting museums, discovering local restaurants, learning how to dance or paint. Besides, since new people always surround you, they can inspire you to try out something you have never done before. You might end up realizing that you love swimming, or art, or cooking.

  1. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make real connections

Quite often people who travel in groups or couples tend to spend much time communicating with their travel companions. When you go for solo vacations, you do not have a boyfriend or a wife always ready to chat with you. Both you and everyone else is in the same position – they are there alone. This way you are being pushed to make connections outside of your old circles.

If you travel independently, not as a part of an organized team, you also meet people: in hostels, hotels, restaurants, on the streets. You share with them your time, stories and experiences. It is not uncommon for solo travelers to meet a travel buddy when they are already on the road. Even if you do not come across someone who’d keep you company for weeks, you might meet people to go for a drink with, do some sight-seeing together, spend a few days exploring lovely towns or national parks.

Unless you are going to a secluded place at the end of the world – you will not be alone for long. You might start the trip by yourself, but as soon as you hit the road, you will meet other tourists and travelers. So who knows, perhaps you will find a great friendship, a bit of romance or true love.

  1. It can be fabulously refreshing to get away from everything you know

Even if you have a group of friends who’re into traveling, sometimes vacationing alone is the best option. It gives you a chance to take a rest from your environment and enjoy all things new. Single adventures are exciting. People you have not met before, places you have never been to – you can discover everything around you. For a little while, you can forget your daily life with its challenges and routines. Then, when you go back, you can face it all with a clear mind and – that happens very often – appreciate your place, friends, and family even more. 

  1. Why would you stay home if you can experience something new?

Be it because of fears or doubts, people frequently prefer to stay home than exploring. Why would you do it, though? If you have a few days off and a bit of money to spend, wouldn’t it be better to use this time and resources to do something unforgettable? Don’t stay on the couch and don’t assume that just because you are single, traveling won’t be fun. It really can be. Besides, you should keep in mind that when you meet someone and decide to build a relationship, traveling will become different. Not worse, not better – just different. That is why you should make use out of this unique time and hit the road as an independent and brave individual.

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Different types of organized solo vacations

Travel agencies come up with countless ideas for solo vacations. Depending on your interests and preferences, you can choose the most suitable option.

Only solo resorts

Do you feel like to have a mellow holiday? When you imagine it, there probably aren’t big families and children playing all around your sunbed. It is possible. In many touristy places, you can now find all-inclusive solo resorts. They provide their guests with the possibility to relax amongst like-minded people. The best all inclusive resorts for solos are located in beautiful places and equipped with a variety of amenities, including swimming pools, spas, bars, and restaurants. You can enjoy all available forms of entertainment, explore nearby areas and, most importantly, mingle with other guests.

It sounds very luxurious, but you can find some cheap all inclusive adults only resorts. Most importantly, you pay once and have access to all or most of the amenities offered by your hosts. If you are looking for something equally comfortable and affordable, check such locations as, for instance, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

Adventures for solos

While a relaxing holiday on the beach can be an amazing thing for some, others prefer to be active. If you belong to those active travelers, you should consider joining one of the unique adventure tours organized by specialized travel agencies. This kind of solo vacations usually combines a bit of quiet time with some venturesome expeditions. They give you a chance to explore, but also provide with comfort and safety. You can go to climbing the mountains in North Africa, cycle around Vietnam, discover the beauty of Cuba or surf in Mexico, travel around the towns and national parks of Eastern Europe or visit Chile and Argentina with its fascinating cities, salt flats and wildlife.

During the trip, you will be accompanied by other travelers and supported by organizers. So although riding a bike in India or sleeping on an African desert might sound a bit dicey to you, a good agency will take care of your safety.

Cruises for solos

Cruises are one of the most popular forms of solo vacations – not without a reason. Many companies are offering such holidays, and they constantly try to outdo each other with their ideas. Cruising in the Caribbean, Bahamas or Europe, visiting gorgeous coastal towns in Spain or Portuguese islands, spotting Aurora on the Scandinavian sky or stopping by little, exotic Asian villages – the options are countless. The organizers do not only do their best to choose fun destinations for stopovers, but they also make sure guests will not be bored on the board. Banquets, crazy parties, and shows are on most of the ships. Many have spas, pubs, clubs and restaurants always open for the passenger.

Solo vacations tours

Somewhere in between lazy vacationing and venturesome journeys, there are tours for solos. Programs and activity levels vary depending on the target group and location. If you’re into arts you can, for example, go for a trip to Rome and explore its ruins, museums, and galleries together with a group of people who share your passion. If you love dancing or want to learn your first steps, you can go for a tour to South America, with salsa or tango lessons included. The dancing option is especially great if you’ve always had this very common problem – the lack of a partner; on courses for solos, organizers make sure there’s the same number of leaders and followers.

There are solo travel tours for foodies, history enthusiasts, nature-lovers and many other types of travelers. Some combine a few different kinds of activities – there’s a bit of sight-seeing, a bit of trekking, a bit of shopping and some blissful relaxing in spas. You can take a look at offers of various agencies and pick what suits you the most.

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Solo getaways

Do you feel stressed, tired and fed up with your daily responsibilities? If so, then it is time to take a break from it all. Sometimes the best way to recharge your batteries is to escape for a little while – and do it alone. Friends will not call you to ask for help, and the family will not complain that you did not visit them last weekend, and the neighbors will not knock your door to say the music in your flat was too loud. You will be able to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress of everyday life. Find a beautiful, quiet place somewhere in nature. Many resorts and hotels have special offers for solo travelers; some even organize retreats or weekend getaways for solos.

During such peaceful holidays, you can either socialize with other guests or quietly rest on your own. If there’s something specific you want to work on, such as writing, yoga, cooking or painting, you can find themed retreats.

Of course, you may also travel independently, yet we decided to list the most common options offered by operators for those who prefer to use the help of professionals. If you choose to organize your journey on your own, you can use these examples as a source of inspiration.

What to consider

To have the best solo vacation, you should take into consideration a few things while organizing it. Making smart choices can save you lots of unnecessary stress. We think you should be aware of a couple of things:

Which are the best solo vacations for you?

Ask yourself what you would like to do during your holidays. They organize many different trips for solo vacations. So you should not have a problem with finding something for yourself – as long as you know your priorities. Do you want to lay down on a hammock and watch the blue sky all day long? Alternatively, perhaps you prefer to run, jump, surf and fly? While a cruise is a perfect option for some, others would feel bored on the board. Adventure holidays can bring lots of fun to many travelers, but cause tiredness and stress for others. It does not mean you should not risk a bit and choose something entirely new. If you have not done something so far, it is not to say you would not enjoy it. We mean you should pick whatever appeals to you the most. Remember these holidays are only for you.

How to choose the best places to travel alone?

Destination matters a lot. Of course, if you do not want to be surrounded by couples and families, solos resorts will be better than usual, non-specialized hotels. That is not everything – the country and the city matters as well. As a party animal, you will have lots of fun on sunny, touristy islands full of clubs. As a calm bookworm interested in history, you will most likely have a nicer time if you go to some ancient capital cities. Keep in mind the choice of destination affects your company. When you decide to go to one of those sizzling islands with nightclubs, you’ll be surrounded by people who love wild partying. If you go to Paris, you might meet lots of art-lovers. If you go for a trip to Italy during which you’ll visit lots of restaurants and wineries, you can be sure to meet mainly foodies.

Characteristics of the single travel groups

Most of all, you should decide whether the age of your travel companions is important for you. There are, for example, vacations for singles over 50 or vacations for singles over 40. It can be very convenient to be surrounded only by people of the same age. You could have bigger chances of finding common subjects and interests. Although of course, diverse teams have their advantages as well and if that’s what you prefer, look for tours without age restrictions. Another thing to think of while choosing travel groups for solos is the number of participants. Some like to be a part of bigger teams, but for others, it can turn out to be intimidating or irritating, so make sure to check how many people will be in the group with you.

The general vibe

When looking through offers and checking agencies’ websites you can more or less understand what their style and target group is. There are, for example, resorts for nudists, or resorts where saucy games make a substantial part of the activities. If you feel comfortable with this, perfect, if not, you should look for another place. If you see a fancy website and pictures of Champaign in crystal glasses, you can expect the trip to be quite luxurious. When you like the idea, go for it, if it seems to sumptuous for your taste, skip it. In addition to the descriptions from websites and catalogs, you should also read the reviews. They are a reliable source of information and can help you to understand what ambiance you can expect.

How to enjoy your solo vacation

Don’t assume that, just because you are going for a vacation alone, and you will be sad and lonely. Be open and you will surely meet some beautiful people! Such a trip is a fantastic chance to be social, curious and spontaneous. Allow yourself to enjoy this time.

Besides, remember that stress can ruin what could be the best holiday. If you’re anxious about organizing things, you’ll probably be better off choosing an agency that takes care of all the arrangements. Make sure to have insurance, necessary documents, and tickets. In case you live alone, ask someone to keep an eye on your place. If you’re leaving for a longer time, give the keys to your best friend or a family member, so that they could get in, clean up the dust once in a while and water your plants. Pay all the bills and deal with the necessary stuff at work, so that those issues will not bother you.

Then, once you finally hit the road, just have fun and enjoy all the exciting things around you!

Booking solo vacations

We know it could be hard to find good travel agencies that have their specialization in single and solo vacations. One agency we can highly recommend is GAdventures. They offer great holidays for the adventure type of traveler. Also, Contiki could be worth visiting. They especially have trips for 18 to 35-year-old travelers.

Have you ever been on solo vacations? Alternatively, would you like to go? Let us know. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Also, if you like this article, please feel free to share this article with all your single friends, especially if they are unsure whether they should travel alone. Perhaps it will convince them to go for an unforgettable journey!


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