Even though many people think of it as a sport for the rich people, golf is played by a lot of people throughout the world, regardless of their status. Of course, some tend to pay a lot of money for expensive equipment and clothes, but what most passionate golfers are looking for is an excellent and smooth golf course, where they can ultimately enjoy every single swing and hit the ball into the target.

Luckily, the earth is populated with plenty of fantastic golf courses that are adapted by people, but mostly look like they are created naturally. Another great thing about them is that they are spacious and located mainly in the outdoors, letting you enjoy all the freedom while you’re playing your favorite sport. But having so many golf courses in the world, you might find it hard to decide which ones are the greatest ones. That is why we decided to ease your pain by going through the numerous golf courses in America and present you the fascinating ones there are. Here are some of the most excellent golf courses in the US that will take your breath away:

Pebble Beach

The Pebble Beach Golf Course makes it hard to just play golf without staring at the view. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and located along the rugged coastline of California, part of the course (particularly hole #7) lies on cliffs above the water’s edge, presenting some gorgeous views! The green fees are among the highest of the courses. The PGA Tour and Champions Tour have annual events here, and many other tournaments and championships have been hosted here as well. It is also seen in video games such as Tiger Woods PGA tour series and the Links series.

Augusta Golf Course

This famous course is located in Augusta, Georgia and is among the most famous in the world. It opened in 1933 and had hosted the legendary Masters Tournament since 1934. The club is known for its strict membership policies and only recently in 2012 started granting women memberships. They stress that they are a private organization and will remain so. The course was formerly a plant nursery, and each hole is named after a piece of vegetation that has become associated with it. The course has several features that are well known. The “Big Oak Tree” was planted in the mid-1800s and can be found on the side of the clubhouse. Nelson Bridge is located on hole 13 and is impressive stonework over Rae’s creek. The Founders Circle is a memorial to commemorate Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, located near the end of Magnolia Lane. This course is challenging, beautiful and famous and has much more features to see.

Pine Valley

Located in southern New Jersey is one of the top golf courses and clubs in the U.S. It was ranked the number one course in the U.S. and world by Golf Magazine in 2012. The architecture of the course is fantastic and challenging. The designer George Crump made the course so players could not see any other hole other than the one they were playing on and no hole would is parallel to the next. He also designed it so no two consecutive holes would be played in the same direction. The challenge factor, as well as the quality of the course, is highly praised. Shuttles run back and forth to the Philadelphia airport, and there are places to stay close by. Memberships are highly exclusive here. The course hasn’t hosted many major events due to the lack of space to hold thousands of spectators. The course has no desire or plans to change the challenging number one course anytime soon.

National Golf Links of America

Covering over 200 acres, the National Golf Links of America is a private, 18-hole course located in Southampton, New York. Designer Charles MacDonald schooled at Scotland’s St. Andrews school and wanted to design a course that would rival golf courses overseas. It opened in 1911 and today is known for its exclusivity of its members and strict access. Many of the holes are named after holes on courses or after courses themselves in the British Isles such as the Eden, Bottle, Sahara, Alps, and Redan. It was ranked 15ht in the top 100 courses according to Golf Digest in 2009.


This course has been called the “hardest course in America” by player Jordan Speidmont. Located in Pittsburg, the course is playing host to the 2016 U.S. Open. It is notorious for its bunkers, over 200 of them built into the course. The greens are large, fast and challenging to any player with skill. It opened in 1903 and was constructed on farmland using over 100 men and a couple of dozen mule teams. Trees were added later in the 1950s, and most of the course is original except for hole #8. The course is also known for its slope, particularly on holes # 1, 3, 10 and 12. One of the most famous features are the church pew bunkers. There are 12 grass-covered ridges divided by sand that look like church pews between the 3rd and 4th holes. This course has been consistently ranked in the top 5 and is a challenge to all who play.

Fishers Island

Located at the eastern end of Fishers Island of New York, this course is famous for its steeply-banked bunkers and geometric greens. It has been ranked in the top ten courses in the U.S. and opened in 1962. The majority of the holes have ocean views of the Atlantic, and the scenery is beautiful. It was designed by Seth Raynor and Charles Banks and is a stunning 18-hole golf course appreciated by all who play it. The course has also been called the “Cypress Point of the East,” and “The Big Club,” by its members. The holes were designed after classics from other courses like the Redan, Punchbowl, Alps, Cape, and Eden.

Chambers Bay

This golf course overlooks the scenic Puget Sound in Washington State. Tree-lined banks, blue water along with massive sand traps, unpredictable winds and wide fairways make this course challenging enough to hold the U.S. Open tournament in 2015. While many of the courses on this list are historical in creation, this course is newer to the game, having been constructed in 2007. It is open to the public for those who want to try their skill and luck. The course has over 250 acres and is considered a British links-style course. The course is only for walking. Carts are available for those with medical conditions or disabilities. Enjoy the lovely views surrounding the fairways and have some fun at your favorite sport.

Bay Harbor Golf Club

Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, the Bay Harbor Golf Club provides golf courses as seen only in your dreams. The long green fields perfectly shaped and marked are great for golfers to enjoy their heaven on earth. Despite its reputation of one of the nation’s most beautiful courses, the Bay Harbor Golf Club is also known to have the most challenging golf courses, which is even more interesting and attractive for professional golfers. The Bay Harbor Golf Club is known to showcase 27 holes of play consisting of three distinct courses. Each district provides a unique experience, having to surround the golfers with the rocky parts, the pleasant wind and the magic waves approaching the coast. The place is so perfect that you can even have your wedding organized at the golf courses.

Spyglass Hill Golf Course

A golf course at the beach? Say nothing more! The Spyglass Hill Golf Course is located on the Monterey Peninsula and is part of the Pebble Beach, owned by the Pebble Beach Company. It was established in 1966, and initially, it was called the Pebble Beach Pines Golf Club. It counts some 18 holes, and it is a place where a lot of golf events and golf tournaments are being held, like the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. But apart from its history, what you should be aware of is that this golf course offers some stunning views of seaside dunes, something that will not only make you enjoy your game entirely but also motivate you to be better at it. Apart from the fantastic time, you can have to play golf here, remember that this club offers a lot of other activities where the people that have joined you on your trip can also enjoy. And the place is impressive even if you only decide to walk and sightsee.

Whistling Straits Golf Course

If you’re into combining golf with luxury, then this is the place to be. Whistling Straits is a 36-hole golf course, established in 1998. The Straits Course is known to replicate the ancient seaside links courses of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Nevertheless, this place is huge and is great for hosting golf tournaments. That’s why this year, among the many others, the course hosted the PGA Championship for the third time in 2015. For golfers, this is a great place for playing their favorite sport, since many professional golfers have placed their feet and enjoyed a few matches at this fascinating golf course. The best part of a day spent at the Whistling Straits Golf Course must be when the sun goes down, as it leaves the impression that you’re currently at your dream destination.

Torrey Pines Golf Course

The Torrey Pines Golf Course is a 36-hole municipal public golf facility that sits on the coastal cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was established quite some time ago in 1957 in the city of San Diego. The Torrey Pines Golf Course is an excellent place for people that like golf but don’t know how to play since there are plenty of golf lessons organized at the fields. Within the golf course, there’s also a home and recreation park that offers you plenty of activities and ways to enjoy your free time and rest after a busy day.

Bethpage Black Golf Course

The Bethpage Black Course is a public golf course on Long Island and is known to be the most difficult of the five courses at Bethpage State Park. The enormous green fields and various trees surrounding you will help you rest your mind and body, forget about the problems you’re currently facing and enjoy a long and pleasant match of golf. It is a real escape from the everyday life, and it works as a natural kind of rehab.

Cantigny Golf Club

If you observe this place from up above, you won’t believe your eyes as the green fields, and colorful trees make the surroundings perfect for everything, especially playing golf. The terrain covered with hills, lakes, and woods provide a unique experience for every golfer, thus making the golf game even better than usual. This amazing Cantigny Golf offers 27-holes of championship golf. Apart from the golf services, there are plenty of other activities and dining facilities where you can rest after a long game of golf.

Green Fairways and Fun for All

For the serious golfers, these courses are the top of the pack, the cream of the crop. They are challenging and designed to test your skills as a golfer. The views and locations of many are simply beautiful. The bright green fairways on an island or ocean views are stunning and enjoyable. However, with water location comes wind. Ocean breezes or wind from high cliff locations can make the course even tougher, as the golfer has to fight against the wind and the problematic fairway design.

If you’re a passionate golfer than you should make sure to visit at least some of these courses, as they appear to be the most desired ones among the professional golfers in America. Even if you’re not quite a fan of golf, after visiting these places and seeing the scenic courses, you will want to try at least one hit.


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