If you want some mountain fun then check out these alpine coasters

alpine coaster

So, you’re up for some outdoor fun, one that will raise your level of blood pressure and will provide you with a great story to tell your friends? Then we have something great to suggest you and it’s called a mountain coaster. Eager to find out what it is? Then sit back and enjoy the alpine coasters while we will try to explain you the ultimate way to be entertained while being up high on a mountain.

Take incredible rides on these alpine coasters

Alpine coasters are an incredible gravity driven amusement park that looks like the famous activity called the alpine slides. Eventually, the alpine slides are more familiar to people, where a low-wheeled sled is used to navigate the track while moving on smooth concave tracks, which may sound dangerous enough to not even try going on a mountain coaster. However, there is an important difference between the alpine slides and the coaster and that is the fact that the second is much more secure, giving the people an opportunity to ride on a bobsled-looking car on tracks which is installed on a mountain.

Alpine coasters can be also associated with an ordinary rollercoaster, one you’ve probably already experienced, but still it has some main differences. For example, the car of the alpine coaster gives the rider the possibility to control the speed of it, all thanks to the rider-controlled brake system. Another great benefit is that this lovely mountain activity works all year round, not depending on the environmental changes, unlike the typical outdoor rollercoasters that work occasionally. Impressive is that you can even get a ride while rain or snow is falling down on you.

Where can you go on a mountain coaster?

It’s an incredible adrenaline rush and it can even be used for some great family fun. And now that you already can’t wait to try it out, it is important to know where you can look for it. Well basically you can find this extraordinary activity on a certain mountain, however, you should know where to look in order to find the best ride. That is why we are going to provide you with several suggestions that will guarantee the best mountain rides of all. Check out the following:

Tobotronc at Naturlandia

Location: Pyrenees Mountains, Andorra

If you’re interested in the longest alpine coaster ride in the world then you definitely need Tobotronc at Naturlandia. Located in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, the rails of the ride are known to be 5.3 km long, which will make you enjoy the ride among the forest even more than usual. The Pyrenees are exceptionally wonderful, which is why the experience that you can get while riding on the Tobotronc will be of great pleasure for you and your friends or family. The rails lead the way through the La Rabassa Forest, where you can enjoy the view beneath the huge trees and have a pleasant ride watching the fascinating landscape.

Alpine Coaster of Glacier 3000

Location: Gstaad, Switzerland

First, we presented you the longest and now we are continuing with the highest alpine coaster ride in the world. Located in the village of Gstaad in Switzerland, the Glacier 3000 offers you an unforgettable ride with a starting elevation of 2,971 meters and rails long 1,000 meters. The nature of Switzerland is known to be remarkably outstanding and to have a ride among its beauties must make you feel ecstatic, so hurry up and try it out.

Summer tobogganing at Bled

Location: Bled, Slovenia

The alpine coaster they like to call summer tobogganing apparently works only during summer time. However, it is located in such a nice place covering the terrain from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Lake Bled, the church within the lake and the Bled Castle up on the hill. The feeling that you get from the adrenaline rush and the incredible sight before you is just amazing. Bled is a top attraction in Slovenia and to experience this destination from another perspective would really be great. Also, if you are going with children then be sure that they will totally adore it and adore you even more for taking them there. It’s fascinating!

Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort

Location: Park City, Utah, USA

The Park City Mountain Resort tries hard every year to introduce a new or an improved mountain fun activity for all its visitors. Among many other things to do here, you can also get a ride on the crazy alpine coaster that is constructed within the resort. The high and fast rails are perfect for a real thrill seeker and you can get all this for a reasonable and affordable price. The rides can be quite impressive and during winter time you may love it even more since then everything is white and covered in snow that you feel like you are flying beneath the clouds.

Gold Runner Alpine Coaster at Breckenridge

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

Another great ski resort in the USA is calling all the thrill seekers to jump in the two-seater car and ride down a mountain on 2,500 feet of the elevated alpine track while experiencing the journey through the forest and above the ski runs. This adventurous activity is located at the base of Peak 8. It is easily accessible and like most other alpine coasters it provides a great fun to both adults and children.

Klausberg Flitzer Alpine Coaster

Location: South Tyrol, Italy

If you’re looking for the longest and most spectacular alpine coaster in Italy, then look no more because here it is! The Klausberg Flitzer Alpine Coaster is 1800 meters high and it lets you travel at speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, a speed you are in control of. This ride is located in a wonderful surrounding and the price is quite cheap, taking up to 4.50 euros per ride for adults and 3.50 euros per ride for kids. Of course, you have to have in mind that not even you nor your kids will think that they had enough after one ride, so don’t plan your budget too much in advance.

Get ready for the real adrenaline rush and prepare to take a ride at some of the craziest mountain coasters on Earth. It doesn’t matter if you can’t ski or board because now you can have your favorite type of mountain fun rushing down the rails in a high-speed little car. It’s so exciting – you will love these alpine coasters!


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