There is a charming place in the small country of Republic of Macedonia where the colors of nature can instantly take your breath away. Matka is visited by thousands of tourists every year; this place is a must if you are on your way to visit the capital of Macedonia – Skopje. And the best thing about this top attraction is that it is easily accessible and you can decide upon a lot of exciting activities to do here. But let’s go one step at a time, okay?

Visit the fascinating Canyon Matka

Located west of Skopje, there is a beautiful place where you can let your mind wander and sigh from the natural beauty surrounding you. This place, the canyon Matka, is trendy among the tourists visiting this part of Europe. However, it is not only a tourist attraction as many people living in the capital visit Matka on a regular basis. At weekends it is the perfect escape from the busy and dynamic life.


The Matka Lake that is located within the Matka Canyon is known to be the oldest artificial lake in the country. It is one of the best things about this place, especially if you get to enjoy all of the canyon’s colors reflected in the lake. The Matka Lake is also perfect for some water activities when the weather is nice, and the water is not that cold.

Enter some of the caves of Canyon Matka

As far as caves are concerned, Canyon Matka consists of ten of these unusual rock formations. Some of them are quite short in length, the shortest being 20 meters. On the other hand, the longest cave in this area is 176 meters long. However, the most famous cave in Matka is known as the Vrelo Cave.

The Vrelo Cave is located on the right bank of the Treska River and is recognized as one of the top 77 natural sites in the world with the latest New7Wonders of Nature project. Even though this information is not official, it is assumed that the Vrelo Cave is the world’s deepest underwater cave. Because of its fascinating look from the inside and the story connected to the cave, it is one of the greatest attractions when it comes to the Canyon Matka. If you’re interested in visiting this part of the canyon, then make sure to book a tour and visit the cave with special equipment.


Matka is also known to be a home of several historic churches and monasteries. Some of them are quite old like for example the Monastery of the Holy Mother of God that is located on the left bank of Treska is built in the 14th century. The location of these churches is interesting as there is one monastery called St. Nicholas that is located on a cliff above the canyon.

How to access Matka

The canyon is just a half-hour drive from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. It is quite easy to get to this lovely destination, and if you don’t have a car, then it is no problem. You can catch a bus from the center of the city that will take you directly to the lovely canyon. It is comfortable and convenient; you just have to check for the schedule online or ask the local tourist center.

Another more interesting way to get to the canyon is probably to hike from the mountain Vodno in Skopje to the canyon. This is ideal for those who love outdoor activities and like to explore the natural paths of this part of Macedonia. However, don’t get too stressed about the difficulty of the route since it is not required to be a professional to get from one place to the other. It is just important to be in good condition and to be able to walk all the way from the mountain to Matka, a route that lasts for approximately 3 and a half hours.

access Matka

Take time off at some of the restaurants

On your journey, you will encounter many places at Matka that will seem like the perfect spot to sit down, stop everything and take some rest at some of the restaurants and cafes at the canyon. Apart from the delicious food, the restaurants here offer a great sight of the lovely surrounding. At weekends these places are quite crowded, so visit Matka during the weekdays.

Engage in some exciting activities

If you decide just to sit and relax, then this is a perfect place for you. However, this site also offers an opportunity for many other exciting activities. Check out the following top activities to do at Matka, the main reason why many tourists even visit this destination in the first place.

Try out rock climbing at Matka

Every year this sport is getting more and more popular among the people in Macedonia, and its success is spreading even wider than the borders of the country. People that love mountain and rock climbing often come to Matka to experience this magnificent canyon. If you are interested, then you should know that the climbing season usually begins around Easter and ends in November.

interesting activities

Go kayaking on the river Treska

This is something that is popular lately, and people are just mad about trying kayaking at the river Treska. Tourists are seriously lining up to get a few hours of kayaking here because the experience is unbelievable.

But apart from this leisure activity, there are also many competitions in kayaking organized here. So in case, you would not like to try kayaking yourself, but you still like to get a taste of this exciting water sport then you can always go to Treska River and get a glimpse of this fascinating sport.

There is no doubt that the canyon Matka is one of the top attractions a tourist should visit when he/she goes to Macedonia. Every citizen of Skopje recommends this place as one of the must-visit places a tourist should visit while staying at Skopje. So make sure not to miss such an ideal location, a destination that looks just like from your deepest and loveliest imagination.


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