Are you a passionate nature lover? Do you find it amusing to explore the wonders of this planet? In that case, we might have one additional place to add to your bucket list. Have you heard about the Iguazu National Park?

Visit Iguazu National Park – a destination divided between two countries

This unbelievable destination cannot be found in one but two beautiful countries located in South America. As you might have guessed, we are talking about Brazil and Argentina. These lovely countries share a national park, which is of great significance for the countries when it comes to tourism. Usually, people love visiting national parks, especially ones that are extraordinary and exciting. Well, that is how we would describe Iguazu National Park.

As we said, the exact location is not settled in one country but both Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu National Park is one whole area; however, every state takes care of its part. They also have the same name but different pronunciation. In case you want to see the park from a different perspective, you have to prepare the necessary documents if you are willing to pass the border control and get to the other side.

Iguazu National Park

Which side of Iguazu National Park is better – the Brazilian or Argentinian?

This is something many tourists wonder about before they visit this lovely destination. And because we are talking about a desirable tourist destination of South America, it is pretty tough to decide on the best side. The ideal solution would be to visit both sides and experience the nature from different perspectives. But since tourists face different types of limitations, they may not be able to visit both sides and therefore have to decide which one to visit. Unfortunately, we don’t have the right answer as a correct answer does not even exist. Some say “Argentina has the waterfalls, but Brazil has the balconies.” This may be true, but it depends on the preferences of the tourists visiting Iguazu National Park. Therefore we encourage you to visit the Iguazu National Park, regardless of which country you decide upon.

Brazilian or Argentinian

Iguazu Falls – Top attraction of Iguazu National Park

The falls of Iguazu might be the most spectacular water wonder you will encounter on our planet. And they are utterly mind-blowing. An interesting fact about them is that they are located right on the border between Brazil and Argentina. How great it is that the main attraction of this park can be seen from both sides?

The fascinating waterfalls of the Iguazu River are the most important thing to see when you are visiting the national park. The name itself comes from the word Iguazu which is a combination of the words “big” and “water.” And if you see it, you will get it immediately since the plateau where the river is flowing, and the waterfalls are falling is amazingly huge. There are approximately 275 falls in this area, accounting for 20% as part of Brazil and the other 80% belong to Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

Dare to approach the Devil’s Throat

You might think that we are talking about a terrifying and exciting place and trust me – you are not wrong. The devil’s throat is the greatest spot at the Iguazu National Park for the actual adrenaline seekers. Originally called the Garganta del Diablo, this phenomenon is a long and narrow chasm where half of the river’s flow falls. Looking at it from above, it looks like a giant crack in the surface where most of the waterfalls. After experiencing this part of Iguazu, people struggle to find words that can adequately explain how they feel after they saw the Devil’s Throat.

This U-shaped chasm is 82 meters high, 150 meters wide and 700 meters long, so you can easily understand why it is tough to catch up every detail of the Devil’s Throat. This is why tourists always say that they want to come back again and see more of it. The walkway along the canyon provides an excellent view of the waterfall and gives you a little taste of the Devil’s Throat. At one point of the walkway, there is a spot where a person can stand and feel the magic while being surrounded by 260 degrees of waterfalls. Amazing, isn’t it?

Garganta del Diablo

Exciting activities you should try out at Iguazu National Park

It’s enough that you can just walk around the paths of this park and enjoy your time in the rainforest and beneath the waterfalls. Your time will pass so quickly that it will make you wish you had more hours to see everything, even if that is quite impossible. However, there are things you can do that will even improve your impression of the park and increase the expectations for future visits to other national parks. Have you thought about trying these activities out?

Fly with a helicopter above the Iguazu

If you are interested in flying above the waterfalls to experience an aerial view, then you have you to bear in mind that those kinds of activities are only available from Brazil. Argentina has banned flying with a helicopter above Iguazu because of the various consequences it applies on flora and fauna of the falls. However, one thing is for sure – the view from up above is spectacular!

iguazu helicopter

Go on a boat tour through the Iguazu River

In case you are not completely satisfied with just a walk through the long walkways and you need to experience the waterfalls from a different perspective then we have the solution for you. In the national park, there is an inflatable boat service that takes visitors closer to the falls. You can feel like you are one with nature just by feeling the water of the falls sprinkling down your skin.

iguazu boat

Watch the full moon above the falls

This event is described as “A one-of-a-kind show that must be seen.” And the description says it all. There is nothing as stunning as watching the full moon above the waters of the Iguazu National Park. The secret to this fantastic event is to check the calendar dates of any of the four seasons when you can expect a full moon in this part of the world. The spectacular colors show that the moon provides make the tourists want to freeze the moment and enjoy it for eternity. And above all that, there are special night tours that enable this beautiful fairytale to become your dream come true.

Take a swim in the waters of the falls

Now, this is an activity that will seem pretty easy for you, although it requires for visitors to be extra cautious. Swimming in the waterfalls is not like in the movies. You can experience severe consequences if you try to be brave hearted and too adventurous. The Devil’s Throat pulls down the waters with an incredible force so a simple wave can quickly take you away. Therefore it is important to notice that you cannot swim everywhere in this park.

However, there are some spots where the falls are small and allow for some water fun. In this case, it is best to consult with your tour guide. Also, at some places, you might encounter naturally made pools with a fantastic view. Tourists sometimes enter the waters of these pools, but if you are not an experienced swimmer or you just don’t feel comfortable swimming there, then it is better not to try out at all. There are plenty of other stuff you can do at the park and plenty of other ways to enjoy your time there.

plants and animals

Check out the incredible species of plants and animals

Whenever you think that you have seen it all, the Iguazu National Park will keep surprising you. Along the way through the forest, you might encounter various types of plants and animals you have probably never seen before. The extraordinary variety of trees and flowers will give you the impression that you are on another planet. That is how incredible the vegetation develops in here.

But apart from the trees and flowers, what tourists find incredibly amusing, is the different types of animals they don’t get to see every day, not even on TV. Can you imagine a day spent while being surrounded by the giant otter, jaguar Panthera onca, giant anteater, ocelot a.k.a., dwarf leopard, tiger-cat, jaguarondi, bush-dog, a capuchin monkey and many other adorable and rare animals? The wildlife here is delicious and authentic, even though many of the animals are quite vulnerable. There are also plenty of different types of birds and reptiles you might find amusing encountering along the way through the rainforest.

This magnificent Iguazu National Park in South America is worth every dollar, so better start planning your trip immediately. There is no doubt why a few years ago it was chosen as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Share this article with the people you want to be part of your Iguazu adventure and start counting the days to your visit to this fantastic national park.


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