Full English breakfast is one of the old breakfast servings still existing today, and you can find it in virtually all modern top-star restaurants and hotels. Although this breakfast is quite popular and easy to prepare, there are many varying recipes out there some of which never result in the delicious, nutritious meal that is expected of a typical English breakfast. To make the full breakfast as it should be, there are a few things to note. Here is the complete description of a full English breakfast. However, it is important to acknowledge that this breakfast usually accommodates various additions (especially of cooked foods) and can be modified slightly to fit what you are working with.

Food items needed for a typical English breakfast

A typical English breakfast refers to a breakfast meal that comprises eggs, bacon, sausages and a variety of cooked foods like beans. It also includes drinks such as coffee or tea. This breakfast is quite popular in the UK and is offered in different restaurants and pubs throughout the day. It has many regional names that are derived from its preparation and service. One of the common names is fry-ups because almost everything (with exception of the drinks) is fried. The main ingredients and food items used in the preparation of this breakfast include the following;

• Bacon – traditionally, the back bacon was used although any bacon will still do
• Eggs – fried, scrambled or poached, whichever suits you cover
• Tomatoes – fried or grilled
• Mushrooms – fried
• Bread or bread toast – fried with butter. Fried oatcakes can also replace the bread
• Sausages
• Baked beans
• Black pudding
• Hash browns
• Bubble and squeak
• Mug of tea or coffee


As aforementioned, the full English breakfast is quite versatile and can be manipulated to include various items. The listed items are only the basic foods that must appear before the breakfast qualifies to be full English. Other food items that you can throw in include pancakes, potatoes, white/black pudding and fried liver/kidney.

Equipment and supplies

To prepare typical English breakfast, you will need a few equipment and supplies. You do not necessarily need all of them. There are various ways to get what you want. However, some of the essential supplies and equipment is necessary for delicious meals to include the following;

• Heat source – preferably stove heat which is more comfortable to adjusts
• Skillet and pans of different sizes
• Hot plate and large plate for service
• Tossing spoons
• Some oil and appropriate condiments

The typical English breakfast has a slim equipment requirement. The main process of preparing this breakfast is frying, and you can use the same pans to fry your sausages and bacon. Some families opt to make their bread which will take much longer and needs extra equipment. You can just buy one instead.


Preparation method

Preparing an English breakfast can be quite time-consuming particularly because there are many foods included. You will need to prepare and serve all the foods independently which requires a couple of hours. However, you can start baking the beans and other items that take much longer the previous night and store them in the fridge so you will only have to warm them.

• Sausages also take longer to cook. They can take up to 12 minutes to complete. Simply purchase freshly made sausages (still raw) then fry them in a pan and thin oil until they turn dark brown.
• Although toasting the bread with butter will still work just fine, it is often considered best to fry the bread to produce the distinct (slightly burnt) flavor.
• Clean the mushrooms without washing them. Slice them in standard sizes and then add them to a different pan with preheated vegetable oil. Using gentle heat, toss and stir the mushrooms for about five minutes and place them on a hot plate.
• Using the same pan that fried the sausages, cook the bacon rashers turning them after every 1-2 minutes
• Cook your baked beans over gentle heat in a saucepan. It is advisable to use stove heat for the beans
• To save time, crack your eggs as you continue to turn the sausages and bacon. Place some oil in the pan and wait for the eggs to turn opaque.
• Fry the tomatoes (halved) or you can just grill them and leave them to cool off.

Once all your items are cooked and ready, place them on a large plate and serve with a cup of tea or coffee. Some people prefer to wash it down with a glass of juice although hot tea makes the perfect drink for an English breakfast. The black pudding, potatoes, hash browns, bubble, and squeak are additional items that can be added to make the breakfast heavier and more diverse.


English breakfast variations

Although the English breakfast is immediately associated with England, the recipe is quite similar to others used in Ireland, Scotland and surrounding regions. The only difference is a few items. Irish breakfast, for instance, includes potato bread, soda bread and fried kidneys, tomato ketchup and brown sauce. Scottish lunch includes fruit pudding, black and white pudding, haggis and oatcakes as well as potato bread. Ulster fry, on the other hand, has three fried furls (soda, wheaten, and potato) as well as ketchup, brown sauce, eggs, sausages, and bacon. Although the breakfast is often referred to as fry-ups, many ingredients are grilled rather than fried especially in the Ulster fry.

A typical English breakfast is so popular and delicious that restaurants do not only restrict this menu for lunch. It is popular to order the fry-ups at any time of the day. Besides, it includes various heavy foods that are perfect for lunch and supper. When you include baked beans, potatoes, sausages, mushrooms, eggs, bread and a glass of juice in the mix, you will be full enough for the night.


The English breakfast is a standard offer in most high-star hotels and restaurants. Families also have different styles used to achieve the meal, and you can add various items to the above list. It is advisable to purchase fresh ingredients and prepare your kitchen for convenient preparation. Have different pans and plates around to give room for holding different foods and prevent contamination. A full breakfast is quite nutritious and offers all the essential nutrition of a balanced diet comprising carbs, protein, vegetable, and vitamins. It is also reasonably expensive than others.


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