Flying is now cheaper and easier than it has ever been. Each year airlines offer new seats and connections, which is great, but the abundance of options can be confusing. Luckily, many tools can help you to save time and money when you’re finding cheap flights. You don’t have to look through numerous airlines’ websites. Instead, make use out of these great search engines to spot the best deals and most comfortable flights.


Like most of other tools, Skyscanner looks for the cheapest fares on specific routes by comparing offers of hundreds of airlines. You can pick whether you prefer non-stop flights or it’s okay if there are some transfers. Skyscanner is perfect for flexible travelers. If the price is more important than date, you can search for the lowest fares in a given month or year. The results are presented in a clear graph, so you can analyze them quickly and see when the best time to fly is. If you want to go for a spontaneous vacation and haven’t chosen the destination yet, you can just pick the place of departure and type “Everywhere” into the destination. Skyscanner will show you a list of locations you can reach for the lowest prices. The app is available for Windows, BlackBerry, Kindle, Android and iOS devices.


Kayak has so many functions for finding cheap flights, you can plan most of your journey through it. There are many ways in which you can filter the search, including the number of layovers you’re ready to accept, the flight quality, duration, and prices. You can even choose what kind of plane you prefer. In case you’re not in a hurry to book the flight, there’s the “price alert” feature that will let you know when the fares get lower. You don’t have to decide blindly – Kayak shows you whether the prices are likely to rise or drop. A great option for those who also need an accommodation: Kayak tells you how much money you can save by booking a flight plus hotel package. Besides, it doesn’t just show its search results but allows comparing them with other sites, such as Expedia, CheapOair, OneTravel, and eDreams. The app is available for Android, Windows, iOS, and Kindle.


Momondo checks low-cost airlines, global airlines, and travel agencies to pick out the best deals for you. It doesn’t just limit its search to the most popular carriers, but also the small ones that are sometimes missed by other engines. You can set the maximum duration of the flight, departure and arrival time, as well the number of layovers. Even if you pick the exact days, Momondo shows you a graph with fares for the dates before and after the chosen dates, which is a great feature. The chart’s very clear and easy to read, you can scroll as much as you want and look through the fares for following weeks or months. Momondo offers a rare feature enabling you to filter the flights by frequent flier alliances, including One World, Sky Team and Star Alliance. If you haven’t decided where to spend the next vacation, use the Trip Finder to look for destinations according to your priorities. Choose what interests you the most: cities, beaches, shopping, nature, nightlife or skiing, and the dates, area, and budget to find out what are Momondo’s suggestions. The app works on BlackBerry, iOS, and Android.

Google Flights

The Google’s flight search engine is obvious and straightforward. It might not be as detailed as the others, but it’s fast and easy to read. The site’s strongest side is looking for domestic flights to the United States, but it also services quite some international connections. It first shows you the most comfortable flights with the shortest duration, taking into consideration the price as well. You also get advice on how to cut down the costs. You see how prices change during a given period, so you can save some money by changing the duration of your trip. To receive price alerts, keep the itinerary. There’s a map that shows you the routes; you can drag and drop them to different locations and compare the prices.


The FareCompare’s team has done great work collecting tons of data about past and current airfares to estimate the best travel days. The company’s data was used by financial analysts, in news reports and travel tips programs. Thanks to their fare alerts, you can be informed about price changes for your routes. It compares the results of various search engines, so you don’t have to look through numerous websites to find out which one has the best solutions. If you just want to travel but aren’t sure where to go, use the Getaway Map. Choose the city of departure and FareCompare will show you where you can get with the budget you’ve got. The application is available for iPhone.


BookingBuddy doesn’t find the flight information by itself, but it searches through a variety of websites and tells you where to go to find the best deals. It doesn’t show the results but redirects you to other travel sites. It comes in handy when you don’t know where to begin the research. BookingBuddy’s also useful for finding hotels, car rentals, vacation packages and holiday rentals.

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