Vacations for singles have become quite popular recently, and it’s not without reason. This way of spending holidays is not only practical but also fun and pleasant. You don’t have to worry anymore that your solo holidays will be boring or sad. This era has ended. Whether there’s nobody you can go with for holidays, or you simply prefer to go alone and meet new people, plus you’re in your 40ties, this is something for you. Here you’ll find some useful info and ideas for singles vacations over 40.

Advantages of singles vacations over 40

  1. Having company

You avoid the difficulties of traveling alone and don’t have to worry about finding company. Yes, traveling as a single can be amazing, but if you simply don’t want to dine in excellent restaurants alone and wonder what to do in the evenings, then organized vacations are the best option. You’re with a group, which means whenever you feel like to talk to someone, there’s a person next to you. You can share the experiences and enjoy discovering new places together.

  1. Being with similar people

You’re in a group of individuals in the same age, and that’s very practical. You have many commons and, very likely, a similar view on life. You don’t have to spend time with college graduates who only want to party or elderly vacationers with goals entirely different than yours.

  1. Stress-less traveling

If organizing trips aren’t your thing, then joining a tour makes traveling way easier. No need to stress about booking hotels, buses or entrance tickets.

  1. Saving up some money

Traveling with a group often means saving money. It’s annoying when you want to stay in a lovely hotel, but then it turns out prices for single rooms are just unbearable. When booking via single-specific vacation, the organizer may pair compatible and like-minded individuals and save them some expenses.

  1. Having a chance of meeting someone special

Since during a singles vacation over 40 you’re surrounded by people who’re unattached, your chances of meeting a significant other get much bigger. Not only you get to meet many single people, you all certainly have similar interest, since you choose the same trip. You’re also in the same age. Besides, sharing a journey is a wonderful way to get to know someone. You have time to talk, get excited about new things you see and do, you feel happier and more confident. It’s a great way to meet someone and experience something truly romantic.

How are the groups made

Organizers seldom arrange groups on a random basis. Organizers usually combine groups taking into consideration not only age but also interests, styles, and occupations. This way, during your singles vacations over 40, you’ll meet people with a similar lifestyle and way of thinking. It makes the communication much simpler.

Matching tours to your interests

Travelling is not only moving from one place to another, but it’s also a fabulous opportunity to develop your interests and gain new skills. Travel agencies offer lots of tours, many of them focusing on specific themes. Themes could be for example dance, painting, cycling, diving vacations and a lot more. You can pack your bag and go to Italy to become a pizza master or head to Turkey and learn how to make the best baklava. Skiing, sailing, painting, and Pilates are also optional main themes you can consider. Many organizers offer yoga retreats, detox retreats, surfing trips, sightseeing or eco tours.

If there’s one particular place you’re particularly passionate about, that’s also possible, of course. Go to discover Eastern Europe, discuss with your travel-mates, find out what they know about these places and why they were interested in visiting them, speak foreign languages and learn from each other. Or take a trip to Paris and visit all fascinating museums this city houses, while being in the company of people who love art just as much as you do. Options are nearly endless.

Cruises for singles

Cruises are one of the most popular forms of singles vacations over 40. There are even companies specializing only in organizing this kind of cruises. They have a variety of offers to people who are 40 plus. One of them is a cruise around New England and Eastern Canada. If you prefer sunnier places over cold places, then go to explore the Western Caribbean. Sunbathe, swim in the turquoise water and taste the finest seafood. Not only the cruises take you to captivating places, being on a boat is an experience in itself. Organizers make their best to prepare as many fun activities as possible.

Spas, cocktail parties, speed dating, dance classes, it’s all standard and available during most cruises. Read all about it in our article about cruises for singles over 40 and have a look at the countless possibilities for cruises for singles. Besides, during all of these activities you have the right company. You don’t have to worry about finding a partner to attend the dance class with or someone to share a couple of drinks and conversations in a bar. Getting into a romantic adventure or finding the love of your life is entirely possible. But even if that doesn’t happen, making some great friends is almost guaranteed. You have enough experience and common ground to communicate well and have fun together.

All-inclusive resorts for singles

The all-inclusive approach to package vacations became popular during the 1980s, and so it has stayed, still is one of the most known ways to travel. People pay an initial fee for each option of an all-inclusive holiday. Therefore, as long as the holidaymaker stays on predetermined property, drinks, food, accommodation, entertainment and airport transfers are all covered.

Thanks to that you don’t have to count the money during your stay, you pay once, and the stress is over. This kind of vacations often features on-site singles coordinator. The organizer’s role is to recommend matches, based on surveys that are taken when customers initially make their reservations. The next step is arranging social events in like-minded pairs and groups. It reminds online dating sites, but in real life. Besides, you can, of course, find the right company within the group.

How to get stress free singles vacations?

Finding vacations that are organized specially for singles isn’t always easy as many travel organizations have other priorities. Vacations for singles are labeled as if they are especially for singles, but in the end, you will be mixed up in the same hotel as other guests. It’s just so much more interesting to find the vacations that fit the best with single people. A great travel agency for single vacations is Trafalgar. They have a category for single and solo travelers. Have a look at their website.

The yoga retreats, for example, you can find them on this website. If you like working on your health, don’t forget to see the detox retreats at this site, they are ideal for singles as well.

For the surfing vacations mentioned in this article, have a look at You will find only surf camps, highly recommended.

To become a better cook, you should see this website. They offer only cooking and culinary vacations, fascinating and perfect for singles.

Whatever activity you like, there is plenty to do for people over 40. Did you enjoy a great single vacation that you need to share? Leave a reply below.


    • Dear Konnie, thank you for your comment. If you look at the end of the article, their is a link to our partner that is specialised in single vacations. They also offer a lot of cruises. They are a trusted partner that we highly can recommend to any single. Let me know if you need any help.

  1. 55 years old single male….looking for a great all-inclusive vacation in the caribbean….looking for beautiful beaches, healthy food, exercise, and fun, good company. any suggestions?

    • Hi Michelle, I’m sorry to say but for beach holidays especially for single people is very hard to find. Most of the single vacations are not only for singles, but you will be mixed up with a group of other guests as well. That’s why we also advise doing a theme vacation such as Yoga retreats. Those vacations are excellent for singles, and some are also near the beach. The Yoga I can highly advise. Wish you good luck finding the perfect holiday. Please share your experience with us.

  2. I think it’s a great idea for singles group tours – I went on a similar tour when I was in my twenties, only it was designed for people in their twenties, and it was great. I met lots of people with similar interests, the activities were designed for our age group and I made a tonne of friends. It also took all the stress out of the trip because everything was planned and organised for me, all I needed to do was show up, relax and have an awesome time. I definitely recommend trying out one of these tours.

  3. Looking for singles holidays in Victoria and across rest of Australia.
    Age range 40s to 50s. Wanting to meet new like minded people and hopefully that special lady.


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