Spain is a diverse and dynamic country – full of energy, excitement, and liveliness, it is a unique experience to travel. Every city will offer you something different, from random interesting architecture to refreshing tradition to new pathways through ancient national beauty. The best cities in Spain never let you down. They are varied and ever-changing yet always and consistently worth a visit – famous for a reason, and well worth the hype.

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Barcelona should be on your Europe travel list. It’s one of the cities in Spain that is great in all weathers. Busy and energetic, there is always something to do. Barcelona is especially exciting in summer – when parties fill late night streets and beaches draw locals and tourists alike to long days by the sea. Either way, Barcelona is one of the best cities in Spain, and you need to experience it.

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Probably the most famous attraction, La Sagrada Familia Church well deserves its tourist popularity. It is impressive, unusual and unfinished. A randomly new building for such a classic history, only eight of its eighteen spires are complete. The result of one hundred years of construction is a dramatic image that sticks with you. The building rises and stands strong and striking. The inside is equally intricately beautiful. Splashes of color bright up the interior from lighted stain glass windows. You have to pay and wait in line to see the inside, but it is an unforgettable experience.

Barcelona hosts various random fantastic features. A Magic Fountain combines music, light, and water. A home of Picasso’s history, holding some of his earliest works. A Modernist Park – a public park defined by mosaic-like tiles that decorate its walls. These are just a few reasons why Barcelona one of the best cities in Spain.

To soak up the indefinable atmosphere of the city, wander down Las Ramblas street. Then head over to Barrio Gotico, the old medieval area of the city. Walk past many old churches, markets and plazas – even sections of ancient Roman walls. These areas of the city are only for pedestrians. The streets are narrow and free for you to get lost in.


In the heart of Basque country, Bilbao merges the traditions of Basque culture with innovative design and art. Surrounded by natural beauty, it is an exciting and buzzing place, without the intimidation of larger cities.


Perhaps the most famous attraction of this place is the Guggenheim Museum. A shiny, edgy, aesthetically and artistically captivating building, the museum draws you in. And rightly so – the inside is even more interesting than the outside. Not only does the innovative architecture continue, but the exhibitions are significant, powerful and pioneering. The museum promotes a collection of modern art – a haven of contemporary creativity. It is always changing, introducing new works and styles. The Guggenheim is a prime appeal of Bilbao, helping make it one of the best cities in Spain.

The architecture lining the city streets is just as appealing at the Guggenheim, if in a different way. The old town still hosts beautiful red balconied buildings – vintage and covered in flowers. The Plaza Nueva is a bit grander, gated and impressive. There were seven streets, (las 7 calles) that made up the original town. Today, these are the central, authentic, buzzing hub of the city. Everything here is colorful and draws you into the culture seeping through the streets. Narrow streets guide you to taverns, restaurants, shops, bars all offering an experience of individual Basque culture. Be sure to go up to the Park of Artxanda and witness the stunning views of surrounding country and mountain. The view is inspiring and makes you realize why the city of Bilbao is unquestionably one of the best cities in Spain. 


Last of all – hosting football fame, holding original Picasso artwork, home to energetic urban streets, green parks, surprising lakes and impressive fountains, Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Spain. And well worth the hype.

You need time to explore the capital fully. The sprawling metropolis gives space to its many attractions. It requires more than a city break weekend to get to know Madrid. But it is full of Segway tours, hop-on-hop-off buses, and free walking tours, offering guidance around the city. There is even the Teleferico cable car giving you aerial views.


Grab the local dish of cochinillo for dinner. Or, sip a coffee in the Plaza de Espana or Plaza Mayor, two of the many grand squares scattered around Madrid. Take to El Rastro on a Sunday afternoon and hunt through the vintage market stalls. Indulge in chocolate con churros, witness the famous bear and strawberry tree sculpture, party from the late evening to the early morning and soak up the unique atmosphere of Madrid.

The Royal Palace is specifically a popular tourist attraction. Built from Spanish marble, mahogany frames and priceless works of art, it is a gorgeous feature of the culture, and also holds wealth in history. Once the home of kings, it contains a majestic presence in the city. Originating from the ninth century, old and steeped in the past of Madrid. Inside, the decor remains up to date with modern style, changing artistically throughout the years. A top impressive building of Europe, by visiting, you soak up both the aging history and contemporary culture of Spain.

There are multiple architectural wonders to be discovered. Be sure to explore Madrid, one of the best cities in Spain, and find them for yourself.


Granada is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in Spain as it lies beneath the Sierra Nevada Mountains. But it is also one of the significantly culturally rich cities in Spain, famous for is medieval architecture and Moorish occupation history. The Alhambra is its prominent and beautiful feature – a palace fortress on top of a hill – revealing both stunning scenery and majestic culture. Capture the grandeur of Granada within this one spectacular image.


Other impressive pieces of architecture such as the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel ae also worth a visit. But to fully embrace one of the best cities in Spain, wander through its narrow, local streets. Embrace the stereotypes of Spain available here – grab a beer, along with some tapas and watch a flamenco show. One place to do so is in the districts of Albaycin and Sacromonte. Rich with history, they are also full of the light of beautiful sunsets, authentic, welcoming Spanish culture and even gypsy caves. A lovely combination of all beauty the country has to offer, be sure to experience Granada – one of the best cities in Spain.

The greatness of a city is always subjective – based on personal travel experience and stories. But these cities in Spain are repeatedly praised as the some of the best the country has to offer. There is an underlying, passionate quality to them that seeps into the streets and everyone who walks them. It touches every tourist who visits and every local who lives there. That is why these are the best cities in Spain. And why you desperately need to visit them, right now.


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