The city of Milan, one of the most visited Italian towns, is a lovely destination with plenty of tourists and things to do and experience. However, if you’re not hanging out with locals or you don’t live in the city, then you probably have the general opinion of this town that many people tend to nurture. If you are asked about Milan, you will probably answer that it is the city of fashion, a place for the fancy people to show off, a runway rather than a destination for everyone.

The city of Milan is fashion and style

Well, it’s no wonder that you’ll associate this town with the high class of people, the modern ones that love to go shopping and want to be seen in fancy locals, but it would be a shame to think that Milan is just this. Every corner in Italy has its spirit, where diversity is being praised. So, a big city like Milan can be known for its various high-class stores and high-end fashion, but there’s a lot more you can discover in such destination. And if you are a fan of the alternative parts of Milan, then we can help you explore it.

milan fashion

Places to go out at night

Italians love when it’s Aperitivo Time, and they all go out in bars and cafes, eager to enjoy their time chatting and drinking Aperol Spritz with some snacks. Since this is a pre-dinner drink, Italians usually go to a bar afterward and continue their party by going to a big fancy club. And Milan is full of this kind of clubs.

However, if you want to meet the soul of the city, then we recommend you a different agenda. When the sun starts setting down, go to the store to take some drinks and snacks like beers or wine or whatever you prefer and head down to Navigli District. The district is known by its Naviglio Grande canal, a great place for a pre-dinner walk, a scenic corner that will make you fall in love with its sunset colors. Afterwards go to the dock of Porta Ticinese, which is more commonly known as Darsena, and find a spot to settle down and drink your beverages in the company of your friends. This place is extraordinary, yet it is never extremely crowded as you can always find a place to sit and relax. It is populated by young people, so you’ll like the spirit of Darsena. And while you’re there, check out the colorful graffiti house on Viale Gorizia.

milan navigli district

Another great way to enjoy your drink in the company of young people is to sit in the area of Colonne di San Lorenzo, Roman ruins located in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, a place close to the center of Milan.

Worship the street art

The irreplaceable beauty of street art is that it shows up unexpectedly, hidden in various corners of the city, affecting the spectator immediately and fooling him/her into a state of admiration. And when it comes to stunning graffiti and fantastic murals, then Milan is no exception to be mentioned as a city welcoming this type of art. Plus, the great thing is – Italy has many talented souls to present to the world, artists like Zed1, Never2051, Vesod, Moneyless, Peeta, Sten & Lex, Blu, Agostino Lacurci, Pixel Pancho, Alo and many others with incredible works of art spread throughout Italy and abroad.

Interesting about Milan is that murals and graffiti can surprise you by showing up at places you wouldn’t expect to see. Street art is also present in the form of colored street pillars, designed sewer covers and painted electric boxes. One of the most incredible murals in the city of Milan is the work done by Millo, a famous artist that has painted a mural on one building and then made an additional part of the same piece on the neighboring building. This modest masterpiece can be found in what is known to be “Parco Della Cultura,” where you can catch a breath from your busy day of sightseeing and sit down on the benches to admire the beautiful work of art. Another great mural you’ll be sorry to miss is created by the famous Blu, and it’s located on the walls of the station Lambrate. Nevertheless, there are plenty of murals and graffiti throughout the city so take your time to explore them.

Parco della Cultura

Enjoy some free exhibitions

Milan is definitely a destination where plenty of tourists go every year, and due to the high standard, it might feel like it’s a bit more costly than another metropolis. And since it is expected from you to spend a lot of money here, you will rarely find a ticket-free museum or gallery. But if you’re looking for some hidden exhibitions that won’t make you spend a dollar, then we can help you.

If you’re interested in the worldwide famous punk band Sex Pistols and their story, the ideas of the musicians and the impression of the collaborators, then you should head to the second floor of Corso Como Café. Here you will find a cool exhibition with main posters of the band and its members, but you can also find a charming and nicely decorated bookstore with a big book choice. Also, if you go on the third floor, you will manage to sit in the glass garden, which looks like it was created for a hidden, romantic date.

milan city

Free shows and exhibitions also vary due to the time of the year and the type of the exhibition. But if you’re interested in finding some free exhibitions, then follow the events organized in the former Pirelli factories.

Parks to relax in the city of Milan

For a big city such as Milan, citizens can proudly say that they have a lot of green areas spread throughout the whole city. This is great since plenty of people go there to relax, read a book, play with a ball, drink beer, listen to music, take their dog for a walk or even sunbathe. For this purpose everyone would probably first recommend Parco Sempione since it’s located in the city center and it’s enormous, offering enough space and scenic sights to its visitors. However, if you don’t want to be bothered by tourists, then you can visit some of the less popular but still amazing parks like Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, Parco Lambro, Parco di Trenno, etc.

milan park

Fall in love with the alternative side of Milan

If you’re thinking about visiting the city of Milan, then don’t forget that this city is not all about the Duomo and the fancy shops and clubs, but there are other interesting things to see and experience. Visit the city of Milan and its alternative corners, get a taste of the side of the city that people enjoy but rarely talk about.


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