It’s hard to believe they exist until you see them – these world’s scariest bridges are impossibly frightful! If you’re an adventure-seeker and like to feel the blood running fast in your veins, you should check them out on your next trips.

  1. The Storseisundbrua, Norway

The Storseisundbrua looks like a road to nowhere. Luckily – it isn’t. It’s only an optical illusion that makes the bridge seem as if it was dramatically and suddenly ending. If you look from the wrong angle, though, it’s really hard to believe the road continues. A part of the scenic Atlantic Road, the Storseisundbrua is not only one of the world’s scariest bridges but the most scenic as well.


  1. Volgograd Bridge, Russia

The Volgograd Bridge oscillates when the weather gets windy, reminding more of a swing than a concrete construction. The bridge itself is about 7 kilometers long, but it belongs to 30 kilometers long highway route. It’s dancing above the Volga River and often gets closed to the motor traffic when the wind’s strong and the bridge’s moves get out of control. If you’re going to drive the Volgograd Bridge, be ready for some bouncing and don’t get surprised when your car gets shaky.


  1. Siduhe River Bridge, China

The highest bridge in the world, Sidhue River spans a 500-meter valley of the Sidu River. As if the height wasn’t enough, it’s also very long – over 1200 meters. This beautiful suspension bridge is a part of the Huyu G50 expressway connecting Shanghai and Chongqing. G50 is a mountain pass known both because of the spectacular views it offers and the dangers that come in the package together with those views.


  1. Peak Walk, Swiss Alps

This pedestrian suspended bridge is just as scary as scenic. Linking two marvelous peaks in the Swiss Alps, the Peak Walk is hanging about 3000 meters above the sea level. Besides of being one of the world’s scariest bridges, it’s also the first suspended bridge connecting mountain peaks. It’s over 100 meters long and very narrow – less than 1 meter. Even though it might be terrifying, the walk is definitely worth a bit of stress. The views of Alps (including Mont Blanc) are even more breath-taking than the height.


  1. Aiguille du Midi Bridge, The French Alps

The Alps have more frightening bridges you can visit. This one is located in the French part of the mountain range. It’s very short, but you most likely wouldn’t want it to be longer. At about 3800 meters above the sea level, the walk, even though short, brings up a lot of emotions, from fear to astonishment.


  1. Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan

When looking at Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, you might think it’s just a forgotten antique, not something that’s still being used. Well, surprise – even though the bridge is not well maintained and absolutely horrifying, it’s still carrying out its duty. Located in the Southern Japanese Alps, the bridge is remote and to reach it you must climb a side of the mountain (this climb isn’t less scary than walking on the bridge). The bridge is over 60 years old, but if someone told you it was built centuries ago, you’d probably believe.

  1. Estrada Puerto Suarez, Bolivia

A nightmare of drivers, the Estrada Puerto Suarez is unstable, long and has only one lane. Sounds bad enough, doesn’t it? But it’s not the end. The bridge is constantly used by trains, so you need to be excellent at maths to calculate if you’ll have enough time to cross it before one of them appears.

  1. The Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, New Zealand

Walking on the Kawarau Bridge is scary enough, but to seriously raise the adrenaline level, you should jump off it. It’s a popular spot for bungee jumps. It’s suspended 43 meters above the Kawarau River in the South Island of New Zealand.


  1. The Langkawi Skybridge, Malaysia

The Langkawi Skybridge is located 660 meters above sea level and can only be reached by cable car, so be ready for a double portion of emotions. It’s a great chance to overcome the head for heights because views are rewarding. The bridge itself is wonderfully designed and the views it offers make it even more spectacular.


  1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Before it got surpassed by the Liuguanghe Bridge in China, the Royal Gorge Bridge was the highest of all bridges. Even though no more the highest, it’s still among world’s scariest bridges. It’s situated in a theme-park in Colorado, so both the uniqueness and the location make it a popular tourist attraction.


  1. The Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, Nepal

Most of the hanging bridges are horrifying, but the Hanging Bridge of Ghasa stands out. It’s high, shaky and spine-chilling, but there’s one thing that makes it particularly unique. It was built mostly for the local farmers who had to walk their animals up and down the narrow roads. The traffic lead to congestion and the bridge’s role is eliminating it. That’s why while having a walk on the Hanging Bridge of Ghasa you can pass some adorable Nepalese animals.


Are you scared yet? If reading about the world’s scariest bridges isn’t enough to give you chills, you should really try walking on one of them.


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