Vacations for Singles over 50

Are you single, over 50 years old and wondering what to do with your free time? We have an answer: organised holidays for mature singles. It is adventurous but convenient. You have a chance to meet new people, make friends and begin relationships. It is also a way to relax, escape for a little while from your environment and daily responsibilities. Below you can read about advantages and types of vacations for singles over 50.

Benefits of organized vacations for singles over 50

Traveling independently can be great, but organizing it requires quite some effort: you need to choose destinations, book flights, and accommodations, plan activities, buy tickets and so on. If you are not keen to deal with it, booking organized holidays is the best option. Most of all, it is simple. You do not have to spend hours online searching for the right flights or hotels – professionals take care of it. Their work is included in the price, of course, but they know how to spot the best deals for you. You will pay them, but you will not overpay for other things, such as hotel rooms for instance.

Traveling as a single can be a hassle sometimes, especially when it comes to accommodation – not all hotels have single rooms, and even if they do, they tend to cost nearly as much as doubles. You do not have to worry about it if you are traveling with a group. You also don’t have to worry about carrying luggage around, checking bus schedules or looking for interesting restaurants. Agencies manage the arrangements.

You can meet like-minded people

This is probably the biggest advantage of vacations for singles over 50. Going for such holidays means, first of all, you will be surrounded by individuals who are single, just like you. Secondly, you will all belong to the same age group. There are no young couples and no families with children – not that there’s something wrong with them! But sometimes it is just pleasant to be with people in the same age, with similar experiences and view on life.

Besides, depending on what kind of vacations for singles over 50 you choose, you can also meet people with particular interests. If you go for a wine tour around France, you can expect to travel with some wine-lovers. If you go for a trip with lots of sight-seeing in the program, there’ll most likely be many history and art enthusiasts. You will not have to look far to find conversation topics.

Since you will be traveling together with those people, you will also share experiences – that is a great base for new friendships and relationships. You might come back from the holidays with a close friend or a partner.

There are lots of fun activities

Good agencies make sure vacationers do not get bored. Tours vary, and so do activities, but there’s always lots to do, from cycling, trekking, and surfing, to sunbathing, shopping and dining. You should check the itineraries and pick a trip that suits you the most. There can be one primary activity, such as walking, painting or dancing, or many different activities combined.

Vacation for singles over 50 allow you to have the adventure of a lifetime. Without the discomfort, noise and uncertainty that often comes with younger travel, over 50s get all the adventure but in style. For example, websites like provide all the management and practicalities and leave you to enjoy the raw and wild experience. You can choose your preferences of safari, including which animals you prefer and amount of time you have. Once its booked, all you have to do is relax, embrace the activity and experience the savannahs of Africa.

What to consider while choosing a travel agency

Check if they have offers that interest you

There’s an extensive range of tours available, so feel free to be picky. Look through offers of several companies and find something that appeals to you. Descriptions and programs can provide you with much information to base your decisions on.

Read reviews

There’s no better way to verify whether an agency is good or not than reading reviews from their past clients. Many tour operators post reviews on their websites. You can also type their name into a search engine and see if any opinions pop out. Most of all, if some of your friends went for vacations for singles over 50, you can always ask them for recommendations.

Contact them if you have questions

Don’t hesitate to write or call the agency if you have some doubts. They are there to answer your questions. It is also an excellent way to see if the operator is reliable. The best professionals will make sure you are well-informed, safe and comfortable.

What can you gain from an organised vacation?

The great thing about organised vacations for singles over 50 is that you get to experience all the joys of travelling, without the distractions of stress and planning. We sometimes waste so much time and energy just getting from A to B. How many times have you become worried about carrying an overload of bags to your next destination? Or, faced enough stressful situations at the airport before the holiday has even begun? Particularly for over 50s, the hassle just is not worth it.

Luckily, organised vacations are there to, purely and simply, make everything easier. The days of backpacking with no money have come and gone. Now it is time for a bit of luxury. So sit back and relax on a singles over 50 vacation. All the travel, none of the stress.

Types of holidays for singles over 50

Since solo travel has become very popular, there’s an incredible variety of vacations for singles over 50. Some agencies specialize in organizing holidays for mature travelers, and others include such tours in their different offers.

Trafalgar for example, has basically everything you can imagine.  They have great themed vacations and those especially for solo and single travelers. They do all the opinion research for you. They listen to what people enjoy and pass on the message, so you can experience the holidays of your dreams.

You can also find singles travel over 50 opportunities at GAdventures. Not only does the website have specific sections based on older travellers, but also divides its holidays into distinct categories. This is a travelling community saying that there is an amazing world to explore. Their advice: go and experience it. Their site provides you with the facilities to do just that. 

You know that if you choose holidays for singles over 50, you will be traveling with mature travelers – that is one thing for sure. There are many variables among such vacations for singles over 50. While choosing your desired type of holiday, you should pay attention to several things:

Yoga retreats

Some say life begins at 40. Others say 50, 60 or 70. Indeed – it starts whenever you want it! Whether you are in the height of your work career, starting to relax into retirement or beginning a new life project, we all appreciate a time of relaxation. Singles yoga retreats are the ideal way to unwind.

As well as being a chance to relax, many yoga holidays have additional health benefits. Yoga is a simple yet active practice. It enhances flexibility and encourages a complete connection to the body. However, many retreats also provide fresh and healthy meals. They offer additional activities such as walks or provide swimming facilities. Many encourage guests to have early nights, with bans on too much alcohol for an opportunity to detox.

If you are looking for a travel opportunity without too much exertion, this website is a great way to go. They offer the rare chance to return to basics. To focus on small things: slight movements of the body, the steady rhythm of the breath. Take some time for yourself, relax and enjoy the small and simple things in life.

Detox retreats

If a pure, refreshing detox is what you need, this can also be the focus of your vacation. For single vacations over 50, there are various opportunities to focus only on a detox. This really what being looked after is – being spoilt with healthy food, delicious snacks, stress free exercise and a calming environment. There are many different options. The best place to find the one right for you is by visiting Bookdetoxretreats.

You can choose a vacation based on location, ranging from Bali to Ireland to India. Or by the other activities on offer, which often include relaxing options like walking, massages and meditation. Or by the length of time you want to detox for, from days to weeks. Indeed, there are many options. One thing they all have in common? You can guarantee you will have never felt better afterwards.

Time for creativity, culinary vacations

Sometimes we lack the energy for creativity, because of the practical hassles of travel. This is particularly true when travelling solo. Without the support of other people, your independence grows, but your security slackens. Sometimes this is all part of the adventure. Other times you wish you had the creative and independent parts of travel, just with a bit more support – this is exactly what organised holidays offer.

The result: more time to be creative. Once the distractions of practical travel are out the way, you have more time for the things that matter. Read a book. Draw. Write. Or simply explore where you are authentically and immediately. Either way, you become the true centre of your vacation.

One option, for example, would be to harness that creativity into cooking. Cooking is a great example of something that is often neglected by routine and busy lifestyles. During trips for singles over 50, activities like this can become a priority, full of fun, lessons, skills and creativity. Whether you are a complete beginner or aspiring chef, websites like help you find the perfect, hands on holiday.

Organised holidays orientated around travel for singles over 50 offer you the precious time to get back to yourself, and for creative minds, that’s the most important thing.

A fresh perspective for singles

Age does not limit shifts of perspective. A common misconception is that over 50s, more or less, have their lives sorted out by now. However, everyone is continually harnessing greater potential. There is no final mode of being or living. Travel has the most amazing way of making that fact very clear to us.

Not only does travel remind us of the possibilities of life. It throws them right in front of our faces. New cultures, new people, new places. All these things heighten our awareness of the world. To travel is to live in the moment and be grateful for all the incredible things you are witnessing. Those moments stick with you. You take them home with you. You let them alter your life and your thoughts. Ultimately, travel inspires a fresh perspective.


In groups of over 50s, this fresh perspective is often a welcome thing. Perhaps with years of a routine, people are looking for a change. Or, after years of hard work, they are looking for a break. Or, after years of the same perspective, they are looking for a fresh start. These singles vacations over 50 do everything they can to make those moments, and perspectives, available to you. Whatever it is you are looking for, you are bound to find it while traveling.

What do you think of organized vacations for singles over 50? Would you like to go for such a trip? Let us know! Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, especially the ones who might be interested in solo travel adventures.


Location matters. If you are living in a big city and feel like to have a rest, you would be better off picking peaceful holidays somewhere in the countryside than a trip to another large, loud metropolis. In contrary, if you want to attend cultural events, explore galleries, boutiques, and exotic restaurants, going to a capital city would probably be a great decision. Different locations offer different attractions. Moreover, you should also mind the climate, for instance – don’t go to a hot country if you are not fond of high temperatures.

The activity level

What do you like more – relaxing on the beach or climbing mountains? Some people rest through sweet laziness, and others prefer to spend time actively, doing sports or practicing some skills. Even if you belong to the second group, you still need to specify how much activity you can bear. A cycling trip can either be very mellow or intense. Some operators separate tours according to activity level. If you do not see such information on the website and the tour description does not clarify it, call or write the agency and ask whether you must be a sportsman or not.


An essential thing first – check if the dates are fine for you. Then read the itinerary. You will see what kind of activities are prepared by the agent and what locations are included, what about the accommodation and transportation. Descriptions usually don’t contain detailed information, but itineraries do.


Last but not least – the price. Checking the price is not as pleasant as reading programs or watching photos in travel catalogs, but… it is important, whether we like it or not. When analyzing costs, take into consideration what’s included. Do you need to book flights to the destination or the organizer takes care of it? Does the accommodation look okay? Is it worth the price? You want to (and should) get good value for your money. Once again we encourage you to ask questions if something is not understandable. A good operator should have transparent pricing and even if something is not clear at first sight, they will be glad to explain you all the details.

Did you experience a vacation for singles over 50 that you would like to share? Please let us know in a comment.


  1. I’m 53 and looking for an active vacation for singles. My interests are downhill skiing, yoga, fitness, clean eating, lots of vino, hiking, biking, and rock climbing. I also love to sing and dance!!

    • Hi Lisa, I can advise you to read some more articles for singles vacations. We have different articles about different styles of vacations. We are also working with some partners. The links can be found in the articles. Hope you will find great holidays soon, and don’t forget to share your experiences.

  2. Could you recommend any cruises for 50+ singles? My mother and her divorced friend want to go on a cruise together and I suggested a cruise. My mother isn’t single but it has been many years since she enjoyed a cruise and her friend would like to chance to meet people. She has been divorced for 11 years now and has not dated once. Any suggestions?


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